American Authors Unplugged

American Authors Unplugged

Interviews about Books

by Martha Cinader


Representative of modern American Literature, the conversations with authors  in this book are evenly divided between men and women who bring to life the experiences of natives, immigrants, slaves and rebels. As a whole, they address the enduring themes of freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

Following is a list of the authors interviewed. For further information about the interviews please refer to the supporting document.

  • Rudolfo Anaya - Zia Summer
  • Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - Sister of My Heart
  • Russel Banks - Cloudsplitter
  • Nora Okja Keller - Comfort Woman
  • Dr. Leonard Shlain - The Alphabet Versus the Goddess
  • Barbara Chase-Riboud - The President's Daughter
  • A.A. Carr - Eye Killers
  • Lan Cao - Monkey Bridge
  • Hal Sirowitz - My Therapist Said
  • Kate Horsley - Crazy Woman
  • Dennis McFarland - A Face at the Window
Author Biography

Martha Cinader was an on-air arts producer for WBAI/Pacifica Radio in New York City during the 1990's, during which time she hosted a weekly arts magazine that featured author interviews. She now recognizes that these conversations were part of her literary education. 

Martha would like to see the interviews in this collection used for literary and cultural studies in anthologies and classrooms.

 Currently living in Greenville SC, with her husband and three sons, she blogs about being a virgin homesteader, among other things. Her forthcoming novel, Marvelina, is a fairytale for grown women.


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