• True stories
      August 2002

      Dada J.P. Vaswani- His Life & Teachings

      by Krishna Kumari, Dr. Prabha Sampat & Dr. Gulshan Gidwani

      A lovely rose that spreads its fragrance all around; the gentle breeze which wafts in its welcome freshness; the life-giving rain that enlivens everything it touches - such is the life that is dedicated to God and the service of all God's creation. Even such is the life of a living saint - the Life Beautiful that is Dada J.P. Vaswani's.

    • Relationships

      Crazy Town: Money. Marriage. Meth.

      A Riveting Personal Account and a Thorough Global History of Methamphetamine Abuse and Addiction

      by Sterling R. Braswell

      Sterling Braswell was a millionaire—palatial ranch, stock options, and money in the bank. Then he met his high school sweetheart after not seeing her for over ten years. With their love rekindled, they were married. Life was beautiful. They had no real worries, a lovely son, and a bright future. Then she started using meth. The craziness of the next few years would leave Sterling almost completely broke—financially, emotionally, and spiritually—and nearly murdered. Welcome to crazy town . . .

    • Biography & True Stories
      April 2017

      The Vagabond Lover

      by Garry O'Connor

      In The Vagabond Lover, author Garry O’Connor performs a delicate balancing act, writing his own life vis-à-vis that of his father, Cavan O’Connor, the famous ‘Vagabond of Song’. The result is a memoir that fully explores the father-son relationship. It’s an account that takes as its backdrop the theatrical, financial, psychological and emotional course of both lives, on a plot line threading both popular and ‘high’ culture. Older readers will remember Cavan as the legendary ‘Vagabond of Song’, who from a poor Nottingham background, after serving in the Great War, won a scholarship to the Royal College of Music. He married the niece of soprano Dame Maggie Teyte. His heyday coincided with the earliest days of radio, when his broadcasts reached listening figures of over thirteen million. He appeared on thousands of records under a range of different names, with the great bands of his era. As a stage performer he topped Variety bills from the late 1920s to his death at nearly a hundred. He never stopped singing. Intercut with these chapters are the author’s growing up and work, tinged with his reluctance to write his life at all. Much turns on his traumatic early days when he rounded on his family, in all its domestic tensions, the only palliative for which was in the plays he wrote, first using as a veil the characters he invented, then explicitly drawing on personal experience as the veil on those characters fell. These chapters touch on episodes surrounding the Paris Odéon Theatre siege in 1968, the scene of early love affairs entered into by the son, but in the shadow of the image and reputation of the father, by then a romantic, legendary figure. Against the family portraits, the beau monde is treated to the author’s asides and vignettes. There is the little aired affair of Harold Macmillan and Eileen O’Casey. There are further revelations of Peggy Ashcroft and Harold Pinter. We glimpse the correspondence of Margaret Drabble. There are sketches of Iris Murdoch and Samuel Beckett. As a student O’Connor was fully immersed in that great flowering famed as Cambridge’s theatrical ‘Mafia’. From that we see sketches of Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen, Corin Redgrave, Peter Cook, David Frost, Peter Hall, and many, many more, and are given an insight into the ethos of King’s College, Cambridge. The profound and main theme, and unifying force of the book, emerge from O’Connor’s initial reluctance to enter into his father’s life, a preference that in the end gives way to its polar opposite. The Vagabond Lover is a probing search into the nature of celebrity, and for its author reaches its catharsis in shrugging off the flaws and setbacks packaged as part of the celebrity deal. The climax is dramatic, when Cavan suffers a mighty fall.

    • True stories
      February 2018

      Ted's Story

      by Alan Robson MBE

      Do you die like a gentleman?Do you die by the rules?Suffering horrors and torment you could scarcely imagine in your darkest​ nightmares, read about the men who instead chose to live like human beings. When the Second World War was over, what remained was a bridge that now lives in history.Ted's Story will tell you how it was built and who built it.Not slaves.But soldiers.Soldiers in captivity. Ted's Story - what does the sum total of your life represent?

    • Biography & True Stories
      February 2017

      Jackie Chan:Never Grow Up, Only Get Older

      by Jackie Chan, Zhu Mo

      This is an autobiography of Chinese Kongfu star Jackie Chan. The book is a true recording of this international superstar’s growth and life experience for the last 50 years. It tells us the legendary actor’s stories, and also reflects a fantastic acting age.

    • Biography & True Stories


      Real Dreams Really Make a Difference

      by Martha Cinader

      From ancient history to near-modern times, this collection of short stories and poetry is about fascinating people in history who followed their dreams and changed the world. The repertoire was developed in performance in clubs, schools, libraries, jazz festivals and at the International Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Included are stories about Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Josephine Baker, Queen Boedicea, Sacajawea and more. Described as "a hip beatnick Sesame Street for grownups," the stories are engaging for middle schoolers and up, and would appeal to teachers and librarians for their educational and entertainment value. The collection would also lend itself to adaptation for an educational animated TV series. Martha would like to see the life of this repertoire of biographical stories be extended to other mediums through licensing and permissions opportunities. For a more detailed description please see the Supporting Information PDF.

    • Memoirs
      January 2013

      Pain and Gain-The Untold True Story

      by Marc Schiller

      The True Story Behind The Movie Pain & GainThis book proves that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction! What if you were kidnapped, tied to a wall for a month, starved, humiliated, tortured and then they tried to murder you, but you survived? What stories would you tell of how you were able to survive and the struggles you went through? What if you went to the police and they did not believe you? What would you do to evade those trying to kill you and how would you bring the criminals to justice before they struck again? How would that change your life and the way you perceived the world and people? Read this amazing book to find out! The year was 1994, Marc and his family lived and ordinary middle class life in Miami, Florida. Little did he know that in November of that year his life and that of his family would change forever. The events that were to unfold could not be conceived by the wildest imagination. In this amazing book he narrates the events that led to his kidnapping and his attempted murder. It will transport and place you in the warehouse where he was held and give you a unique perspective of the events that transpired during that horrific month and the physical and mental struggle to beat the odds and survive. Marc chronicles his story in torturous detail. His humiliation, pain and suffering at the hands of the Sun Gang Gym and his miraculous survival. You will understand how and why he survived and that everything can be taken from a human being, but the one's spirit and determination to survive can never be. No one believed his story, not the police or anyone else. Nevertheless, he maintained steadfast and determined to bring the criminals to justice before they struck again. Truly a harrowing tale and one that not only you soon won't forget but will uplift and inspire you!!

    • Memoirs
      June 2013

      Dolor y Dinero-La Verdadera Historia

      Pain and Gain-The Untold True Story

      by Marc Schiller

      La verdadera historia tras la película Dolor y Dinero Este libro demuestra que a veces la verdad es más extraña que la ficción! Era el año 1994, Marc y su familia vivian una vida normal en Miami, Florida. No se imaginaba que en Noviembre de ese año, su vida y la de su familia iba a cambiar para siempre. Los acontecimientos que se iban a desarrollarse no podían ser concebidos por la imaginación más vivida.En este sorprendente libro narra los acontecimientos que condujeron a su secuestro y su intento de asesinato. Lo transportara y colocara en la bodega donde fue encarcelado y le dara una perspectiva única de los hechos ocurridos durante ese mes horroroso y la lucha física y mental para vencer los obstáculos y sobrevivir.Marc narra su historia en detalle tortuoso. Su humillación, dolor y sufrimiento a manos de la banda Sun Gym y su supervivencia milagrosa.Usted va a entender cómo y por qué él sobrevivió y que a un ser humano le pueden quitar todo pero nunca su espíritu y la determinación de sobrevivir.Nadie creyó su historia, ni la policía ni ninguna otra persona. Sin embargo, mantuvo firme y decidido a llevar a los criminales ante la justicia antes de que vuelvan cometer otro crimen similar. ¡Una historia verdaderamente desgarradora y que no solamente usted no podrá olvidar pronto, sino que le motivará e inspirará!

    • True stories
      April 2013

      Once Upon a Time in the Sixties

      by Maddick, Peter

      If you remember the Sixties, then you weren't there'. Well Peter Maddick was there and he remembers most of it - the King's Road, Chelsea; the trendy models and hip photographers; the ad men; the road to St. Tropez; the hippy trail from Kathmandu. And let's not forget what the sixties is really famous for - free love!

    • Biography & True Stories

      Kilimanjaro and Beyond

      A Life-Changing Journey

      by Barry Finlay. Chris Finlay

      BARRY FINLAY and his son CHRIS sit propped against a rock, struggling to draw a breath on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Their destination is tantalizingly close but what happens next will be determined by their health and the weather. In their hands is a Canadian flag bearing the names of over 200 people who contributed to helping a desperate community in Tanzania. Kilimanjaro and Beyond is an award winner that is inspirational, thought provoking and entertaining. Follow along on the journey and realize that nothing is more satisfying than reaching a goal and giving others the opportunity to achieve theirs. Kilimanjaro and Beyond is a very personal account of the author's journey from a sedentary lifestyle to the peak of a mountain at age 60 with his son. It is a descriptive story of his upbringing on the prairies and how it gave him the dedication and perseverance to change his lifestyle sufficiently to be able to reach the summit. Not only is it inspirational, but it provides the reader with an insight into the preparation required and takes them step by step up and down the mountain and to a school to meet some amazing children. The book describes how the events that occurred in Africa were life-changing in two ways. The first was reaching the summit and the realization that almost anything can be accomplished if you want it badly enough. The second was meeting some children who simply make do with what they have and how that can be applied to any situation. In short, Kilimanjaro and Beyond demonstrates the satisfaction that can be achieved by reaching a previously unthinkable goal and helping others to acheive theirs.

    • True stories

      Blossom and I

      Tears Behind Closed Doors

      by Shaida Mehrban

      Petal Afrid is a young woman in her twenties, the mother of twin baby girls and the wife of a loving husband, Sami. Yet as Petal recounts the story of her own childhood, we see how deeply she was affected by her own mother, who abused her eldest daughter physically, verbally and emotionally as punishment for trivial or imagined misbehaviour, locking her all night in the larder if she dared to stand up for herself. When Petal's kind and loving father is driven away from his home by his wife's bullying and the favouritism shown to Petal's brother, Petal is left to fend for herself and to try to look after her younger sister until she can find a way out of her mother's flat and make a life for herself.

    • Adventure

      Tales From The Cross

      by David Marcus

      For a short period around 1994, the author piloted a number of air ambulance flights around South Africa and its neighbouring countries. During this time, he encountered circumstances that were often extraordinary … poignant, comic, embarrassing, or bizarre to an extent that merited documentation, particularly when extrapolated against an African backdrop already liberally littered with unlikely events. The manuscript is a fictionalised account of those experiences. “Tales from the Cross” comprises 60,000 words, organised as a prologue, eight chapters, and a postscript. It follows the strange adventures of Harry Kamel, attorney and part-time air ambulance pilot, in his travels across Southern Africa on missions of mercy. Each chapter comprises a self-contained episode, although the key characters migrate from chapter to chapter across the manuscript. The central plot of each episode (but one) is essentially true, with actual identities and places disguised.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Three

      How to Heal Your Pets Using Alternative & Complementary Therapies

      by Dr. Monica Diedrich

      What can I do to make my pet more comfortable if he has to cope with pain, illness, or a chronic condition? How can I improve my pet s overall health? How can I tell ahead of time if something I want to try may, or may not, work? In book three of the series, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich provides you with clear information about a variety of effective healing modalities you can easily use at home. Dr Monica shows you how to use: Flower Essences to restore spiritual balance and promote physical healing; Essential Oils to quickly and effectively transport oxygen and nutrients into every cell of the body; Homeopathy for healing based on the principle that "like heals like"; Magnetic Therapy, Massage, and Reflexology for relaxation, relieving pain, reducing anxiety, and promoting overall well-being; Sound, in its different healing forms, to serve as a bridge between body, mind, and spirit; Colour to influence how a pet feels and behaves; Crystals as a means for focusing healing energy; Incense fragrances to heal emotional and behavioural imbalances; Animal Communication and how important it is to heal at every level -- spiritual, mental and emotional Acupuncture and Acupressure to eliminate blockages in the body's energy system; Chiropractic to correct misalignments in a pet's body; Hydrotherapy to promote healing in a weightless environment. You will also learn about how to pre-test remedies, how pets age, what to have in a first aid kit, first aid for emergencies, poison-proofing your home, and how to provide for your pet if you are no longer there.

    • Biography & True Stories

      A Life Sold

      What Ever Happened to That Guy Who Sold His Whole Life On Ebay?

      by Ian Usher

      What on earth would make someone decide to put their whole life up for sale… on eBay? When Ian Usher decided that it was time to leave the past behind and move on to the next chapter of his life, that is exactly what he did. The results were surprising, entertaining and challenging. However, the auction was only the beginning of the adventure. What does someone do when they have sold their life? Well, just about anything they like really! Armed with a list of 100 lifetime goals, and a self-imposed timeframe of 100 weeks, Ian embarked on what could truly be described as the journey of a lifetime – a global adventure spanning six continents, two years, and almost every emotion. From the amazing highs of achievement, happiness and love, to the terrible lows of disappointment, loneliness and despair, come along and enjoy the rollercoaster ride of life, as experienced by one traveller who is simply looking for a new start.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book Two

      How to Heal Your Sick, Overfed and Bored Pets with Nutrition, Supplements, Herbs and Exercise

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      Does your pet suffer from allergies or have a serious illness? Is he frequently under the weather, lacking in pep, or losing his stamina? Are you at your wits' end trying to find a remedy that might really work? Then it's time to "Do Something!" In the second book of the series, animal communicator Dr Monica Diedrich not only gives you hope that your pets can heal, but she also provides a wealth of practical "how-to" information. You have no doubt heard the expression, "We are what we eat" but do you realise that's true for your animals also? The right foods, nutritional supplements, and herbs can make the difference between a vibrant and longer life for your pet, or a life filled with multiple health challenges and high veterinary care bills. This book shows you how to: Select the highest quality commercial pet foods; Prepare a natural whole food diet for your pet, when you are on a busy schedule; Monitor dietary changes; Discover the effectiveness of herbs for healing your pets; Easily administer herbal remedies; Prepare and use herbal teas, tinctures, and elixirs; Make rinses, compresses, poultices and packs to provide sweet relief; Pre-test remedies before you buy them; Engage your pet in fulfilling exercise opportunities. You will also find lists of: a wide variety of herbs and their uses; essential vitamins, minerals, and nutritional supplements; foods all pets should avoid; nutritional support ideas for pets with major illnesses. Plus recipes for pets with serious diseases and other health challenges.

    • True stories

      Come Out, Wherever You Are

      The Great Escape in Wales

      by Herbert Williams

    • True stories

      Rats, Pigs and Privies

      A Cardiganshire Life

      by Elizabeth White

      A volume of personal reminiscences comprising both sweet and bitter, solemn and lighthearted memories. It is an honest expression of life in Ceredigion by one who was born and bred in Blaen-y-groes at the end of the 1920s. It portrays life in the home and the school, as well as the farming and religious customs of the time.

    • Mind, Body, Spirit

      For Pet's Sake Do Something! Book One

      How to Communicate with Your Pets and Help Them Heal

      by Dr Monica Diedrich

      There seems to be an emergency in the middle of the night, but you can't get to the veterinary hospital. Or your pet is living with a chronic condition, and veterinary medicine can't do anything more to relieve it. You are on an emotional roller coaster with worry, fear, grief and an overwhelming sense of helplessness. You wish you could ask your pet to tell you what's wrong. You want, with all your heart, to "Do Something"! Animal Communicator Dr Monica Diedrich faced this very same dilemma when her two-year-old Shih-tzu was close to death. As she lay on the floor beside him, she clearly heard him say, "You call yourself a healer . . . so do something!" She did as he requested, and he experienced an almost miraculous recovery. It was Chop Chop's heart-felt plea that then inspired Dr Monica to develop this series of books. In each book she provides a wealth of both spiritual and practical ideas to help you, as pet parents, "Do Something" when you are faced with similar challenges. In this first book in the series, Dr Monica clearly shows you how to: Engage in a real conversation with your pets about everyday things; Discover where it hurts and what to do about it; Use intention and visualisation as a catalyst for a speedy recovery; Utilise the healing benefits of aura and chakra energy; Select from among six guided meditations to help your pet to heal; Discover your own inner power to use the healing energy of love.

    • True stories

      Blue Sky July

      A True Tale of Love, Light and 'Impossible Odds'

      by Nia Wyn

      'It's the strangest time - a birth - for a life to start falling apart.'Set between the summers of 1998 and 2005 in Cardiff, Blue Sky July follows the story of a mother whose child suffers a colossal brain injury and her battle against 'impossible odds' to heal him. Through her intimate day by day musings, the book explores the impact of the tragedy on the mother's thouhts and feelings as the most extraordinary relationship unfolds.Everyone who is a parent, or considering becoming a parent, should read this book. It will challenge their hearts and change their views.BBC Radio 4 Book of the WeekBBC Radio 5 Book of the Month for OctoberSerialised in The Guardian, The Daily Mail and Good Housekeeping.

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