• Television

      Only Fools and Horses

      The Official Inside Story

      by Steve Clark

      At its height more than24 million peoplewatched the classic comedy seriesOnly Fools and Horses, making it Britain's most popular television programme ever. The hilarious exploits of wheeler-dealer Del Trotter and his dopey brother Rodney enthralled everyone from real market traders to members of the Royal Family. Only Fools and Horses - The Official Inside Storytakes us behind the scenes to reveal the secrets of the hit show and is fully authorised by the family of John Sullivan, the show's creator and writer. Containing in-depth interviews with the show's stars including Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst and key members of the production team, this engaging tribute includes a comprehensive episode guide. It also reveals how the show was rejected when it was first offered to the BBC, how Sir David Jason nearly missed out on the starring role and the tragedy of the death of one of its stars during filming. Written by bestselling author Steve Clark, the only writer on set for the filming ofOnly Fools and Horses, spin-offThe Green Green Grassand prequelRock & Chips, the book gives a fascinating and unique insight into this legendary series.

    • Children's & YA
      October 2013

      We Love California!

      by Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian

      Join Olivia and Avery as they take a make-believe journey through the Golden State to learn more about the history and symbols of California.

    • Travel & holiday

      British Television Location Guide

      by Steve Clark, Shoba Vazirani

      The British Television Location Guide reveals the actual settings of Britain's favourite television shows and tells readers how they can visit them. It is meticulously researched, right up to date and includes details of the real-life filming locations for all the top series including: Downton Abbey, Broadchurch, Call The Midwife, Midsomer Murders, Doc Martin, Endeavour, Doctor Who, Miss Marple, The Great British Bake-off, Foyle's War, Game of Thrones, The White Queen, Mr Selfridge and dozens more.

    • Film, TV & radio

      Catching Bullets

      Memoirs of a Bond Fan

      by Mark O'Connell

      When Jimmy O'Connell took a job as chauffeur for 007 producers Eon Productions, it would not just be Cubby Broccoli, Roger Moore and Sean Connery he would drive to James Bond his grandson Mark swiftly hitched a metaphorical ride too. In Catching Bullets: Memoirs of a Bond Fan, Mark O'Connell takes us on a humorous journey of filmic discovery where Bond films fire like bullets at a Thatcher era childhood, closeted adolescence and adult life as a comedy writer still inspired by that Broccoli movie magic. Catching Bullets is a unique and sharply-observed love-letter to James Bond, Duran Duran title songs and bolting down your tea quick enough to watch Roger Moore falling out of a plane without a parachute.

    • Biography & True Stories
      August 2015

      Keep A Knockin’

      by Charles Connor

      This book is loaded with untold stories about drummer Charles Connor and his road into Rock 'n' Roll history. Playing with legends like Roy “Professor Longhair” Byrd, Smiley Lewis, Guitar Slim, Jack Dupree then Shirley and Lee was just his launch pad before touring everywhere with Little Richard and his band The Upsetters; with whom he created his signature drum intro in “Keep A Knockin.” He would go on even further to work with other music icons such as Lloyd Price, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, the Original Coasters, “Big” Joe Turner, “Champion” Jack Dupree, Larry Williams, Don Covay, “Papa” George Lightfoot, Larry Birdsong, and more. Foreword by Chad Smith, Drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers “Charles is the real thing. He’s lived the life. He was such a badass that by the time he was 15 he had a regular gig with the legendary Professor Longhair. He was smooth enough to get a smooch from none other than Jayne Mansfield on the set of The Girl Can’t Help It. He played with Little Richard, Sam Cooke, and James Brown! And of course he recorded the burning hot two minute and change masterpiece “Keep A Knockin” with Richard, including its fiery train-inspired intro that the great John Bonham copped to jump start Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll

    • Music
      August 2015

      Music Soothes the Soul

      by Matthew Bernstein

      “Music Soothes the Soul” features engaging stories from seventy musicians, artists, scientists and entrepreneurs who show how music can positively impact our lives. These personal narratives demonstrate that music truly is a universal language. “Music Soothes the Soul” reveals the worlds of famous celebrities as well as those who work behind the scenes. Discover how Gene Simmons, Chaka Khan, Dave Wakeling, Riker Lynch, and other artists got their start. Appreciate how nonprofits like Road Recovery and Guitars Not Guns help at-risk youth find emotional strength through making music. Get a peek backstage from musicians who play with Carlos Santana, Beyoncé, and Prince. Learn about performing on reality TV. Music inspired each story and this book tells why. All proceeds from book sales are being donated to the Fender Music Foundation to keep music programs healthy and vibrant across the nation. Music makes a difference in the world, in tangible and intangible ways. Every story shows why music is empowering and powerful, and how it positively can benefit us all.” Foreword by Larry Thomas, Founder of the Fender Music Foundation “Music is a powerful force. The benefits of music run as deep as one’s soul, and it has always taken me to a special place. I’ve been fortunate to spend my life around music, with musicians, instrument-makers, and the blessings of blending a deep passion with a daily job. As a teenager, I learned to play the guitar, and, throughout my life, musical instruments and the sounds they make have fascinated me. Music matters. It is part of the fabric of our culture and an essential part of our lives. Music Soothes the Soul is a must read for anyone who loves music. Matthew Bernstein, at age 17, has interviewed 70 fascinating music leaders from many countries who share a common passion, which is their love of music. In writing this book, Matthew’s goals were to inspire his readers and provide opportunities for children to imagine, create, and express themselves through music.”

    • Film scripts & screenplays


      by Christine Horner

      FEATURE FILM SCREENPLAY -- Crystal True is a self-invented psychic with a secret. Rising above less-than-mediocrity to become the darling of her small Midwest town, Crystal faces a dark night of the soul when she loses her supernatural gifts and her identity. Unable to hold down a job in the “real” world, she heads out to snowbird country on a lark as the new activities director at The Meadows. With only instinct to rely upon, Crystal reluctantly teams up with a quirky bunch of residents and an archeologist son to investigate Meadows' shenanigans, when instead, she learns to follow her heart, uncovering the family she always dreamed of having.

    • Teaching, Language & Reference
      February 2015

      Sweet Rosa

      by Kingsley Osei, David Asimeng

      Sweet Rosa is a picture book which details the brave stance of a young African-American woman named Rosa Parks who refused to give up her seat to a white person on bus in 1955 in Montgomery, Alabama. Ms. Parks' actions led to the infamous Montgomery bus boycott and helped establish the civil rights movement led by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The bold and courageous act of Ms. Parks, Dr. King and thousands of boycotters and civil rights advocates eventually pushed the Supreme Court to declare segregation on buses unconstitutional, helping to put racial discrimination to rest. This book takes young readers on an historic, illustrious journey through this staple event and how it has forever shaped the racial outlook of equality for adults and children alike in today's society.

    • Individual artists, art monographs
      April 2015

      This is Cézanne

      by Jorella Andrews, Patrick Vale

      Paul Cézanne challenged convention and pioneered new possibilities in painting. He was remarkable for his ability to perceive and paint aspects of everyday life in ways that revealed dynamic yet deeply harmonious visions of the world. But the intellectual and emotional difficulties of his achievements were considerable. Mainly self-taught, most of his career was plagued by rejection. The critics, and the public, disliked his paintings, and in 1884 Cézanne declared that Paris, the centre of the nineteenth-century art world, had defeated him. Repeatedly, he retreated into self-doubt and bad temper. This book follows Cézanne on his extraordinary artistic journey, focusing on his formative discoveries, made not in the flashy, fashionable metropolis of Paris but in provincial and rural France, often in isolation.

    • Individual artists, art monographs
      September 2015

      This is Kandinsky

      by Annabel Howard, Adam Simpson

      Intellectual, emotional, restless, dogged, loyal, selfish; Kandinsky was an artist – and a man – of contradictions. This genre-defying painter didn’t pick up a brush until he was thirty years old. He was an academic with a promising career that he threw away to explore the arts. He was a Russian, yet he spent more than half of his life on the road, and died in self-imposed exile in France. As an artist he is credited with history’s first abstract painting, but it was his theories that had a profound and lasting impact on the way that people understand and value what art can achieve. Richly illustrated with specially commissioned artworks and 20 of Kandinsky’s major works, This is Kandinsky forms the perfect introduction to the life of this revolutionary figure in twentieth-century art.

    • Individual artists, art monographs
      September 2015

      This is Monet

      by Sara Pappworth, Aude Van Ryn

      Claude Monet is best known as a leader of the Impressionists, his paintings defining the style that triggered a revolution in art. During the eighty-six years of his life, Monet never rested, and was always driven by the urge to paint. And more than two thousand paintings survive from six highly creative decades. Despite being a celebrity among France's political and cultural elite, Monet never became complacent. Even in his seventies and eighties he was still producing paintings that astounded the art world. Monet's work remains highly influential – his abstraction, gestural strokes and expressive colour capturing the imagination of generation after generation of artists.

    • Music reviews & criticism
      November 2015

      A Change Is Gonna Come: Dylan, die Beatles, die Rolling Stones und andere im Jahr 1966

      by Dürkob, Carsten

      Everyone is talking about 1967, the ‘Summer of Love’, about sun, love, peace – but what enabled this unique atmosphere, later turned into a myth? “A Change Is Gonna Come” answers this questions from the perspective of pop music, more specifically: from the perspective of a couple of songs, released in 1966, that unfolded their impact around the world in the following months. In the middle of the decade of carefree pop music, the most important songwriters born around 1940 compose lyrics about fear of the future, a lack of orientation and disillusionment. The LPs that were released in these few months do not merely change the direction and authenticity of music within one summer, but they are also a call to action: Things can’t go on like this! For this reason, ‘The Sounds of Silence’, ‘Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme’ (both Simon & Garfunkel), ‘Blonde on Blonde’ (Bob Dylan), ‘Revolver’ (The Beatles), ‘Aftermath’ (The Rolling Stones) and ‘Pet Sounds’ (The Beach Boys), as well as other individual songs, are the focus of “A Change Is Gonna Come”. They all show: The foundations of the world have become brittle in 1966. The ‘Summer of Love’ is just the response!

    • Photography & photographs
      April 2015

      Photography Visionaries

      by Mary Warner Marien

      Photography Visionaries is an inspiring guide to 75 of the most influential photographers from around 1900 to the present. Entertainingly written by an expert on photography, it provides fascinating insight into the lives and careers of men and women working in a medium which perhaps more than any other in the visual arts has been deeply affected by technological change. The entries are arranged chronologically, instilling in the reader an understanding of what marks each photographer as a visionary. Each entry is less about providing a full biography of the person and more about creating a sense of excitement regarding their work and the lasting impact that it has had on photography. With the aid of an arresting selection of photographs, some well-known and others less so, this book offers a unique and engaging perspective on the development of photography through some of its most inventive practitioners.

    • Architecture
      April 2017

      Nairn's Paris

      by Iain Nairn, Andrew Hussey

      'This book is an invitation not to argument but to discovery.' Out of print since 1968, this is a unique guide book from the late, great architectural writer, Ian Nairn. Illustrated with the author's snaps of the city, Nairn gives his readers an idiosyncratic and unpretentious portrait of the 'collective masterpiece' that is Paris. With an introduction by Andrew Hussey

    • The Arts


      by Peter Murray and Lorri Lynn

      The Woodstock Music & Art Fair was held in the United States in 1969 which attracted an audience of more than 400,000. Scheduled for August 15–17 on a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains of southern New York State, northwest of New York City, it ran over to Monday, August 18. Billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music", it was held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm near the hamlet of White Lake in the town of Bethel. Located in Sullivan County, Bethel is 43 miles (70 km) southwest of the town of Woodstock in adjoining Ulster County

    • The Arts
      June 2019

      China's New Architecture

      Return to the context

      by Christian Schittich

    • The Arts
      September 2018

      Architecture | Design | Data

      Practice Competency in the Era of Computation

      by Phillip Bernstein

      Im architektonischen Entwerfen und Konstruieren und im Ingenieurwesen ereignet sich gerade eine systematische Transformation. Die Vermittlung zwischen Information, Kreation und Produktion findet im architektonischen Schaffensprozess nicht mehr länger wesentlich über das Medium der Zeichnung statt. Andere, erstmals in vollem Umfang digitale Technologien bringen fundamental andere Workflows, Verantwortlichkeiten und Geschäftsmodelle mit sich. Auf dem Hintergrund umfassender Erfahrung unternimmt der Autor eine detaillierte Analyse und kritische Einschätzung der aktuellen Entwicklungen und entwirft Handlungsstrategien für eine neue Ära der Architekturproduktion – für eine Profession, die sich besser aufstellen muss, um ihre Zukunft im digitalen Zeitalter selbst zu bestimmen.

    • The Arts
      September 2018


      by Andrea Dorfman illustrated by Andrea Dorfman

      From the Emmy-nominated, NFB, PBS-aired animated short, Flawed is a true story of self-acceptance.​ In Flawed, author Andrea Dorfman tells the true story of how she falls for Dave, but she is conflicted about her feelings for her new love. He's a plastic surgeon; ​she thinks plastic surgery has the​ power to make people feel flawed. Her discomfort with Dave's ​occupation​ sends her on a journey of self-reflection that forces her to confront her own fears about the way she looks. To learn more about this publisher, click here: http://bit.ly/2m6IjAk

    • The Arts

      Sing! China Dream

      by Yang Sai

      The publication comprises 20 original songs and music videos, with a core theme of China Dream. Five chapters are included, namely The Glorious History of the Party, The Great Traditional Chinese Culture, Cross-strait Peace, The Belt and Road Initiative, The New Era Development. The songs are composed and performed by more than 30 young writers, composers, singers and music engineering experts from the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, one of the top music institute of higher learning in China.

    • The Arts
      December 2018

      Miraculous and Unique

      Xu Kuang’s work collections

      by Xu Kuang

      This book collects dozens of Xu Kuang’s engraving works, showing his talent in art. His knife technics seem miraculous , unique and well-arranged,which makes the content of this engraving work collection vivid and funny. It is that to exhibit the sincere love to life and art. The bood is one of Xu Kuang’s work collections, contains three parts: the first part, to introduce the engraving works of Xu, the second part, to show the single woodcut of Xu, the third part, to exhibit his sketch, oil painting and China Ink. Wherein, some essays are adhered in some pages, which enrich the details of the book, making it readable. Furthermore, the book has the value of collection and reseaching.

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