• The Arts
      October 2013

      Let's Make a Difference: We Can Help Orangutans

      by Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian

      This fun and colorful book teaches children about the endangered orangutan and helps them develop strategies to contribute to the species' well-being.

    • Children's & YA
      October 2013

      We Love California!

      by Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian

      Join Olivia and Avery as they take a make-believe journey through the Golden State to learn more about the history and symbols of California.

    • The Arts
      December 2013

      Let's Make a Difference: We Can Help Protect Mountain Gorillas

      by Gabriella Francine with Solara Vayanian

      This beautiful book teaches children about mountain gorillas and those that work to protect them.

    • The Arts
      September 2013

      The Engaged Musician

      A Manifesto

      by Sam Richards

      Social commentary. The Engaged Musician is a passionate call to musicians, of whatever genre or discipline, to rescue themselves and us from the commercial tyrannies and dictates currently forming our musical life, and relocate it very determinedly in a meaningful social and aesthetic exchange. The book focuses on various themes typical of social, political and cultural engagement, without insisting on sectional interests.

    • The Arts
      May 2015

      Let's Hubble!

      A journey into the brand new beadwork stitch

      by Melanie de Miguel

      In this book, Melanie presents to you her beautiful new beadwork technique – Hubble stitch. Packed with tips, all presented in Melanie’s fun and friendly style, you will feel as if you’re in a creative and dynamic beading workshop. You will soon be incorporating this wonderfully lacy and extraordinarily adaptable stitch into your beading world. To help you learn and practise Hubble, the book contains 12 beautiful projects including a variety of glamorous bracelets and cuffs, gorgeous earrings, a spectacular vortex necklace for spectacles, Hubble ropes, a sparkly crystal scarf ring and finally the Solar Flare – a lovely little versatile beaded element using lots of Hubble techniques combined.

    • The Arts
      June 2012

      Drawing & Painting Course II

      by Prosenjit

      We believe everyone can draw and paint. With this belief in mind, we already published Drawing and Painting Course for children who want to learn and master the art in a fun way. This book starts with the basics - lines, shades, texture, balance, harmony, rhythm, tone, colours, etc., and goes on to teach the various different techniques of drawing and painting with step-by-step instructions, accompanied by an audio visual CD. Considering the overwhelming appreciation by readers for Drawing and Painting Course, V&S Publishers yet again has come up with another amazing book for art lovers, Drawing and Painting Course Valume II. This comprehensive manual for beginners of visual art and serious amateurs as well, presents basic instructions in all traditional art. With these skills mastered, students can enjoy more advanced instruction on markers, acrylics, gouache, collages, and mroe complicated brushwork.

    • The Arts

      Silent Women: pioneers of cinema

      Pioneers of Cinema


      The first book to give overview of early women film-makers in the US, Europe and beyond. Essential reading for students of film studies, media, culture and gender/women's studies. With many black and white photos, this book will appeal to all lovers of the cinema and the early days of the movies. Surprisingly, more women were working at every level in the early years of the film industry than at any point since. Early pioneers, such as Alice Guy Blaché, directed hundreds of films, invented techniques, ran businesses and set up distribution but with the rise of the studio system, their significant contribution to the dawn of the movies has long been forgotten. With chapters on the writers, directors, producers, stars, film editors, cinematographers, critics and fans of the silent era this book acknowledges and celebrates the many talented women who were significantly involved in the rise of the industry. Why did the coming of the talkies and big business lead to the inequality which exists today?

    • The Arts
      October 2016


      LGBT Portraits

      by Tom Dingley

      In 2014 Photographer Tom Dingley set up his #Outcome project - to photograph LGBT people with the attributes of their everyday life - their work, or their interests; and holding apicture of themselves as a child. The message was, no matter how hard it is growing up, no matter who you were, you become who you become, and you are amazing. Several well known people are included. Two years and several exhibitions later, this is the Outcome. 80 photographs with short biographical statements from the subjects. Royal format, High quality paper.

    • The Arts
      August 2017

      9 x 9A Method of Design

      From City to House Continued

      by Dietmar Eberle, Florian Aicher, Marcello Nasso

      English Description: An ideal design is site-specific, which is the only way architecture can create or connect with a specific sense of identity. This requires addressing the structural and local circumstances. The method handbook, developed at the Department of Architectural Design of the ETH Zurich, offers a playful way in which to systematically ascertain a complex framework and use it for your own design. . German Description: Ein idealer Entwurf ist ortsspezifisch und ermöglicht so den Bau identitätsstiftender Architektur. Dies erfordert die Auseinandersetzung mit den örtlichen Gegebenheiten. Das am Lehrstuhl von Dietmar Eberle entwickelte Methodenbuch bietet die Möglichkeit, die komplexen Rahmenbedingungen systematisch zu erfassen und für den eigenen Entwurf zu nutzen. Für das Buch wurde die sogenannte Methode 9x9 komplett neu entwickelt und grafisch dargestellt.

    • The Arts
      November 2013

      500 Years of Chinese Oil Painting

      by Zhao Li, Yu Ding

      A monumental documentary work on the history and research achievement of the development of Chinese oil painting from 1542 to 2000, among which there are 8,000 well preserved oil paintings and precious historical pictures. The book, of 5 million chinese characters totally with 5 volumes, is the most profound, extensive and most representative documentary material on Chinese oil painting nowadays.

    • The Arts
      December 2015

      Chinese Grotto Art——Mogao Caves

      by Dunhuang Academy

      This series introduces the history, characteristic and some Buddhism knowledge of famous grottoes that were built in the ancient time.In China, grotto sculptures and fresco are regarded as a precious ancient art.

    • The Arts
      January 2009

      Classical Private Gardens of China

      by Author:Ruan Yisan, Photographer: Chen Jianxing

      80000 words with more than 500 pictures. This book focuses mainly on traditional Chinese private gardens, as opposed to modern replicas, imperial gardens, or recreational public gardens. This book has wide public appeal as well as significant academic value. The people responsible for these traditional private gardens managed to achieve the perfect mix of nature and culture while catering to people’s needs for both natural beauty and urban comfort. To build such a garden is to create a paradise.

    • The Arts


      by Peter Murray and Lorri Lynn

      The Woodstock Music & Art Fair was held in the United States in 1969 which attracted an audience of more than 400,000. Scheduled for August 15–17 on a dairy farm in the Catskill Mountains of southern New York State, northwest of New York City, it ran over to Monday, August 18. Billed as "An Aquarian Exposition: 3 Days of Peace & Music", it was held at Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm near the hamlet of White Lake in the town of Bethel. Located in Sullivan County, Bethel is 43 miles (70 km) southwest of the town of Woodstock in adjoining Ulster County

    • The Arts


      50th Anniversary

      by Peter Murray

      The most significant event of our time and the start of hundreds of Space expeditions for mankind, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11's journey to the moon and back. With amazing images of the event supplied by NASA with a foreword from astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the book is an amazing resource.

    • The Arts

      Life of China 1965

      Selected Photography of Saito Koichi

      by Qin Feng Photo Studio

      This book contains photos shooting by Japanese photographer Saito Koichi in 1969, when he was in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Shaoshan in Hunan province and places in Guangdong. During his staying in China, he took lots of photos about city streets and citizen activities. Not only are these photos reflect the mental outlooks of Chinese people’s lifestyle, but also spread out an entire architecture landscape in cities. These photos are of highly documentary values. Meanwhile, it shows profound plot. During the selecting and assembling, instead of redundant subjective annotation, we don’t add them and make comments on the photos any more, just let the photos tell. Let the architectures, people and characters, ordinary life and some politic symbols filled with streets emerged to a song of a times, a song that has been faded away but affected every Chinese people.

    • The Arts

      Chinese Civil Unique Copy of Succinct New Year’s Pictures

      by Ma Zhiqiang

      The whole book has collected more than 200 Chinese civil unique copy of New Year’s pictures, which falls into six categories in terms of the subject, namely, stories of immortals and saints, Chinese operas and legends, landscapes and flowers and plants, beauties and kids, literary and historical stories and affairs in daily life. Cultural interpretation of this picture basically includes the characters, events and its social influence, requiring the comination of the storytelling of content with the literariness of language. Artistic interpretation mainly introduces the creating techniques of this picture, such as delineating, wood block for printing and coloring, and its artistic characteristics.

    • The Arts
      August 2018

      Bilder der Präzision

      Praktiken der Verfeinerung in Technik, Kunst und Wissenschaft

      by Matthias Bruhn, Sara Hillnhütter

      Präzision ist ein Schlüsselbegriff in Technik, Kunst und Wissenschaft, der in enger Verbindung mit Verfahren der Messung und Feinmechanik steht, aber auch die Schärfe sprachlicher Begriffsbildung oder die Synchronisation tänzerischer Bewegungen beschreiben kann. Die Wissenschaftsgeschichte zeigt, dass der Bedarf nach größtmöglicher Präzision auch die Widersprüche von Messung und Modell, Versuch und Vorhersage in sich aufgenommen hat – abweichende Messergebnisse wurden so zum eigentlichen Beleg für die Genauigkeit einer Methode und den Bedarf ihrer weiteren Raffinierung. Der interdisziplinäre Blick auf verschiedene Felder zeigt, wie der damit verbundene Anspruch in ihnen produktiv gemacht und reflektiert worden ist. Fallstudien zu Beispielen aus mehreren Jahrhunderten gehen dieser Frage nach, ergänzt um Auszüge aus grundlegenden historisch-theoretischen Beiträgen.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      December 2017

      Image Acts

      A Systematic Approach to Visual Agency

      by Horst Bredekamp

      Heavily represented sections of contemporary philosophy subscribe to the notion of "embodiment". However promising this pragmatic turn of events may be, it remains limited in that it interprets the world as a projection of the cognizing "I". By contrast, Image Acts focuses on the counterforce of the form of images. The book subdivides this sphere into three parts: imitation, substitution, and the pure effect of the form. All three parts are contemplated with examples from antiquity through to the present and the iconoclastic controversies of our times. From this reconstruction of the image act springs the element of a new philosophy of affordance.

    • The Arts
      November 2017

      Kunst durch Kredit

      Die Berliner Museen und ihre Erwerbungen von der Dresdner Bank 1935

      by Lynn Rother

      Am 15. August 1935 kaufte das Land Preußen zugunsten der Berliner Museen für die enorme Summe von 7,5 Millionen Reichsmark mehr als 4.000 Kunstwerke von der Dresdner Bank. Dieses in seiner Konstellation und Dimension einmalige Geschäft ist kaum bekannt und wird hier zum ersten Mal aus kunst- und bankhistorischer Sicht erforscht. Bis heute befinden sich zahlreiche Kunstwerke mit der Provenienz »Dresdner Bank« in öffentlichen und privaten Sammlungen; sie zirkulieren wissentlich oder unwissentlich im Kunstmarkt. Dieses Buch ist grundlegend für die historische Aufarbeitung von Kunstwerken im Zusammenhang mit Kreditgeschäften. Die erstmalige Veröffentlichung der Herkunft der Kunstwerke ist Voraussetzung für die Provenienzforschung heutiger Eigentümer.

    • The Arts
      June 2018

      Tomb – Memory – Space

      Concepts of Representation in Premodern Christian and Islamic Art

      by Francine Giese, Anna Pawlak, Markus Thome

      From an intercultural perspective, this book focuses on aesthetic strategies and forms of representation in premodern Christian and Islamic sepulchral art. Seeing the tomb as an interface for eschatological, political, and artistic debate, the contributions analyze the diversity of memorial space configurations. The subjects range from the complex interaction between architecture and tomb topography through to questions relating to the funereal expression of power and identity, and to practices of ritual realization in the context of individual and collective memory.

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