• Business strategy
      September 2017

      The Authority Guide to Pitching Your Business

      How to make an impact and be remembered – in under a minute!

      by Mel Sherwood

      Make that first impression count. Create success and secure more business with a powerful pitch that really packs a punch. Avoid all the common pitfalls and learn how to boldly and succinctly explain what you do in less than 60 seconds. In this fast, focused Authority Guide Mel Sherwood shares her expert knowledge to give you the skills you need to prepare and deliver a professional pitch with authority, confidence and passion.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      November 2012

      The Modernization of Chinese Economy

      by XIAO Geng

      The book provides a systematic analysis, from the perspective of New Institutional Economics, of the interactions between the institutional change and the economic structural transformation in China. The topics include state-owned enterprise reform, property rights, financial systems, capital markets, exchange rate regimes and macroeconomic coordination and policies. The book highlights the important role of institutional reform in China’s economic structural transformation and provides policy analysis and recommendations on several strategically important issues.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2018

      Handbuch Produktions- und Logistikmanagement in Wertschöpfungsnetzwerken

      by Hans Corsten, Ralf Gössinger, Thomas S. Spengler

      In dem Handbuch werden die wichtigsten Themenkomplexe des Produktions- und Logistikmanagements sowohl theoretisch fundiert als auch mit Blick auf ihre praktische Relevanz behandelt. Hierzu zählen: Leistungsprogramm-, System- und Prozessgestaltung, Organisation und Personal, Energie- und Ressourceneffizienz, Controlling sowie Digitalisierung.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      April 2018

      Die neue Datenschutz-Grundverordnung

      Mit Bundesdatenschutzgesetz 2018

      by Flemming Moos, Jens Schefzig, Marian Arning

      Die Umsetzung der Europäischen Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) und des BDSG (2018) stellt eine große Herausforderung für Unternehmen dar. Organisation, Dokumente und Prozesse müssen umfassend an die neuen rechtlichen Vorgaben angepasst werden. Dabei zeichnet sich die DSGVO einerseits durch umfassende Regelungen, andererseits aber auch durch sehr abstrakte Vorgaben aus. Die Datenschutzbehörden äußern sich nur sporadisch und dann im Regelfall mit strengen Positionen. Es bleibt also den Unternehmen selbst überlassen, pragmatische und praxistaugliche Lösungen zur Umsetzung der DSGVO-Vorgaben zu entwickeln. Vor diesem Hintergrund richtet sich das Handbuch an alle Datenschutzpraktiker, also Datenschutzverantwortliche im Unternehmen, Datenschutzbeauftragte, Syndizi, Datenschutzberater, Mitarbeiter in Datenschutzbehörden sowie Rechtsanwälte. Es liefert umfassende Lösungen für die Vielzahl an Fragestellungen, die sich im Unternehmen ganz praktisch bei der Einhaltung der DSGVO ergeben. Dabei geht es nicht nur um die Anleitung für eine (einmalige) Umsetzung der neuen DSGVO-Vorgaben. Das vorliegende Handbuch soll genauso als kontinuierlicher Ratgeber bei der täglichen Bewältigung datenschutzrechtlicher Fragen dienen. Einige besondere Themenkomplexe – wie etwa Fragen des Web Trackings oder Customer Relationship Managements – haben für den Datenschutzpraktiker regelmäßig und fortwährend eine überragende Bedeutung. Diese Themenkomplexe werden in eigenen Kapiteln von Experten im jeweiligen Bereich adressiert. Bei den Autoren dieses Handbuchs handelt es sich ausnahmslos um erfahrene Datenschutzpraktiker, die sich in ihrer Arbeit laufend mit den adressierten Themen auseinandersetzen: Dr. Marian Arning, LL.M., Dozent und Rechtsanwalt Dr. Ulrich Baumgartner, LL.M. (King’s College London), Rechtsanwalt Cay Lennart Cornelius, Diplom-Jurist Eva Gardyan-Eisenlohr, Rechtsanwältin und Head of Data Privacy, Dr. Tina Gausling, LL.M. (Columbia University), Fachanwältin für IT-Recht Carmen Heinemann, Diplom-Informationsjuristin (FH) Per Meyerdierks, Senior Privacy Counsel und Syndikusrechtsanwalt Dr. Flemming Moos, Fachanwalt für IT-Recht Leif Rohwedder, Rechtsanwalt und Senior Legal Counsel Tobias Rothkegel, Rechtsanwalt Dr. Jens Schefzig, Rechtsanwalt Barbara Schmitz, Corporate Data Protection Officer und Syndikusanwältin Dr. Anna Zeiter, LL.M. (Stanford), Rechtsanwältin undChief Privacy Officer

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2018

      Business Ethics 3.0

      The New Integral Ethics from the Perspective of a CEO

      by Erhard Meyer-Galow

      The reputation of business managers is declining due to their disregard for moral decisions and ethical practices. Business students are currently taught only technical knowledge without concern for being compassionately and holistic engaged. However, when entering the business sector these graduates encounter a world which necessitates difficult, personally challenging decisions, ones for which technical knowledge is insufficient. Successful, sustainable resolutions can only be expected to result from a holistic, sustainable approach which accommodates the difficulty in balancing ethical practices with the demands for ever-increasing profits. This unique graduate textbook addresses the issue of business ethics from the perspective of an individual’s internal growth facilitated by a consideration of the principles of depth psychology, spiritual wisdom, meditation, and quantum physics, written by a CEO with an enormous business background. It not only promotes a new ethical approach, but also addresses the implementation of this new approach in the most important business sectors as a replacement for previous ineffective codes of conduct which have failed. It’s a must read for business students with aspirations of becoming managers or entrepreneurs in the economic sector as well as for all young professionals, managers and entrepreneurs to improve their ethical performance and sustainable success. Message from the author This book creates an impetus for change in a business world where unethical practices are rampant by providing a suggested a New Integral Ethics for the economy, an ethical approach based upon inner psychological and spiritual development arising from a serious consideration of Depth Psychology. Readers will learn how adoption of specific Practices, which lead to inner growth and spiritual maturity, will result in ethical, morally sound business practices not because they are mandated, but because once the SELF is actualized, you cannot do otherwise. Laws, appeals and directives which have never successfully resulted in ethical practices become unnecessary, replaced by intrinsically ethical individuals who collectively influence corporate ethical behaviour. This is a giant leap into a new dimension in our globalized, digitized economy.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      August 2019


      Issues, realities and solutions

      by Rachel Dodds, Richard W. Butler

      As it is becoming increasingly clear that the environmental, social and economic impacts of tourism on destinations must be managed appropriately to secure their long-term viability, there is a critical need to understand governance and planning tools that can resolve current problems of overtourism without losing the benefits of tourism development.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      November 2018

      Lang/Weidmüller Genossenschaftsgesetz

      Gesetz, betreffend die Erwerbs- und Wirtschaftsgenossenschaften. Mit Erläuterungen zum Umwandlungsgesetz und zur Europäischen Genossenschaft

      by Johann Lang, Ludwig Weidmüller, Dirk Lehnhoff, Jan Holthaus

      Die Neuauflage dieses Standardwerks erläutert neben dem Genossenschaftsgesetz das Umwandlungsgesetz und die Rechtsgrundlagen der Europäischen Genossenschaft (SCE) sowie des Kartellrechts der eingetragenen Genossenschaft. Die neuesten Änderungen (u.a. zur Pflichtprüfung) werden praxistauglich erklärt. Aktuelle Entwicklungen in Rechtsprechung und Literatur sind bis Mai 2018 berücksichtigt.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      October 2019

      §§ 111b-111q

      by Pascal Johann

      Pacal Johann, Rechtsanwalt, Frankfurt

    • Business, Economics & Law
      August 2018

      Pesticides and agriculture

      Profit, politics and policy

      by Dr Dave Watson

      Pesticides have played a critical but sometimes controversial role in the development of agriculture. This book provides an authoritative account of the development of the modern pesticides industry. It discusses the emergence of major pesticide companies such as Bayer, Monsanto, Rhone Poulenc, Dow, DuPont, Ciba-Geigy, Syngenta, BASF and ICI. It covers their competitive strategies such as product development, mergers/acquisitions and diversification. Individual company strategies are placed in the context of broader developments in agriculture which have driven the evolution of the industry, from the Pre-Productionist period to the contemporary world of Post-Productivism and the Sustainability Paradigm. It also reviews how companies have responded to changing national and international policy towards the role of pesticides in agriculture and efforts to regulate their use.This book will be a standard reference on understanding the growth structure, dynamics and major players in a hugely-important and influential sector in global agriculture. It will appeal to a wide range of readers, from policy makers and researchers in crop protection to financial and investment analysts focussed on agriculture, and to all those interested in the development and future of modern agriculture.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2018

      Tourism and Animal Welfare

      by Neil Carr, Donald M Broom

      "This text is long overdue and timely. Carr and Broom have placed the issues firmly in the broader context of the relationship between our species and the others which share this planet with us...As they argue it is possible for tourists and the travel and tourism sector to take and exercise responsibility to drive change, Carr and Broom's text helps us to understand the issues and the context and to make better-informed choices." Harold Goodwin Responsible Tourism Partnership Animals are among the most sought after tourist attractions and the impact on them is a matter of concern to an increasing number of people. Tourism and Animal Welfare uniquely addresses the issue of animal welfare within the tourism experience. It explores important foundations such as the meaning of 'animal welfare' and its relation to ethics, animal rights and human obligations to animals. It also explores the nature and diversity of the position and role of animals within tourism. 'Tales from the front line' is the section of the book that provides the reader with the views and experiences of animal welfare organisations, individual leaders, tourism industry organisations and operators, and academic experts. These case studies and opinion pieces will encourage the reader to consider their own position regarding animals in tourism and their welfare. The book: · is written by an authoritative author team that draws from the fields of tourism studies (Neil Carr) and animal welfare science (Donald Broom); · contains 14 case studies written by internationally recognised experts and iconic individuals in the field of animal welfare; · is written in an engaging style and features full colour illustrations. From students and academics to vets and those working within the tourism industry, this book will provide an engaging and thought-provoking read. It will also appeal to those with an interest in animal welfare, particularly in relation to the tourism industry.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2018

      Strategic Management in Tourism

      by Luiz Moutinho, Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, Alejandro Pérez-Ferrant, Alfonso Vargas-Sánchez, Anne-Mette Hjalager, Brent W Ritchie, Dawn Gibson, Eduardo Parra-López, Geoff Southern, James Wilson, Jithendran Kokkamikal, José Alberto Martínez-González, Kanes Rajah, Kun-Huang Huarng, Larry Dwyer, Luiz Moutinho, María Moral-Moral, Mercedes Melchior-Navarro, Noel Scott, Rafael Alberto Pérez, Ronnie Ballantyne, S.F. Witt, Scott McCabe, Shirley Rate, Tiffany Hui-Kuang Yu, Vanessa Yanes-Estévez, Yawei Jiang, Yvette Reisinger

      This comprehensive textbook has, at its core, the importance of linking strategic thinking with action in the management of tourism. It provides an analytical evaluation of the most important global trends, as well as an analysis of the impact of crucial environmental issues and their implications. Fully updated throughout, this new edition: -Covers forecasting, functional management and strategic planning; -Includes extra chapters to incorporate a wider spread of important topics such as sustainability, authenticity and crisis management; -Contains pedagogical features throughout, such as learning objectives, questions and case studies to aid understanding Now in its third edition, and reviewing the major factors affecting international tourism management, this well-established student resource provides an essential overview of strategic management for students and professionals in the tourism sector.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2018

      Sustainable Bamboo Development

      by Zhu Zhaohua, Jin Wei

      This book presents over 40 cases of bamboo development across 22 major bamboo-industry countries and explores the knowledge gained from their successes and failures. It synthesises experiences and exchanges with country experts from international training courses and consultations, study tours, and seminars. Each case includes observations and summaries of discussions related to the development of bamboo-based industries in a healthy, sustainable way, and the facilitation of strategic and balanced development of bamboo in different global regions. Industrial and artisanal bamboo growing and processing is expanding worldwide and this book brings together key experiences to help inform future developments. This book provides an analysis of bamboo plant features, including strong renewability, fast-growing, and high biomass production. It also reviews important ecological functions of bamboos, such as water and soil conservation, carbon sink and storage, and adaptation to climate change, as well as addressing the diversified culture of bamboo and key issues affecting the sector. Sustainable Bamboo Development: - Is authored by an internationally recognised leading expert in the growth and use of bamboo - Takes a holistic view, covering technical, socio-economic, policy, cultural and business development - Provides practical knowledge to guide the development of bamboo sectors - Gives a clear idea and rich examples of what has been attempted in many countries - Acts as a roadmap for using bamboo as a poverty reduction and environmental security tool Highly illustrated and in full colour throughout, this book is an essential resource for all those interested in bamboo, from private sector investors to governmental and development agencies, academic researchers and students.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      December 2017

      Transforming Travel

      Realising the potential of sustainable tourism

      by Jeremy Smith

      Transforming Travel combines stories from leading companies, interviews with pioneers and thinkers, along with thorough analysis of the industry's potential to make lasting, positive change. - A unique collection of case studies and stories of the most successful, inspirational, impactful and innovative travel businesses in the world. - A vital presentation of the latest research and statistics on the positive impacts and potential of transformative, sustainable tourism, - A positive and realistic vision of the scope of tourism to promote sustainable development at a time when travel and interaction with foreign cultures is facing numerous existential challenges. Written in a highly engaging style Transforming Travel presents an urgent argument for transforming tourism so it might reach its potential to promote tolerance, restore communities and regenerate habitats, while providing a vital guide for anyone looking to develop the successful sustainable tourism enterprises and destinations needed to do so.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2019

      Frauen in der Arbeitswelt 4.0

      Chancen und Risiken für die Erwerbstätigkeit

      by Dagmar Preißing

      Die „Digitalisierung 4.0", in Deutschland auch unter dem Begriff der Industrie 4.0 bekannt, hat nicht nur erheblichen Einfluss auf die technischen Veränderungen in der Wirtschaft, sondern auch auf den Arbeitsmarkt und die Arbeit der Zukunft, insbesondere der Frauen. Dagmar Preißing und ihre Mitautorinnen greifen in diesem Buch auf, inwieweit sich diese neuen Ausprägungen der Arbeit 4.0 als Chancen oder Risiken auf die Erwerbstätigkeit von Frauen auswirken. Die Erwerbstätigkeit von Frauen zu erhöhen, ist ein erklärtes Ziel der EU-Kommission im Rahmen der Europa 2020 Strategie. Die Gründe hierfür sind offensichtlich: Erstens sollte eine Volkswirtschaft es sich nicht leisten, auf die Hälfte aller zur Verfügung stehenden qualifizierten Arbeitskräfte – die Frauen – zu verzichten. Zweitens erfordert der demografische Wandel mit dem damit verbundenen Mangel an Fach- und Führungskräften die Erwerbsbeteiligung aller potenziellen Arbeitskräfte, auch die der Frauen. Drittens zeigen die Entwicklungen der Sozialpolitik, dass die künftige Altersarmut vor allem Frauen trifft. Eine steigende Erwerbsbeteiligung von Frauen könnte diese fatalen Entwicklungen mildern. Ziel dieses Buches ist es daher aufzuzeigen, ob und wie eine gleichberechtigte, verbesserte und erhöhte Arbeitsmarktintegration von Frauen in Deutschland, auch und gerade vor dem Hintergrund einer sich verändernden Arbeitswelt, erfolgen könnte.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      February 2019


      A Really Short Introduction

      by Felix Bittmann

      Stata is one of the most popular statistical software in the world and suited for all kinds of users, from absolute beginners to experienced veterans. This book offers a clear and concise introduction to the usage and the workflow of Stata. Included topics are importing and managing datasets, cleaning and preparing data, creating and manipulating variables, producing descriptive statistics and meaningful graphs as well as central quantitative methods, like linear (OLS) and binary logistic regressions and matching. Additional information about diagnostical tests ensures that these methods yield valid and correct results that live up to academic standards. Furthermore, users are instructed how to export results that can be directly used in popular software like Microsoft Word for seminar papers and publications. Lastly, the book offers a short yet focussed introduction to scientific writing, which should guide readers through the process of writing a first quantitative seminar paper or research report. The book underlines correct usage of the software and a productive workflow which also introduces aspects like replicability and general standards for academic writing. While absolute beginners will enjoy the easy to follow point-and-click interface, more experienced users will benefit from the information about do-files and syntax which makes Stata so popular. Lastly, a wide range of user-contributed software („Ados") is introduced which further improves the general workflow and guarantees the availability of state of the art statistical methods.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      July 2019

      Täterschaft und Tatherrschaft

      by Claus Roxin

      Roxins Buch ist die umfangreichste Monographie über die Abgrenzung von Täterschaft und Teilnahme im deutschen Strafrecht. Die Neuauflage bringt neben dem, wie immer unveränderten, Hauptteil des Buches einen durchgreifend bearbeiteten und erweiterten „Schlussteil 2019“. Darin wird die gesamte Rechtsprechung der letzten Jahrzehnte zu den Fragen der Täterlehre umfassend dokumentiert und kritisch analysiert.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      March 2019

      I, Robot – I, Care

      Möglichkeiten und Grenzen neuer Technologien in der Pflege

      by Claudia Hauck, Charlotte Uzarewicz

      Technik ist aus der Pflege nicht wegzudenken. Mit Pflege 4.0 werden ganz neue Dimensionen im Verhältnis zwischen Mensch und Maschine vorstellbar. Besonders die Pflegewissenschaft ist hier gefordert, Stellung zu beziehen und den Diskurs kritisch mitzuentwickeln. In diesem Sammelband wird der aktuelle Stand der technologischen Entwicklung in der Pflege dargestellt und deren Nutzen für die pflegerische Arbeit an ausgewählten Beispielen verdeutlicht. Dabei entstehen grundlegende Fragen in Bezug auf das, was den Kern von Care betrifft: Wer sorgt sich um wen, wenn sich alles um neue Technologien dreht? Hilft Technik, den Kern von Care zu finden? Und ganz grundsätzlich: Wie wird sich das Verhältnis von Mensch und Maschine in Zukunft verändern? Das Buch gibt interessante Einblicke in spezifische und innovative Anwendungsfelder und bietet Argumentationsgrundlagen, wenn es um politische oder ökonomische Entscheidungsfindung geht.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2019

      Digitalisierung der Immobilienwirtschaft

      by Günter Vornholz

      Megatrends verändern die Lebens- und Arbeitswelten der Menschen. Insbesondere die Digitalisierung beeinflusst technische, wirtschaftliche und gesellschaftliche Entwicklungsprozesse. Dabei stehen auch die Immobilienwirtschaft und -märkte angesichts der digitalen Transformation vor großen Herausforderungen. Innovative technologische Entwicklungen können zu evolutionären und disruptiven Veränderungen der Geschäftsmodelle und Geschäftsprozesse in den Unternehmen führen. Auch wenn die Veränderungen in der Immobilienwirtschaft noch am Anfang stehen, werden sich neue Anforderungen an Immobilienstandorte und Immobilien entwickeln. Konsumbedürfnisse, Kundenbeziehungen, Prozesse und letztendlich Erzeugnisse und Dienstleistungen unterliegen genauso wie die Immobilien selbst einem Veränderungsprozess. Das Buch beleuchtet die verschiedenen Megatrends und grenzt sie ab, es analysiert die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf die Immobilienwirtschaft und damit deren Folgen für die Geschäftsmodelle und -prozesse und gibt einen spannenden Ausblick auf kurz- bis langfristige Trends.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2019

      §§ 32-37

      by Kristian Hohn, Thomas Rönnau, Frank Zieschang


    • Business, Economics & Law

      Zhou Yi and the way of doing business

      by Zhang Liang

      Through the vivid records of the career and business affairs of the ancients in Zhouyi, this book expounds the spirit of self-improvement in the "Book of Changes", the sense of urgency in peace and danger, the entrepreneurial concept of the new and the new, the management art of the ancient house, and the state of the people. BenÕs people-centeredness, the political ideals of the countryÕs Xianning, these are the feelings that the old-time businessmen want to have, and the entrepreneurs of the new era should have

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