• Children's & young adult reference material
      April 2016

      Kings & Queens of England and Scotland

      by Pamela Egan

      This fascinating, full-colour book illustrates and describes all the English monarchs since William the Conqueror and all the Scottish monarchs since Robert the Bruce, right up to Queen Elizabeth II. Each spread features a family tree together with biographies of the monarchs and a description of key events of the period. An A3 pull-out poster shows a continuous timeline of all the monarchs in succession, along with the dates of each one’s reign.

    • Children's & young adult reference material
      March 2016

      Castles and Forts

      by Miriam Moss

      POINTERS is an exciting range of information books with beautiful illustrations and engaging text. From the earliest times, people gathered into fortified camps for protection against enemies. These forts developed into castles, some of which were magnificient and beautiful homes. This book looks at famous forts and castles around the world, including Iron Age hill forts, Norman keeps and medieval castles, and describes what life was like for the people that lived there.

    • History & the past: general interest (Children's/YA)
      August 2016

      The Reformation

      by Enzo George

      Primary Sources in World History introduces readers to key times in history by exploring objects, buildings, documents, texts and artworks from the period. Each source is illustrated, accompanied by text that explains what it tells historians about how people lived at that time. Primary Sources in World History is linked to common core standards and curricula that require students to be able to interpret a range of primary sources as evidence about the nature of the past, understanding history as a construct of many individual “facts” that can be considered in various ways. Primary sources are the raw materials of historical research. They bring history and cultures to life by providing direct evidence of how people lived, their views and attitudes and their understanding of their place in the world. Each volume in the series focuses on a particular period in history. An introduction gives an overview of the period to provide a wider context. This is followed by a series of self-contained spreads, each of which is based on a single primary source, be it an object, an image, or a written account. Each source is illustrated, accompanied by text that explains what it tells historians about the time—but also suggests instances where there are doubts or conflicting views about how a source should be interpreted. The text explains the background of the source and explores its significance, investigating what it tells us about the people who created it and how they lived and saw their world. Subsidiary boxes look at how the source relates to others from the period, provide additional eyewitness quotes or highlight important individuals. Each book has a full introduction and concludes with a timeline, glossary, and list of resources for further information.

    • Memoirs
      March 2012

      Dancing Through History

      In Search of the Stories That Define Canada

      by Lori Henry

      In Dancing Through History, Henry crosses Canada's vast physical and ethnic terrain to uncover how its various cultures have evolved through their dances. Her coast-to-coast journey takes her to Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, where she witnesses the seldom seen animist dances of the islands' First Nation people. In the Arctic, Henry partakes in Inuit drum dancing, kept alive by a new generation of Nunavut youth. And in CapeBreton, she uncovers the ancient "step dance" of the once culturally oppressed Gaels of Nova Scotia. During her travels, Henry discovers that dance helps to break down barriers and encourage cooperation between people with a history of injustice. Dance, she finds, can provide key insight into what people value most as a culture, which is often more similar than it seems. It is this kind of understanding that goes beyond our divisive histories and gives us compassion for one another. Unique to this book, Dancing Through History includes first person interviews with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit (Canada's Aboriginal groups) talking about their traditions and the effect colonisation has had on them, all through the lens of dance. Their voices are given ample space to speak for themselves – what is revealed is a beautiful worldview and many lessons to be learned in order to have a healthy planet and tolerant people as we move into the future. Book Details: This is an adult non-fiction book of Canadian content. The target market is curious travellers and those interested in culture beyond the typical tourist traps. Sales have ranged from junior high schools to retired baby boomers. Interested publishers can make an offer directly on the profile page to buy available rights.

    • Educational: History

      Pobl, Protest a Gwleidyddiaeth

      Achosion Enghreifftiol Yn Hanes Cymru Yr Ugeinfed Ganrif

      by Gareth Elwyn Jones

    • Educational: History

      Cymru'r Tuduriaid

      by Gareth Elwyn Jones

    • Educational: History

      Y Gymdeithas Lofaol

      Hanes Cymoedd Glofaol De Cymru 1840-1980

      by David Egan

    • Picture books

      A Christmas Box

      by Christopher S. Stephens

      A beautifully illustrated picture book about the customs and traditions of Christmas in times past, for children aged 6-11. This is a treasure chest of material on topics that appeal to children year after year, and will make social history come a little closer to contemporary life. Sections on: Christmas cards; Christmas recipes; Legends of Robins; Christmas games and presents; Christmas poems; Wassailing; A Christmas folktale; A Child's Christmas in Wales; Boxing Day traditions; New Year customs; Christmas celebrations in schools; The emphasis is on how Christmas was celebrated at different stages of the twentieth century, though many of the customs have a longer history. Chris Stephens has assembled a fascinating collection of material which will appeal not only to contemporary children but also to their parents and grandparents! This is a lovely gift to give within the family, because the illustrations and the snippets of information are sure to spark off exchanges of experiences between generations. Festive endpaper and plenty of holly berries link the varied glimpses of Christmases past.

    • Educational: History

      A Wartime Scrapbook

      by Christopher S. Stephens

      When history books cover war, they write of the battles, the troops, the attacks and the outcomes. But for the older generation who grew up in wartime, the most vivid memories they have are of how extraordinary their ordinary lives became. Where they lived and sheltered, what they ate, what they heard on the wireless or saw around them - all these details provide a rich record for young readers of today. A Wartime Scrapbook brings together historical facts, rare pictures and very specific memories. Together, they tell the fascinating story of family life in Wales during the Second World War.

    • Educational: History

      Amser Rhyfel.

      by Chris S Stephens

      A teacher's pack to accompany the book Amser Rhyfel, a varied and entertaining collection of informative snippets and photographs recording the joyful and sad circumstances of Britain's inhabitants during World War II. Includes a book, worksheets, two colourful posters, four discussion cards, and a CD.

    • Educational: History

      Rhyfel Cartref America

      Achosion Y Rhyfel, Ei Gwrs A'i Ganlyniadau, 1803-77

      by Alan Farmer

      A Welsh adaptation of The Americal Civil War - Causes, Course and Consequences 1803-77. A volume geared to assist post-16 year old students of the American Civil War. Throughout the book, key dates, terms and issues are highlighted, and historical interpretations of key debates are outlined.

    • Music

      Y Delyn

      The Harp

      by Ann Rosser

    • Teaching of a specific subject

      How to Be Brilliant at Recording History

      by Sue Lloyd

      How to be Brilliant at Recording in Geography contains 40 photocopiable writing frames, designed to lead Key Stage 2 (KS2) children through a range of geographical skills, from map work to localities and settlements and environmental change The photocopiable sheets will help children to investigate and gain knowledge and understanding, ask geographical questions, develop the ability to recognize and explain geographical patterns and become aware of how places fit into a wide geographical context.

    • Educational: History

      Famous Events

      by John Davis

    • Educational: History


      by Michael. Temple

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories


      Dyddiadur Edie Benson, Llundain 1940-1941

      by Vince Cross

    • Educational: History

      Tgau Hanes Ar Gyfer Manyleb a Cbac

      Astudiaethau Manwl Ac Amlinellol O Agweddau Ar Hanes Cymru/lloegr A'r Byd

      by Paul Barnes

    • Educational: History

      Famous Journeys

      by John Davis

      Famous Journeys is the latest addition to the Curriculum Focus series, designed to provide all is needed to teach history with confidence. The book investigates the theme of memorable Journeys and includes lesson plans with detailed background infrmation for the teachers and stimulating worksheets for the classroom. The activities are differentiated at three levels of children abilities, therefore fully inclusive. - The resource is flexible enough to integrate into any school's own scheme of work or to be dipped into as and when required. There will be an emphasis on key vocabulary in history, an examination of chronology, and change and contrast between 'then and now'. - Famous Journeys includes: Neil Armstrong (space), Amelia Earhart (air), Roald Amundsen (land) and Ellen MacArthur (sea).

    • Educational: History


      by Christine. Moorcroft

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