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From That Flame

MaryAnn T. Beverly

Kallisti Publishing

FROM THAT FLAME follows journalist Michelle Garrett as she interviews the legendary Commander Ahmed Shah Massoud – the “Lion of P etc...

The Coconut Comes in Due Season

David Hurd

The CAN-DO! Company

Once the only man, black or white, to be taken into Somalia by the Shifta and live to tell the tale. Author of Kidnap at Kiunga. etc...


James Derriman

Polperro Heritage Press

In 1807 a British naval captain, Warwick Lake, marooned an 18-year-old member of his crew from Polperro, Cornwall, on the tiny un etc...

Keep A Knockin’

Charles Connor

Waldorf Publishing

This book is loaded with untold stories about drummer Charles Connor and his road into Rock 'n' Roll history. Playing wit etc...

Demo Title

A Irpense

IPR License

A book record to demonstrate the IPR License platform. IPR License was launched in 2012 as the first fully transactional rights t etc...


John Berger, Selcuk Demirel

Notting Hill Editions Ltd

'Once upon a time, men, women, and (secretly) children smoked.' Following the success of Cataract, John Berger, one of th etc...

Queer and Catholic

Mark Dowd

Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd

This superb memoir of a gay, working class boy from Manchester exploring how to reconcile his sexuality with his Catholicism is a etc...

The Vagabond Lover

Garry O'Connor

CentreHouse Press

In The Vagabond Lover, author Garry O’Connor performs a delicate balancing act, writing his own life vis-à-vis that of his f etc...

Found and Lost

Alison Leslie Gold

Notting Hill Editions Ltd

Starting with supervision of her primary school's 'Lost andultimately led to her salvation Found' depot, Gold charts etc...


Martha Cinader

Martha Cinader

From ancient history to near-modern times, this collection of short stories and poetry is about fascinating people in history who etc...

Life Sold

Ian Usher

Ian Usher

What on earth would make someone decide to put their whole life up for sale… on eBay? When Ian Usher decided that it was time to etc...

Kilimanjaro and Beyond

Barry Finlay. Chris Finlay

Barry Finlay

BARRY FINLAY and his son CHRIS sit propped against a rock, struggling to draw a breath on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mou etc...

Dalek I Loved You

Nick Griffiths

Nick Griffiths watched his first Doctor Who aged four and a bit. He would have hidden behind the sofa but it was back against the etc...

Autoportret s torbom/Self-portrait With a Bag

Semezdin Mehmedinović

Fraktura d.o.o.

With each new book, Semezdin Mehmedinović creates a new space, eludes the usual judgements and moves away from acquired definitio etc...

Elita gora od rulje/The Elite Worse Than the Crowd

Mirko Kovač

Fraktura d.o.o.

Through some fifteen essays, in his new work The Elite Worse Than the Crowd (Elita gora od rulje), Mirko Kovač, one of the best k etc...
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