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The Art of Living of the Wise

Antonio Meneghetti

Ontopsicologia Editrice - F.O.I.L. srl

Specially dedicated to young people, this book deals with the fundamental aspects that constitute the foundation for healthy indi etc...

Helping Children With Feelings

Margot Sunderland and Nicky Armstrong

Speechmark Publishing

These 10 beautifully-illustrated storybooks along with 10 practical guidebooks, (20 books in total), enable teachers, parents and etc...

Jenny and her Dog Both Fight Cancer

Jewel Kats, Claudia Marie Lenart

L H Press Inc.

Jenny, a young girl undergoing treatment for cancer, discovers that her best friend, Dolly, also has cancer. Dolly is the family& etc...

Please Explain Terrorism to Me

Laurie Zelinger

L H Press Inc.

A Story for Children, P-E-A-R-L-S of Wisdom for their Parents Complemented by exquisite, colorful artwork, Dr. Zelinger skillfull etc...

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Mavis Brown

Brilliant Publications

Knowledge and Understanding of the World contains over 150 activity ideas for the Foundation Stage, grouped by popular topics, fo etc...


Kurt Kamm

Kurt Kamm

One Foot in the Black tells the coming-of-age story of a young wildland firefighter. At eighteen, Greg Kowalski, leaves an abusiv etc...

How to Forgive

Katherine T Owen

Do you feel you go through life collecting emotional baggage? How would it be to get lighter? Do you notice difficult relationshi etc...

Bullying Prevention

Dr. W. Craig, Dr. D. Pepler, Dr.J. Cummings

Quickfind Books

A clear overviw of the sources of bullying, and how to prevent or end it, among children of all ages. Written by three acknolwedg etc...

American Authors Unplugged

Martha Cinader

Martha Cinader

Representative of modern American Literature, the conversations with authors in this book are evenly divided between men and wome etc...

The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose

Jeffrey C. Thelen

Infinity Publishing

Here they are, The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose! Strap on your backpacks and join in the fun as the B.A.C.K. Pack, Bo, Ali, etc...

The B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose

Jeffrey C. Thelen

Infinity Publishing

Bo, Ali, Charlie and Karmen are back and ready to spring into action once again! Watch the B.A.C.K. Pack with Flaps the Goose as etc...

Graphic Lives - Hari

Jo Browning Wroe, Carol Holliday

Speechmark Publishing

Graphic Lives is a series of highly engaging graphic novels for young people who may need counselling and psychotherapy. Each boo etc...

Teaching Protective Behaviours to Young Children

Carolyn Gelenter, Nadine Prescott, Belinda Riley

Speechmark Publishing

Although it may be difficult to accept, children and young people from any community, including those with disabilities, can be p etc...

Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma

Darcy Pattison

Mims House

ABAYOMI, THE BRAZILIAN PUMA: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub by Darcy Pattison, illustrated by Kitty Harvill ***NSTA Outstandin etc...

Youth policy, civil society and the modern Irish state

Fred Powell, Rob Kitchin, Martin Geoghegan, Margaret Scanlon, Katharina Swirak

Manchester University Press

This book explores the development of youth policy and youth work in Ireland from the mid-19th century to the present day. Based etc...
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