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Alain Dufresne

De Gruyter

This specialist monograph provides an etc...

Handbook of Rare Earth Elements

Bin Hu, Hartmut Jäger, Norbert Jakubowski, Jürgen Meinhardt, F.Michael Meyer, Jörg Niederstraßer, Johannes Peters, Rainer Schramm, Michael Seitz, Sven Sindern, Heinz-Günter Stosch, Alfred Golloch

De Gruyter

Rare Earth Elements (REE) have now bec etc...


Ramazan Asmatulu, Donald Ewert, Barbara Foster, Charles Geraci, Andrew D. Maynard, Christie Sayes, Dominick E. Fazarro, Walt Trybula, Jitendra Tate, Craig Hanks

De Gruyter

Nanotechnology safety is the practice etc...

Membrane Systems

Loredana De Bartolo, Efrem Curcio, Enrico Drioli

De Gruyter

The worldwide demand for organ transpl etc...

Chemistry of Carbon Nanostructures

Polivnoa Angelova, Alberto Bianco, William Dichtel, Siegfried Eigler, Armin Gölzhäuser, Andreas Hirsch, Kenichiro Itami, Anke Krüger, Yunqi Liu, Paolo Samori, Yasutomo Segawa, Alexander Sinitsky, Tanja Weil, Jishan Wu, Klaus Muellen, Xinliang Feng

De Gruyter

Carbon Materials such as nanoparticles etc...


José Quero Garcia, Amy Lezzoni, Joanna Pulawska, Gregory A Lang

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International)

Sweet and sour cherries (Prunus avium etc...

Space Exploration

Carolyn Collins Petersen

Amberley Publishing

Humanity has always looked to the star etc...

Scientific governance in Britain, 1914–79

Charlotte Sleigh, Don Leggett

Manchester University Press

Scientific governance in Britain, 1914 etc...

The Universe Explained to My Grandchildren

Hubert Reeves

Salammbo Press

“Grandpa, how big is the universe? How etc...

STEM Project-Based Learning

Robert M. Capraro, Mary Margaret Capraro, Jim Morgan

Sense Publishers

This second edition of Project-Based L etc...

Framing cosmologies

Allen Abramson, Martin Holbraad

Manchester University Press

How might the anthropological study of etc...

Headline News, Science Views

David Jarmul, Editor; Foreword by Frank Press, President, National Academy of Sciences; National Research Council

National Academies Press

Many Americans want information on how etc...

A Positron Named Priscilla

Marcia F. Bartusiak, Barbara Burke, Andrew Chaikin, Addison Greenwood, T.A. Heppenheimer, Michelle Hoffman, David Holzman, Elizabeth J. Maggio, and Anne Simon Moffat for the National Academy of Sciences

National Academies Press

A Positron Named Priscilla is a book o etc...

2020 Vision

Proceedings of the Institute of Medicine 25th Anniversary Symposium, Institute of Medicine

National Academies Press

This book contains the proceedings of etc...

Database Needs for Modeling and Simulation of Plasma Processing

Panel on Database Needs in Plasma Processing, National Research Council

National Academies Press

In spite of its high cost and technica etc...
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