• Biography & True Stories


      Real Dreams Really Make a Difference

      by Martha Cinader

      From ancient history to near-modern times, this collection of short stories and poetry is about fascinating people in history who followed their dreams and changed the world. The repertoire was developed in performance in clubs, schools, libraries

    • Biography & True Stories
      March 2015

      American Authors Unplugged

      Interviews about Books

      by Martha Cinader

      Representative of modern American Literature, the conversations with authors in this book are evenly divided between men and women who bring to life the experiences of natives, immigrants, slaves and rebels. As a whole, they address the enduring

    • Poetry

      Ode to the White Witch

      a book of odes

      by Martha Cinader

      Odes that any mother or anyone who ever loved their mother can appreciate. Inspired by the odes of Pablo Neruda, and an expansive appreciation for the blessings of every day life, they are in many ways universal, but Cinader does not shy away from

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      A City by the Sea

      and other Fairy Tales

      by Martha Cinader

      True to the tradition of fairy tales, this collection of stories is humorous and dramatic. Each one contains a valuable message for young readers in modern times. Written over a period of about a decade, these short stories were developed in perfo

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