The Canaan Creed


A noble lie or a deadly secret?


Murder in Maine, wolves in Wyoming, and a fugitive—one life-changing summer for wolf biologist, Anna O’Neil. She needs answers. Who shot her father and why? Then, the arrival of a mysterious document forces Anna to examine her own beliefs and gives her the key to restore a divided community. But, first, she must find the courage to confront a hidden evil and catch her father’s killer.


The Canaan Creed is a story that needs telling—a keyhole view into a culturally-relevant and emotionally-charged issue. Radical environmentalism is on the march across America, leaving a wide swath of collateral damage. People are suffering—their voices often silenced by an agenda that omits humankind from the ecological equation.

Author Biography

Author, L. P. Hoffman, is a Wyoming native whose imagination was primed at an early age—from her grandfather’s tales about Buffalo Bill to the mystique of Western lore. In her transient childhood, she witnessed the dark side of Caribbean culture and survived war in the Middle East. As an adult, the author has traveled the world and moved among Washington insiders. L. P. Hoffman values unique perspectives and believes that culturally relevant stories born of life experiences are the ones best told.

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