Ode to the White Witch

a book of odes

by Martha Cinader


Odes that any mother or anyone who ever loved their mother can appreciate. Inspired by the odes of Pablo Neruda, and an expansive appreciation for the blessings of every day life, they are in many ways universal, but Cinader does not shy away from addressing the experience of the white woman. Lavishing her with both honest criticism and love, the odes as a whole raise a distinct voice to join the milieu of feminists without any equivocation. 


Cinader's style has been shaped by her live performance experience, resulting in a direct and sometimes distinctly narrative approach. The odes were all written during a period of about nine years while the author was publishing a weekly arts newspaper and hosting a weekly open mic in the California bay area. Many of them were previously published as the "Poem of the Day" in Listen & Be Heard Weekly


A 77 page manuscript, about 4500 words. For a list of titles and further information, please see the supporting document.


Author Biography

Martha Cinader is a writer and recording artist. An  author of several published and unpublished books, she  crosses boundaries between music, print, poetry and storytelling.


She is seeking representation or to work directly with editors/publishers.


Currently living in Greenville SC, with her husband and three sons, she blogs about being a virgin homesteader, among other things at cinader.com. Her forthcoming novel, Marvelina, is a fairytale for grown women.

Bibliographic Information
  • English
  • Paperback
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Unpublished