• Fiction
      September 2018

      The Last Hit

      by John Morritt

      John Stone, former army sniper, mercenary turned hitman, is sick of killing. When contracted by a shadowy government figure to take down an ex-member of parliament, testifying in an arms scandal that would embarrass the government, Stone decides it would be his last assignment. However, notorious North London gangster, Alex Brant, makes him an offer too good to refuse. What he believes will be one last run-of-the-mill job, turns out to be anything but. Stone’s life becomes more complicated, after a chance meeting with investigative journalist, Andrew Ferguson, results in several attempts being made on his life. With the help of MI5 agent, Nikki Miles, and Alex Brant’s second in command, Kristina Kovac, Stone tries to work out who wants him dead and why. As he digs deeper, he realises his last two assignments are closely linked and why he is seen as a loose end. Stone struggles to understand who can be trusted and has to use all his skills to stay alive.

    • Thriller / suspense
      February 2015

      What Lies in the Dark

      by Thompson, CM

      One murder can make a town nervous. Two brings fear. Add three, four and even more, and watch neighbour turn on suspicious neighbour. Victoria Bullrush – or Bullface, as she is called by fellow police officers – is a stickler for rules. As she tries to maintain a faultless investigation, she can't ignore the public's growing anger.

    • Fiction
      August 2015

      The Cape of Killing

      by Rainer Doh

      Freezing cold temperatures and a rising blizzard: there is no way for the criminal investigation of Tromsø to get to Skjervøy, the next stop of the cruise ship MS Midnatsol which belongs to the Norway Express Route, the Hurtigruten. Around hundred passengers are aboard and one of them has perished. Although everything indicates a suicide, the exact circumstances need to be further examined. Arne Jakobson, an ordinary officer from the small town Skjervøy, takes on the investigations. Soon another passenger is fighting for his life. Now Arne Jakobson cannot assume any longer that those two incidents have been accidents. What he does not know, is that the American Secret Service and the Russian Secret Service are interested in what is happening aboard. Despite the snow storm, even the officials of the German Federal Criminal Office make their way to the Norwegian-Russian border, to get to the northern turning point of the Hurtigruten, Kirkenes, for the great showdown...

    • Fiction
      March 2016

      A Coin for the Hangman

      by Ralph Spurrier

      Booksellers never know what they might find in an estate sale. When our man finds the tools of England’s last hangman, along with the diary of a man he executed, he knows he has a mystery to solve. Was there a miscarriage of justice? Did the wrong man die at the noose? And just who is telling the truth? A mystery that has readers guessing to the very last page.

    • Fiction
      January 2018

      Three Little Maids

      by Neal James

      When vengeance calls, death is its shadow Billy Robertson is out for revenge and the target in his sights is Dennis Marks.Holding the DCI responsible for the death of his younger brother, Jack, Robertson seizes on the opportunity given to him by Harold Shaw - another violent criminal falling foul of the skill of one of the Met's finest detectives - from the confines of his cell at HMP Wandsworth.After his run-in with the IPCC, Marks is plunged into a murder case involving the death of a teacher at Lainsford Grammar School in Edmonton. Without the services of Home Office pathologist, George Groves, and with the prospect of his own team breaking up, Marks' abilities are tested to the limit as he follows a trail of false leads, lies and a wall of silence.

    • Literary Fiction
      May 2017

      Rueful Revenge

      by C T Karlsson

      When two people accidentally bump into each other, a whole loadof memories come flooding back. Memories that have been carefully hidden away in the depths of one's mind and will now impact everyone's life significantly. A father of two is reported missing to the Falkenberg police, an investigation is initiated and to start with it everything is pointing towards him disappearing voluntarily, i.e. that he has left his wife and child of his own free will. Early one Sunday morning, in what looks like an accident, a deceased man is found by the foot of the lighthouse at Morups Tånge. In a sailing boat in the harbour, the owner of Glommen Marina discover something awful and all of a sudden, ChiefInspector Kajsa Rudolfsson and her colleagues have two tragicdeaths to investigate.Chief Constable Raúl Morales soon he has his hands full andCrown Prosecutor Ylva Isaksson is once again an integral part ofhis daily life. For better or for worse. The staff are also aware thatthe whole police organisation is being restructured, so theatmosphere at the office is somewhat apprehensive. Morales hasquite a few decisions to make about the future and none of themis easy. Rueful revenge is the second part of CT Karlsson's crime trilogycalled Falkenberg murders.

    • Fiction

      Obscure Obsession

      by C T Karlsson

      What initially looks like a domestic accident is soon classed as murder. Further deaths are to follow and the police direct their attention towards the famous crime author, Arne Dahlqvist. Crown Prosecutor Ylva Isaksson, who also happens to be former Chief Constable Raúl Morales' significant other, is one of the eight members in the test audience pre-read group and she is starting to notice certain connections, scary connections. Could she be in danger too? As the investigation proceeds, Chief Inspector Kajsa Rudolfsson and her colleagues are struggling with a new manager, who seems to his own personal agenda. The tensions in the team lead to a period of storm and stress and with all the work on top of this, the Serious Crimes Unit in Halland County is certainly kept busy. But might there light at the end of the tunnel? Obscure Obsession is the third part of CT Karlsson's crime series called Falkenberg murders.

    • Crime & mystery
      August 2014

      Mac the Knife

      Keep Your Enemies Dead

      by L D Callow

      The lone survivor of the vicious slaughtering of his family, 10 year old Scott Radon must learn to navigate a world far from the life he once led. When an act of kindness unwittingly plunges him into a ruthless criminal underworld, young Scott embarks on an emotional journey that tests his morality and resolve as he fights to avenge the life so violently seized from him. A gritty, fast paced, crime thriller, where to survive, death becomes his only weapon. "A well written and emotional roller-coaster of a novel, once I started I couldn't put it down. A must read for 2014. 5 Stars!" The Crime Book Club

    • Biography & True Stories
      May 2011

      The Sex Slave Murders

      The True Story of Serial Killers Gerald & Charlene Gallego

      by R. Barri Flowers

      The Sex Slave Murders is an international bestselling true crime book. A marriage made in hell... Barely five feet tall, sweet and innocent looking, Charlene Gallego used all of her charms to beguile pretty teenage girls and young women into the back of a van, where her lethal husband, Gerald, lay waiting. A killer couple bound together by secrets, lies, and sex slave fantasies... Married multiple times and still in his early thirties, Gerald Gallego found the perfect companion in Charlene. Over a grisly period of twenty-six months, their bloody and brutal rampage of kidnapping, rape, and murder spanned three states and claimed eleven lives. In this much more frightening than fiction tale of domination, depraved lust, substance abuse, violence, and murder, award winning, bestselling criminologist R. Barri Flowers tells the whole story of a couple's twisted relationship, their ghastly crimes and ability to elude the law, how they were finally captured, and the two riveting trials that ultimately pitted wife against husband with the stakes higher than either once imagined in their murderous bond. "Selected as one of Suspense Magazine's Best of 2011 books." -- John Raab, CEO/Publisher, Suspense Magazine "A gripping account of the murders committed by husband-and-wife serial killers Gerald and Charlene Gallego. Top true crime author and criminologist R. Barri Flowers provides his keen insight and expertise into what made these killing partners tick. Flowers knows his stuff. Compelling reading." -- Gary C. King, author of Blood Lust

    • Fiction
      April 2013

      Doyle's Casebook

      by Ann Brady

      A short story book about some of the cases of ex-cop Tommy Doyle now acting as a Private Investigator.

    • Thriller / suspense

      Ac Yna Clywodd Sòwn Y Mòor


      by Alun Jones

    • Databases
      October 2009

      Data Modeling Made Simple

      A Practical Guide for Business and It Professionals

      by Steve Hoberman

      Hear the author, Steve Hoberman, talk about his book. Data Modeling Made Simple will provide the business or IT professional with a practical working knowledge of data modeling concepts and best practices. This book is written in a conversational style that encourages you to read it from start to finish and master these ten objectives: Know when a data model is needed and which type of data model is most effective for each situation Read a data model of any size and complexity with the same confidence as reading a book Build a fully normalized relational data model, as well as an easily navigatable dimensional model Apply techniques to turn a logical data model into an efficient physical design Leverage several templates to make requirements gathering more efficient and accurate Explain all ten categories of the Data Model Scorecard Learn strategies to improve your working relationships with others Appreciate the impact unstructured data has, and will have, on our data modeling deliverables Learn basic UML concepts Put data modeling in context with XML, metadata, and agile development

    • Classic crime

      Hen Blant Bach

      by Gwen Parrott

      Erful is a strange and lonely character, and his only happy memories are those of his school days. When a former pupil is murdered, Erful feels that he has a duty to solve the case. In doing so, he has to venture from his familiar world, and grapple with issues from his own past if he wishes to survive.

    • Classic crime
      January 2012

      Casebook of Inspector Armstrong

      by Martin Daley

      Cornelius Armstrong is a Detective Inspector in Edwardian Carlisle. In this, the first volume of his Casebook, Armstrong investigates the brutal murder of a young Italian immigrant on the corner of West Walls and Dead Tait's Lane in November 1903. In doing so, Cornelius uncovers a far wider web of underworld crime. In the second adventure, a seemingly innocent gathering at a Christmas party inadvertently leads Armstrong into a mystery dating back six hundred years to the death of Edward I on Burgh Marsh.

    • Classic crime


      by Llion Iwan

    • Classic crime


      by Llion Iwan

    • Classic crime

      Lili Dan Yr Eira

      by Meinir Pierce Jones

      A novel about an old house, full of secrets and mysteries. A gripping story located in a farming community on Anglesey and dealing with agricultural and social issues. First published October 2007.

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      Cleddyf Llym Daufiniog

      by Elgan Philip Davies

    • Classic crime

      No Lying Quiet

      by Hugh Allison

      Scot/ Canada Historical Novel

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