• Health & Personal Development

      Take Care of Breasts

      by Ge Xiaoyan

      This book introduces basic knowledge on breast health, breast culture throughout history, people’s misunderstandings, physiological structure and breast transformation, as well as how to select brassieres. It also shares some basic methods on protectin

    • June 2014

      Categorization and L2 Vocabulary Learning

      A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective

      by Xiaoyan Xia

      The book addresses the role of the L1 (first language)-based concept categorization in L2 (second language) vocabulary learning from a cognitive linguistic perspective. The author hypothesizes that the patterns of one’s L1-based concept categorization wil

    • June 2012

      Importance Measures in Reliability, Risk, and Optimization

      Principles and Applications

      by Way Kuo, Xiaoyan Zhu

      This unique treatment systematically interprets a spectrum of importance measures to provide a comprehensive overview of their applications in the areas of reliability, network, risk, mathematical programming, and optimization. Investigating the precis

    • November 2011

      Meridiane des Lebens

      Wie Akupunktur heilt

      by Zhang, Luisa Xiaoyan

    • November 2016

      Rhinoplasty: A Selected Videa Atlas

      by TAN Xiaoyan

      Fourteen specialists from China’s public and private hospitals give their own simultaneous live surgery demonstrations which last for fifteen hours. Each case is followed by expert’s comments, like they are talking with you in front, thus makes this book

    • August 2019

      Rhinoplasty: A Selected Videa Atlas (2nd volume)

      by TAN Xiaoyan

      The second volume brings together over 60 famous nose plastic experts, professors and scholars’ classic surgeries, clinical experience, remarks and explanations. 32 surgical videos are also included. It fully demonstrate the precision of the current five

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