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How Work Gets Done

Artie Mahal

Technics Publications

Hear the author, Artie Mahal, talk about his book. Rediscover how your organization works and where it can be improved by using s etc...

Corporate Skills

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

V&S Publishers

In this book an attempt has been made to present the famed tales of Vikram and Vetala with focus on their underlying wisdom and e etc...

Life after Boris

James Mendelssohn

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

An enchanting, quick-to-read fable that every current or future partner in a mid-sized professional services firm concerned about etc...

The Confident Manager

Kate Atkin

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

The Confident Manager offers valuable lessons to young and aspiring managers as well as sage advice to those already experienced etc...

Principled Headship

Terry Mahony

Principled Headship provides headteachers and those who want to be headteachers specific and useable skills in success leadership etc...

In for a Penny

Peter Hargreaves

Harriman House

Plain speaking has never held Peter Hargreaves back. In this candid and outspoken book, the multi-millionaire founder of investme etc...

Managing Through Turbulent Times

Anthony Holmes

Harriman House

"What shall we do as managers operating in unstable times when the reassurance we desire is absent and the uncertainty of to etc...

Sex, Leadership and Rock 'N' Roll

Peter Cook

At last, a book that cuts through the jargon of leadership and personal development. Sex, Leadership and Rock’n’Roll will inspire etc...

Me, Myself, My Team

Angus McLeod

Me, Myself, My Team brings you effective strategies to improve your team’s communication and motivation, discover new perceptions etc...

Change Management Excellence

Martin Roberts

This book is about achieving excellent Change Management using a variety of techniques and contains many new concepts and applica etc...

The Official High-flier's Handbook

Philip Jenks

Harriman House

Forget all the expensive MBA handbooks, bin your application forms to INSEAD, Harvard and LBS, and read this cult guide instead.F etc...

Two Speed World

Gerald Ashley

Harriman House

We live in a bewildering world of change, which splits naturally into steady progress punctuated by sudden disruptions - the two etc...

More Magic of Metaphor

Nick. Owen

In business, if your team were to share the same vision, direction, and values that you do, how much easier would it be to drive etc...

Is Your Boss Mad?

Jill Walker

This is a book written with a passion born of experience. The author sincerely wishes to empower employees who can be, despite th etc...

The Five-Minute Coach

Lynne Cooper

The Five-Minute Coach offers a simple, step by step guide to how to coach – quickly and effortlessly – to get amazingly better re etc...
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