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How Work Gets Done

Artie Mahal

Technics Publications

Hear the author, Artie Mahal, talk abo etc...

Corporate Skills

Prof. Shrikant Prasoon

V&S Publishers

In this book an attempt has been made etc...

Life after Boris

James Mendelssohn

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

An enchanting, quick-to-read fable tha etc...

The Confident Manager

Kate Atkin

Sue Richardson Associates Ltd (SRA Books)

The Confident Manager offers valuable etc...

Analysis of Turbulent Flows

Tuncer Cebeci

Elsevier Rights

Modelling and Computation of Turbulent etc...

Strategic Security Management

Karim Vellani

Elsevier Rights

Strategic Security Management supports etc...

The E-commerce Book

Steffano. Korper

Elsevier Rights

New in the Second Edition Contains ove etc...

Persian Grammar

Bennet Lientz

Elsevier Rights

Methods of improving business processe etc...

Business Modeling

David M. Bridgeland

Elsevier Rights

As business modeling becomes mainstrea etc...

Handbook of Organizational Creativity

Michael D. Mumford

Elsevier Rights

Handbook of Organizational Creativity etc...

Intangible Management

Ken Standfield

Elsevier Rights

For the recorded history of management etc...

Dynamic E-business Implementation Management

Bennet Lientz

Elsevier Rights

Implementing e-business requires a dyn etc...

Mental Health Outcome Evaluation.

David C. Speer

Elsevier Rights

Mental Health Outcome Evaluation bridg etc...

Effective Security Management

Charles A. Sennewald

Elsevier Rights

Effective Security Management, Fifth E etc...

Risk Analysis and the Security Survey

James F. Broder

Elsevier Rights

As there is a need for careful analysi etc...
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