• Health & Personal Development
      April 2019

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing

      How to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property

      by Paul Glossop

      A Surfer's Guide to Property Investing is about how to achieve your financial goals and lead your best life through investing in property. <a title="Paul Glossop" href="https://majorstreet.com.au/blogs/meet-our-authors/paul-glosso

    • Health & Personal Development
      August 2019

      20 Must Ask Questions for Every Property Investor

      by Margaret Lomas

      Margaret Lomas is one of Australia’s most recognised and respected property expe

    • Business, Economics & Law
      July 2018

      Power Property Investing for Women

      by Bindar Dosanjh

      Women – your financial future is in your hands – you can create it. Power Property Investing for Women is for any woman who wants to control their financial future. There is a property investing strategy for everyone regardless of financial or personal c

    • Business, Economics & Law
      June 2015

      Rent to Rent

      by Jacquie Edwards

    • Business, Economics & Law
      December 2008

      The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success

      by Angela Bryant

      In The Complete Guide to Property Investing Success, you will learn all you need to succeed in property, with a focus on buy-to-let. Angela shares her secrets throughout this refreshingly personal account of how to build a £10 million property portfolio.

    • August 2011

      Investing in the Right Property Now

      The book that smashes the cash flow vs growth myth and helps you buy property today

      by Margaret Lomas

      Investing in today's property market is different from investing pre-GFC. Old strategies are simply not working. So property expert Margaret Lomas set about comprehensively re-considering the economy, property and the future for the Australian market.

    • November 2011

      Smart Borrower's Handbook

      An Essential Guide for Property, Sharemarket and Superannuation Investors

      by Stuart Wemyss

      Interest on borrowings is the single largest lifetime expense for investors. The amount of borrowings investors carry affects their net worth and their cash flow and can make or break their retirement goals. Getting their borrowing right and structurin

    • May 2012

      Simple and Successful Property Management

      by Leah Calnan

      Residential property investors spend hours researching hotspots, visiting properties, selecting loans and negotiating the sales price. Expert property manager, Leah Calnan knows that this is only the beginning. To really maximise your returns from inves

    • August 2013

      A Property Investor's Guide to Negotiating

      Turn a losing position into a winning one - every time.

      by John Potter

      In A Property Investor's Guide to Negotiating, you will discover 10 key lessons to learn to become a successful negotiator. John Potter has had a stellar career in real estate and property development and he puts his success down to his skills

    • March 2013

      How to Achieve Property Success

      by Margaret Lomas

      Margaret Lomas has been working with property investors for more than 20 years and has written several popular books encompassing all she has both learned and taught. In How to Achieve Property Success, Margaret takes the very best from her three first

    • January 2016

      The Armchair Gde to Property Investing

      How to Retire on $2,000 a Week

      by Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway

      You may be surprised to learn that according to property experts Ben Kingsley and Bryce Holdaway, you don’t need to accumulate a 10+ property portfolio to create a $2,000 passive income in your retirement. And you’ll only need to spend approximately 10 ho

    • October 2016

      The Property Investor's Buyer's Guide

      by Peter Mastroianni

      There is a time to buy and hold property for long-term results, and there are times when opportunities to fast-track your returns will present themselves. Readers of this fascinating book by property expert Peter Mastroianni will learn how to recognise

    • November 2016

      Creating Property Wealth in any Market

      How to Build a High Performance Property Portfolio

      by Philippe Brach

      Philippe Brach always says, “Never take advice about property from someone who does not own property”. An avid and successful investor himself and CEO of Multifocus, Philippe shares his proven strategies for success when profiting from property in this

    • January 2018

      Let's Get Real

      Discover the Reasons most Australian Property Investors Fail to get the Results they Desire

      by Luke Harris and Matthew Bateman

      Let’s Get Real is a call to action to all Australians who want to take control of their destiny and fulfil their life goals. The authors believe that most property investors don’t succeed because they approach investing in the wrong way – it’s not abou

    • March 2009

      The CompleteLandlord.com Ultimate Property Management Handbook

      by William A. Lederer

      This book covers the entire cycle of becoming a successful real estate property manager. Written in an accessible format , this book provides valuable information for investors who are now landlords and property managers. This book is not about the day-to

    • August 2009

      The All-New Real Estate Foreclosure, Short-Selling, Underwater, Property Auction, Positive Cash Flow Book

      Your Ultimate Guide to Making Money in a Crashing Market

      by Chantal Howell Carey, Bill Carey

      Praise for How to Sell Your Home Without a Broker "On a scale of 1 to 10, this book is a 10." —Robert Bruss Jump into the real estate game—and win big! Home values are crashing and foreclosures are way up

    • December 2009

      Investing in Rent-to-Own Property

      A Complete Guide for Canadian Real Estate Investors

      by Mark Loeffler

      Investing in Rent-to-Own Property is the distillation of years of investment experience in real estate. It is a both strategy and a system, which provides stable, proven returns for the investor. On the flip side of the coin, the homebuyer is provi

    • April 2009

      Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

      by Michael C. Thomsett

      A Must-read guide to real estate investing during turbulent times Given the current state of the economy, you might be asking yourself if right now is the right time to be investing in real estate. With the third edition of Getting Started in

    • October 2012

      Your Property Success with Renovation

      by Jane Slack-Smith

      The ultimate guide to investing in property...and making a million! Everyone's looking to get rich, and a lot of those people are looking at investing in property as the way to get there. But watch out—making money in real estate isn't always as

    • October 2013

      Property vs Shares

      Discover Your Knockout Investment Strategy

      by Peter Koulizos, Zac Zacharia

      A comparison of property versus shares and how to find the right mix for a profitable portfolio Almost every investor eventually considers the question: which is the better investment, property or shares? The answer isn't as simple as one or the

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