• Fiction

      Miss U reminisces about her so-called relationship history

      by Eeva Turunen

      Episodic debut full of gentle, neurotic humour. Miss U’s relationships are colourful: there is the boy who refuses to eat anything red; the boy who names his bands after mystical

    • Fiction


      by Pirkko Saisio

      Confessions on love, writing and performing.Hesitations is a charming collection with a sharp psychological eye and a wise view of the world. The hilarious,biting stories are woven together by an omniscient narrator,

    • Fiction

      Dolphin Meditation

      by Harry Salmenniemi

      “The certainty of the fact that nobody is fundamentally happy gives me a reason to continue." Dolphin Meditation is a bare-bones blend of madness, politics and guts. We

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