• July 2013

      The Complete Works of Huang Yongyu. Fine Arts

      by Huang Yongyu

      Initiated by the Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House at the end of August, 2010, it is selected as a key national book program of the "12th Five-Year Plan" in 2011. The book, including all the fine arts, literature of Mr.Huang, has 14 volumes, with 8 fine ar

    • 2013

      A Collection of Comic Books of China's Four Great Classical Novels

      by Xie Pengchen Chen Anming et al.

      A Collection of Comic Books of China's Four Great Classical Novels: Journey to the West, Romance of Three Kingdoms, Dreams of Red Mansions, and Wa

    • The Arts
      November 2013

      500 Years of Chinese Oil Painting

      by Zhao Li, Yu Ding

      A monumental documentary work on the history and research achievement of the development of Chinese oil painting from 1542 to 2000, among which there are 8,000 well preserved oil paintings and precious historical pictures. The book, of 5 million chines

    • The Arts
      September 2017

      Introduction To Chinese Art Series

      by Chen Weihe

    • The Arts
      October 1996

      Collected Works of Qi Baishi

      by Lang Shaojun, Guo Tianmin, etc.

      Collected Works of Qi Baishi includes 2206 pieces of paintings and carvings, 1,850 pieces of cutting seals, 296 pieces of handwriting and 0.5 million words of poems and essays. It covers various styles like paintings, books, seals, poems, essays and posts

    • The Arts
      September 2003

      Panoramic of China

      by Multiple authors

      The book is a collection of photographic pictures reflecting China in an allround-way. It consists of 7 parts, including scenic spots and historical sites, gardensand known residences, city sights, industry and agriculture, folk custom and local condition

    • The Arts
      September 2013

      Huang Yongyu's Literary Undertaking

      by Li Hui

      This book has a brief introduction of the author, the author's self-introduction, his words, and remarks from others. It has many sections such as "Theme Variation", "An Old Man Older than Me", "Texts and Pictures—Pure Creativity", "The Endless Sorrow-fre

    • The Arts
      April 2015

      Shen Congwen and Me

      by Huang Yongyu

      The heartfelt recalling of his uncle Shen Congwen as the mentor in his lifetime and the cultivation, encouragement and help for him by the modern artistic master Huang Yongyu.

    • The Arts
      February 1998

      Overseas Famous Chinese Paintings of Various Periods

      by Peng Benren

      More than 2,000 pieces of paintings are selected from over 20,000 overseas Chinese famous paintings of various periods of China, and are involved with more than 180 collection units or individuals in over 20 countries. This book consists of 8 volumes and

    • The Arts
      January 2002

      A History of Arts in New China

      by Zou Yuejin, etc.

      The series books contain A History of Music in New China, A History of Fine Arts in New China, A History of Drama in New China, A History of Films in New China and A History of Dance in New China. From the perspective of history, taking efforts made by ar

    • The Arts
      July 2005

      The Art History of the War of Resistance Against Japan

      by Huang Zongxian

      The fine arts reflecting the War of Resistance Against Japan extended their trails of development in a particular historical period, in which the Chinese fine arts developed in an unprecedented manner. Taking pencils and painters as their weapons, artists

    • The Arts
      May 2014

      The Centennial History of Chinese Art (1900-2000)

      by Yin Hong, Ling Yan, etc.

      This book series contain 5 volumes: The Centennial History of Chinese Cinematography (1900-2000) The Centennial History of Chinese Fine Arts (1900-2000) The Centennial History of Chinese Dancing (1900-2000) The Centennia

    • 2006

      The Complete Works Of Wu Guanzhong

      by Shui Tianzhong, Wang Hua

      Owing to the spirit of exploration and experimentation in artistic practice, Mr. Wu Guanzhong has become an influencing and outstanding artist in the circle of Chinese fine arts. Mr. Wu Guanzhong has been diligent at creation. Excluding those work pieces

    • 2012

      The History of the Fine Arts of Chinese Taoism (Volume 1)

      by Li Song

      The History of the Fine Arts of Chinese Taoism is following the historical order, beginning from the pre-Taoist Warring States period to Qing Dynasty, covers the whole developing period of Taoism. It is based on the exsting real materials combined with th

    • The Arts

      Fine Arts in the Era of Mao Zedong

      by Zou Yuejin

      The book put forward the concept of 'Fine Arts in the Era of Mao Zedong' academically for the first time. Starting from the publication of Mao Zedong's Talks at the Yan'an Forum on Literature and Art in 1942 and ending with the passing away of Mao Zedong,

    • The Arts

      No Smooth Way: The Autobiography of Wu Guanzhong

      by Wu Guanzhong

      The book is the special version of the autobiography by the famous artist Wu Guanzhong in memorial of his fifth anniversary of the death of him.

    • The Arts

      Signs of China

      by Project group of Picture

      Nearly fifty symbols of traditional Chinese culture with strong symbolism, high recognition and extensive influence are selected in this book, whose connotation covers the fields like architecture, collection, dress and personal adornment, military affair

    • The Arts

      China Through the Eyes of an American University President

      by Sidney A. McPhee

      China Through the Eyes of an American University President not only catches natural scenery and traditional culture of China, but also contains true reflections on joy, anger, sorrow and happiness of common Chinese people; the author interprets cultural d

    • 2017

      Twelve Years

      by Huang Yongyu

      Since 2006, Mr. Huang Yongyu has created 14 picture-text works on the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac every year, with cultural anecdotes, historical allusions, legends and his thoughts of social issues as well as his personal life experiences and artistic

    • September 2013

      The Legend of Huang Yongyu (addendum)

      by Li Hui

      This supplement edition has an extra chapter devoted to Mr. Huang Yongyu's 70 years of creation. It is a exquisite four-color edition with over 400 historical pictures and colored photos. It is meant for long-time collection.

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