• Peace studies & conflict resolution
      December 2013

      Getting it Right in Afghanistan

      by Scott Smith, Moeed Yusuf, Colin Cookman

      As the United States and NATO prepare to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan in 2014, the question remains as to what sort of political settlement the Afghanistan government and the Taliban can reach in order to achieve sustainable peace. If all par

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution
      May 2014

      Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Asia

      Through a Peacebuilding Lens

      by Moeed Yusuf

      In Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in South Asia, ten experts native to South Asia consider the nature of intrastate insurgent movements from a peacebuilding perspective. Case studies on India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Sri Lanka lend new insights int

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution
      December 2015

      Afghanistan-Pakistan Relations

      The Prospect of Reviving Taliban Talks

      by Moeed Yusuf

      There are few viable options for resolving Afghanistan’s conflict other than an inclusive peace process between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Momentum toward this goal must be maintained following the “Heart of Asia” Ministerial Conference on De

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution
      June 2015

      Ashraf Ghani's Pakistan Outreach

      Fighting against the Odds

      by Moeed Yusuf, Scott Smith

      Shortly after entering office at the end of 2014, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani embarked on a bold but controversial policy of sustained conciliation toward Pakistan, with the goal of securing greater cooperation in securing a comprehensive peace with the

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution
      August 2009

      Promoting Cross-LoC Trade in Kashmir

      An Analysis of the Joint Chamber

      by Moeed Yusuf

      This report examines the newly formed Federation of Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industry to suggest ways in which this nebulous entity can play an instrumental role in ensuring further expansion of cross–Line of Control (LoC) ties. The Unite

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