• Advice on careers & achieving success

      Why Some People Succeed and Others Fail

      by Samuel A. Malone

      In this inspiring and remarkable book you will discover the principles of success that have directed and motivated many people to make a significant contribution and difference to the world. You will

    • Regional studies

      Local Dublin Global Dublin

      Public Policy in an Evolving City Region

      by David Jacobson

      This timely volume examines the state of public policy formulation in the Dublin city region and the implications for the key public policy processes and regional stakeholders of ongoing and potential

    • Organization & management of education

      Reinventing the University

      by Kathryn Mohrman

      “Business as usual" is no longer a viable way of running a 21st Century university. The impact of globalization, the growing complexity of the university mission

    • Civil engineering, surveying & building

      Practical Stress Analysis With Finite Elements (2nd Edition)


    • Literary studies: general
      February 2012

      Reading More of Roddy Doyle

      by Caramine White

      Reading More of Roddy Doyle provides an in-depth analysis of Roddy Doyle’s work since 1999. Doyle is unique in that he is constantly experimenting with different genres, including: screenplays, biographies, children’s stories, novels, short

    • Humour

      Where Do Daddies Come From?

      A Pregnancy Guide for Men

      by Steve Cummins

      Steve Cummins is the father of two strong, beautiful boys, one of whom came as a bigger shock than George W getting elected to a second term while the other was more planned t

    • Fitness & diet

      How to Get a Flat Stomach in 30 Days

      by Kevin Sheridan

      You will NEVER have to go on a diet again...Are you ready to embark on the most rewarding and exciting challenge of your life? <div style="text-ali

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