• December 2017

      Wake Me Up at 9 AM

      by A Yi

      The title comes from a Borges interview, in which Borges planned to write a short story entitled Wake Me Up At 9 AM but he didn’t write it at last. A Yi borrowed this title. In A Yi’s story, looped in the night of his birthday, Hong Yang as

    • June 2016

      Short Story Collection: The Man Who Lost His Past Love

      by A Yi

      Latest collection of short stories by A Yi written during 2012-2015. Eight profound stories about the reality of people from bottom of the soc

    • June 2016

      Grey Story Collection

      by A Yi

      “Extreme times”: a policeman’s diary recorded an explosion on Valentine’s Day. Two lovers who are fed up with mediocre daily life decided to seek self-destruction by making a bus explosion. They died and several victims and poli

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      November 2014

      A Taste of China

      Western-Style Chinese Cuisine (in Chinese, English and French )

      by Lu Yi, He Jianghong, etc

      This book adopts the raw materials, ingredients and spices commonly used in both Sichuan cuisine and Western food. Besides, it applies the common equipment and utensils in western kitchen as well as the western cooking techniques to exhibit the features o

    • Children's & YA
      October 2017

      A Boy Named Yi

      by Liu Xun

      This is a rare realistic picture book. With super style and the courage of facing reality, the author portrays the city life of the family of a boy named Yi who were from the countryside. The work focuses on the simple but trivial flow of time in one d

    • Children's & YA
      May 2017

      Mother Is A Flower on the Ground

      by Peng Yi

      A fox cub has no mother, he and his grandmother live in a myth of the alpine grassland. One night, he heard a mysterious call and he could not help but set foot on the way to find his mother... Actually his mother was a white fox. Many years ago, she f

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