• Historical fiction

      The Handfasted Wife

      by Carol McGrath

    • Thriller / suspense

      Nobody's baby

      by Penny Kline

    • Adventure
      January 2013

      A Symphony of Echoes

      The Chronicles of St. Mary's series

      by Jodi Taylor

      Book Two in the madcap time-travel series based at the St Mary's Institute of Historical Research that seems to be everyone's cup of tea. In the second book in the Chronicles of St Mary's series, Ma

    • Fiction
      August 2016

      The Paradise Ghetto

      by Fergus O'Connell

      In 1944 two young Dutch women, Julia and Suzanne, are deported to the German concentration camp for so-called privileged Jews at Theresienstadt. As an antidote to their appalling conditions they begin to write a novel. At first their novel is just an e

    • September 2013

      One Last Summer

      by Catrin Collier

    • Adult & contemporary romance
      August 2012


      Cariad Singles

      by Charlotte Stein

      A Cariad Singles romance published by Accent Press. Â

    • Adult & contemporary romance
      August 2012

      One of Us

      Cariad Singles

      by Antonia Adams

      A steamy Dorset affair turns complicated, when successful artist, Natalie Crane, has her most famous painting, a nude self-portrait, stolen.

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)
      February 2016


      by Jeff Gardiner

    • January 2013

      The Mistletoe Mystery

      A Euphemia Martins Mystery

      by Caroline Dunford

      A cosy, but scary Christmas Ghost story set in 1911

    • Children's & young adult fiction & true stories

      Robin St.James and the Secrets of the Chosen

      by E. J. Harvey

    • Health & Personal Development
      May 2011

      Running Free

      Breaking Out from Locked-in Syndrome

      by Kate Allatt/Alison Stokes

      Watch this: http://youtu.be/8Xgh8hh5xHw Can you imagine being trapped inside your own body? Able to see and hear everything going onaround you but unable to move or speak - the blink

    • Romance

      Safe Harbour

      by Cara Cooper

      A British romance by Cara Cooper. Cassandra Waverley is thrilled with her  beautiful harbourside restaurant. She's escaped a stressful job in the  city and a personal meltdown which haunts her still. Just when she is  relish

    • Crime & mystery

      The Death Pictures

      by Simon Hall

      A dying artist creates a series of ten paintings – The Death Pictures – which contain a mysterious riddle, leading the way to a unique and highly valuable prize. Thousands attempt to solve it. But before the answer can be revealed, the

    • Humour

      Teddy Bears of the Rich and Famous

      by Mark Leigh

      A fantastic gift book for all ages which imagines what the teddy bears of the rich and famous would look like. Even the most tyrannical of despots or the most scholarly of geniuses probably had a 'Mister Cuddles' or 'Big Ted' at some point

    • Track & field sports, athletics

      The Flying Pineapple

      by Jaime Baulch

    • Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      Listening In

      A Novel of Therapy and Real Life

      by Kevin Chandler

      Listening In allows the reader to eavesdrop behind the closed door of the therapy room, where private and personal lives are stripped bare. Forty-something Patrick Chime is a talented therapist but terrible husband. When a client demands Patrick's per

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