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Sorbonne Confidential

Laurel Zuckerman

Summertime Publications Inc

After losing her high tech job in Paris, Alice Wunderland dreams of a new, unemployment-proof career as English teacher and decid etc...

The Unprincipled

David Croydon

Hilltop Publishing Ltd

Building a business from start-up to sell-out. When I started, or at least co-founded, a small sales promotion agency called Mark etc...

Ten Camels for My Wife

John Meadows

The Inspira Group

A highly entertaining anecdotal collection of humorous life observations during a trip around the world. Travelling by bus to Kat etc...

The Wit and Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses

Dan Sullivan

Splendid Books Limited

The ‘crème de la menthe’ of the hilarious one-liners from John Sullivan’s Only Fools and Horses have been brought together f etc...

More Wit & Wisdom of Only Fools and Horses

Dan Sullivan

Splendid Books Limited

More hilarious crème de la menthe one-liners from Britain s favourite sitcom Only Fools and Horses. Re-live all the fu etc...

26 Miles to the Moon

Andrew Males

Live It Publishing

10 Hopefuls. 26 Miles. 1 Target: The Moon. Jon Dunn is a nobody, going nowhere in life. But that all changes when he answers a ra etc...

I Blame Morrissey

Jamie Jones

Live It Publishing

You wouldn't let song lyrics rule your life would you? You wouldn't become so infatuated with a pop star that you would u etc...

How to be an Alien in England

Angela Kiss

September Publishing

‘In England everything is typical. If your train is late, it is typical. If there are no seats on the upper deck of a bus, it is etc...

The Dark Side, Real Life Accounts of an NHS Paramedic

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson’s true-to-life, graphic and gripping account of his work as an NHS paramedic in Britain’s A& etc...

Paradise Is Not Heaven

Rick Lane

Charles (Rick) Laffoney-Lane

What do you do when humans destroy their home planet, Atlantis? Creator decided to rejuvenate Atlantis. Paradise is not Heaven fo etc...

A Married Man's Guide To Christmas

Robert Henry


In the great tradition of guy-humor everywhere, here comes humorist Robert Henry’s growling, good-hearted rant about holiday madn etc...

From Astral Sex to Zen Tea Bags


Findhorn Press Ltd.

A handy guide for anyone who wishes to sound pompous, affected and self-obsessed, especially in the alternative, eco-friendly or etc...


Richard Ingrams

Harriman House

Part real-life thriller, part comedy, this is the bizarre story of the long and complex legal battle between Sir James Goldsmith etc...

The Little Book of Loony Laws

Christine Green

Neil Wilson Publishing

A little book that takes a quirky look at the world and finds that, universally, the law is an ass! The Little Book of Loony Laws etc...

A Month of Sundays

John Owens

The Inspira Group

John O’Driscoll is madly in love with Karen Black but is so mesmerised by her beauty that in her presence his brain refuses to fu etc...
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