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    • Food & Drink
      January 2016

      The Supercharged Green Juice & Smoothie Diet

      Over 100 Recipes to Boost Weight Loss, Detoxification and Energy Using Green Vegetables and Super-Supplements

      by Christine Bailey

      Juice books continue to sell in huge numbers - and the juice market is growing year on year Focussing on the cutting-edge area of juicing - green juices - this is the first book to show you how to add additional booster ingredients Written by the nutritionist and bestselling author of The Juice Diet and Supercharged Juice and Smoothie Recipes, Christine Bailey Includes a 2 day superfood juice diet, as well as nutritional information and details of the health benefits of key super foods Green juices and smoothies are the go-to drink of the moment. They are fantastically healthy, packed with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. And they're also much better for you in terms of sugar content and balanced energy levels. Christine Bailey takes green juicing to a whole new level. Supercharged Green Juice & Smoothie Recipes is an amazing collection of feel-good drinks using the latest range of superfoods to nourish and revitalize your body. Packed with nutrient-rich, health-boosting ingredients, each juice or smoothie contains at least one supercharged ingredient. These boosters include superfood powders such as acai berry powder (one of the most concentrated sources of antioxidants) or collagen powder supplement (brilliant for your skin), sea vegetables, seeds, bee products, berries, herbs and tinctures. Use the handy reference section at the back to quickly find recipes that will help you to lose weight, maximize energy levels, boost the immune system, combat ageing and look amazing. There is also a 2-day power-charged Superfood Juice Diet plan to set you on your way to looking fabulous as well as feeling great. Nutritionist and best-selling author Christine Bailey shows you how easy it is to make daily juices and smoothies, and explains the benefits of using green juices and supercharged ingredients for extra weight-loss and health-giving properties.

    • Food & Drink
      September 2016

      Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kids

      Over 100 Quick and Easy Nutrient-Packed Recipes

      by Nicola Graimes

      More than 100 quick and inspirational recipes that kids will love and the whole family will enjoy, with information on key nutrients Includes 'Kids Make' features, with step-by-step photography to help parents get little ones excited about cooking Written by an award-winning vegetarian cookbook author Features in the parenting and vegetarian press Large online media and advertising expected, and events and live demonstrations are planned for the launch To be a healthy vegetarian, it's not enough to just give up meat. Vegetarian children have different dietary requirements to vegetarian adults, so particular attention is needed to ensure they get sufficient amounts of the right nutrients. Unlike other similar titles on the market, Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kidsconcentrates on these nutritional demands to see what it takes to raise healthy, well-nourished vegetarian children. What's more, the book tackles the universal challenge of getting children - vegetarian or not - to enjoy and eat up their veg. Packed with simple, fresh recipes that are nutritious and use vegetables in interesting and inspiring ways, the book is set to lure even the most reticent of eaters. There are ideas for every type of meal including energy-boosting breakfasts; easy snacks; inspiring vegetable side dishes; and the bane of many parents? lives, packed lunches. Each recipe highlights a super-healthy 'Hero Food', giving information on its health benefits, and also included are step-by-step 'Kids Cook' features, with ideas for delicious dishes children can cook themselves, with just a little help from a parent. Full of colourful photography and quick ideas,Vegetarian Food for Healthy Kidswill make dinner times that bit healthier and a lot more exciting.

    • Food & Drink
      February 2017

      The Mountain Cafe Cookbook

      A Kiwi in the Cairngorms

      by Kirsten Gilmour

      Legendary breakfasts to fuel days on the mountain; inventive, zesty salads and indulgent and luxurious cakes – these are all hallmarks of Aviemore's Mountain Cafe. Owner-chef Kirsten Gilmour draws on her Kiwi roots to turn out contemporary dishes with an antipodean love of fresh and bold favours, and in her debut cookbook she shares her secrets and inspirations with you. The Mountain Cafe Cookbook is packed full of Kirsten's irresistible recipes for the best-loved dishes and drinks at her Highland restaurant, alongside others drawn from her grandparents and infuenced by her travels around the world.This is not diffcult, fancy restaurant cooking, but gutsy, fresh, hearty food that will taste just as good from your kitchen as from hers. With vibrant photography by Paul Masson, The Mountain Cafe Cookbook has over 130 recipes including everything from Smoked Fish Chowder, Cider Sage Barbecue Chicken, Sloe Gin & Bramble Salmon Salad and Butternut Chilli & Coconut Fritters to Chocolate & Coconut Brioche, Cardamom Oranges, Badass Brownies and Passionfruit Melting Moments. All delicious and bursting with flavour.

    • Food & Drink
      June 2017

      Brewing Your Own Craft Beer… EASILY

      by Ferdinand Laudage

      “Brew it yourself” Craft beer – everyone’s either talking about it or drinking it. Meanwhile, you can brew it yourself! This brewing guide will show you just how easy it is to brew your first, very own, very quaffable pale ale. The book will guide you step by step through all the preparations and your first brewing day, to the finished beer. You can also be creative – once you’ve mastered the basics of the ingredients and brewing process, you can develop your very own favourite beer, as well as trying out and experimenting with variations on ten further recipes for different beer styles. With checklists, tips and step-by-step instructions – compact, practical and creative.

    • Food & Drink
      May 2022

      Distinguishing and Drinking of Chinese Tea

      by Li Tao

      150 kinds of common teas and rare Souchong, more than 600 primary pictures of dry tea, tea infusion, infused leaf and tea dance. Distinguish the first-class tea and watch tea dance to enjoy its elegance and vulgarity. You can drink the most authentic Chinese Tea only through three steps of selecting, buying and making a tea. With 30 years of experience in tea, the author can teach you how to distinguish tea without being “cheated” and buy cheaper tea and to make a tea at once. With subtle words, selection method and illustration, it is required reading for these who start drinking tea at first and old tea drinkers for more than decade years.

    • Food & Drink
      May 2022

      Tea ceremony: from tea to understand tea

      by wang jianrong

      The distance from tea lover to tea master is just a book. There are more than 600 sharp images in this book, which showing you how to understand the drink, how to buy good quality tea leaf, how to make a nice cup of tea, how to taste the tea, and knowing about every aspect of tea. The book will lead you from tea ceremony, tea art and tea history of green tea, black tea and Pu'er tea to build your bourgeois life.

    • Food & Drink

      Prydau Pum Peth

      Take Five

      by Gareth Richards

      TV chef Gareth Richards from Lampeter conjures a table full of delicious meals, and shares his cookery tips with us. Each dish uses just five ingredients, featuring the very best of Welsh produce. Simplicity is the key - enjoy!

    • Food & Drink

      Real Flavours

      The Handbook of Gourmet and Deli Ingredients

      by Glynn. Christian

    • Food & Drink

      British Food

      An Extraordinary Thousand Years of History

      by Colin Spencer

    • Food & Drink

      From Microliths to Microwaves

      The Evolution of British Agriculture, Food and Cooking

      by Colin Spencer

    • Food & Drink

      The Magic Book of Cookery

      by Danaan Elderhill

      There’s a good chance pagans will love The Magic Book of Cookery but they’re not the only ones in for a culinary treat. Danaan Elderhill has gathered together recipes that, according to the author, were created by a Bohemian witch convent in the 17th century. The original book, along with the convent, disappeared, but that doesn’t stop Elderhill from improvising. Dozens of interesting recipes along with their corresponding rituals are offered. All are aimed at achieving a particular goal, whether it’s love, good health, financial success or peace. There are also plenty of the author’s own watercolor illustrations which add a perfect dash of whimsy. Each of the dishes is steeped in ritual. To improve love relationships, for example, the book directs readers to cook rainbow trout with rosewater extract and mint leaf cream sauce. While stirring the sauce, cooks are further instructed to: “Visualize two swans flying together in the open blue sky and say over and over ‘I call upon the forces of love to infuse their power…’” No part of the romance-enhancing dinner experience is ignored. There are also special instructions on how to set the table, blessings to say before and after the meal and amulets to keep handy. On a more practical level, the ingredients for meals are easily available in most food stores. There’s neither eye of newt nor lizard’s leg in any of the recipes. Instead, envision quail, salmon, meatballs, honey, olive oil and rosemary, among other luscious ingredients. The author always suggests using fresh foods when possible, which any gourmet will appreciate, along with the adherence to the slow food movement, one which discourages preparing meals in a hurried, unconscious way. The Magic Book of Cookery not only convinces readers that food is scrumptious and powerful, but its otherworldly abundance of mystical incantations and pagan rituals, as well its ethereal design, add an extra dash of interest to this unique concoction.

    • Food & Drink

      The New Manual In Patisserie And Confectionery

      by Ildo Nicolello, Maureen Nicolello

      The manual is specifically written for trainees to professional chefs and bakers, providing recipes and methods clearly written to help develop an understanding of basic and original new and old ideas. To be used in practical situation, kitchen, bakery, laboratories or at home. Yet to find another book with similar and concise information. Other books related to our subjects, are mainly printed with highly glossy photographs as the main objective, rather than practical recipes and methods accompanied with relevant theory and descriptive techniques. Please note: The new and updated edition is at present being proof read. Available; January 2013.

    • Food & Drink

      The New Manual In The Art Of Sugar Boiling

      by Ildo Nicolello, Maureen Nicolello

      The manual is specifically designed for trainees to professional chefs and confectioners, providing recipes and methods clearly written to help develop a understanding of basic and advanced original new and old ideas. To be used in practical situation, kitchen, bakeries, in laboratories or at home. Yet to find another book with similar concise information. Other books slightly related to sugar boiling work, are available, mainly from continental publishers, using very glossy formats, expensive and based for professional confectioners in mind.

    • Food & Drink

      The New Manual In Chocolate Confectionery

      by Ildo Nicolello, Maureen Nicolello

      This manual is designed for trainees and professional chefs, bakers and confectioners or for anyone with the interest in chocolate particularly including the house person. The text provides accurate recipes and methods for all requirements and the reader will find adequate information to assist and stimulate fuller understanding of their work in chocolate. Introducing a comprehensive understanding of the art in chocolate work, in its preparation and handling, including all related legislations, origin of chocolate, cocoa plantations, composition, health and nutrition hygiene, packaging & labelling, work, preparation, completion and presentation, of a product suitable for all occasions, including for the interest in staring your own business or working from home. Books in chocolate are very common, the competition is strong, but, as we are well recognised over the British Isles, we have no problems, as such, except for the cost as there any many cheap books available.

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