• Self-help & personal development

      Keeping the Faith

      Daily Reflections to Build Strength, Serenity, and Passion in Your Life and the Lives of Others

      by John W. Pozzi

      THE TRUE FAITH THAT MUST BE FOUND AND KEPT IS THE FAITH IN ONESELF. Each day you give a part of yourself whether it is at work, at home, or in your daily interaction with others. How do you give of yourself? Do you hold back or go at life half-heartedly? You need to give of yourself with heart, mind, and soul all the time. You never know what interaction with a person will make a difference in their life — or yours. If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t have the confidence to grow each day, then you are missing out on what life has to offer you. This simple book will inspire you to help others. Or, at the very least, you will make another person’s day — and, therefore, your day — better.

    • Coping with stress
      June 2011

      Stress @ Home

      by Seema Gupta

      Women are naturally and have an inborn capacity to play many dynamic roles in their lives, such as that of a daughter, a wife, a mother and so on. In all these roles, she sacrifices her own aspirations and desires to make others happy. This brings stress and suffocation in her life. The author portrays 40 such situations in a housewif's life telling her how to deal with them all by herself. Certain simple aerobic exercises, morning and evening walks, meditation, listening to good music and reading a book could be some of the stress busters to bring smile on her face. The book includes tables and charts to measure ones stress levels

    • Coping with eating disorders
      September 2010

      101 Tips For Recovering From Eating Disorders

      A Pocket Book of Wisdom

      by Amy Barth (Author),Annette Colby (Foreword)

      If you're recovering from an Eating Disorder (E.D.) it's important to take one day at a time. Let 101 Tips for Recovering from Eating Disorders be your companion in healing and you'll be reminded of the strength and wisdom that's already inside you. This book will help you celebrate the good days and develop solid coping strategies for the bad times. Most importantly, this book will remind that you're not alone and recovery is possible.Acclaim for 101 Tips for Recovering from Eating Disorders: A Pocket Book of Wisdom "If you struggle with food or body image, 101 Tips for Recovering from Eating Disorders needs to be on your coffee table or nightstand. Amy Barth's bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and inspiration will help to pick you up on rough days, give you much-needed hope everyday, and keep you moving along the journey to freedom."--Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from Her Eating Disorder "101 Tips for Recovering from Eating Disorders is a heartfelt and helpful tool for anybody who is trying to recover from an eating disorder. It is one of those books you can take with you as your companion knowing that when times are tough, you can draw strength from reading its tips."--Irene Celcer, MA, LCSW"Amy Barth graciously shares her own heart-filled knowledge and insider secrets to creating a rich and satisfying life. Barth's words, culled from years of experience, make this book not only indispensible, but also a roadmap to success. "--Dr. Annette Colby, author of Body Redesign: Goal Setting Secrets for a Thinner, Happier You About the authorAmy Barth is a thriver possessing a passion for girls and women who need to be set free in their mind and their hearts. Her background is in social work and she founded Safe Girls Strong Girls in 2005--an organization committed to breaking the silence of childhood sexual abuse and giving girls their voices back. Camp CADI is the only camp of its kind where girls can heal and just be girls again. She is the author of several books including Annabelle's Secret and 101 Tips For Survivors of Sexual Abuse: A Pocket Book of Wisdom . For more information, visit www.AmyJBarth.comFrom Loving Healing Press, www.LovingHealing.com Self-Help : Eating Disorders - General

    • Business, Economics & Law
      May 2015

      Dance Your Way to the Top!

      Feminine Leadership without burning out

      by Susie Heath

      It’s an unfortunate fact that those who want to change the world so desperately are often those who burn out first. Now is the time for a massive paradigm shift. Let go of the addiction to old behaviours; Tap into your inherent potency as a woman; Learn to ‘dance’ with adversity, resilience, endurance, confidence, vitality, creativity and passion; Facilitate change that will leave a legacy.

    • Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure
      January 2016

      Farewell Jet Lag

      Cures from a Flight Attendant

      by Christopher Babayode

      At a time when globalization and technology make the world smaller; when it really matters, nothing beats being there yourself. In business and in pleasure presence is where it's at but you can't fly halfway around the world and be fully present if you're jet-lagged. Solving the challenges of jet lag requires mastering healthy flying as a discipline. It is a discipline every flyer with purpose should be conversant with. That journey starts here. Master Productivity No Matter How Much You Travel; Build Vitality and Resilience on the Road; Beat Any Jet Lag Symptom You Have Every Time. Jet lag is not just about how you travel, it's about how you arrive.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      January 2018

      Focus in the Age of Distraction

      35 tips to focus more and work less

      by Jane Piper

      The world of work has changed but our ways of working haven’t kept pace. We are now working even harder, longer and at a faster pace than ever before. Longer hours and harder work aren’t going to give us the career and life that we want. Today’s work where you’re selling your brain power and creativity, then your focus, attention, mindset and engagement are what will make the difference. 35 practical and pragmatic tips based on latest research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and common sense, will help you be more focused, creative and productive. Be more focused while at work, get more done, learn to switch off, get on and enjoy your life.

    • Health & Personal Development
      January 2017

      Getting Out Of A Rut

      by Carla Watson, Shelley La Mancusa

      Carla and Shelley met when they won a community based competition to get healthy inside and out. Coming from two completely different walks of life they soon became great friends as it turned out they had the same thing in common as so many others: they were stuck in a rut. They have come together to share their experiences and write this book. It is a personal and honest insight into their lives and the struggles that led to them hitting rock bottom and having to make the necessary changes to their lifestyles. Juggling life, work and motherhood this book highlights challenges that face us all in day to day life and demonstrates that no matter what life is throwing at you there is always a way out. Getting out of a rut shows you that, whatever your circumstances, you are not alone and it will inspire you to take action and believe that you can do it!

    • Health & Personal Development
      January 2018


      One Life. Three Principles. Infinite Potential.

      by David Key

      An ancient wisdom meets the modern world Joyride reveals the illusory nature of pressure, worry and stress of all kinds. The revelation that these are not brought upon us by circumstances “outside of us” but created from the inside out is the start of a transformational journey of self- discovery that will allow you to “show up better,” be more productive, more resilient and stress free. There are Three Principles creating our experience. An understanding of the way they work offers you a spiritual “rudder,” helping you to leave behind self-generated limiting beliefs, achieve more peace of mind and ultimate freedom. The journey takes the form of an imaginary road trip from Miami down to Key West. At each stage of the journey there are anecdotes and stories acting as metaphors for the way in which we enslave ourselves with our own thinking, and pointing to a new way of being that is free from care, focused and happy.

    • Health & Personal Development
      September 2018

      The Love-Response Helper

      by Wayne Lindsey

      A lot of people struggle with deeply ingrained beliefs that they are somehow not good enough or not deserving of love or happiness. The Love-Response Helper shows and explains a framework for initiating and maintaining good parenting, making significant changes to a person’s life by giving a precise and complete guide of how to: • Turn off anger and turn on compassion • Turn off fear and turn on happiness • Take responsibility for seeing oneself as a valuable person • Look towards forming kind and loving relationships • Gain a wise mind by practicing formal and informal mindfulness Readers of this book will no doubt realize that we are all children of the universe who deserve the happiness we crave.

    • Health & Personal Development
      March 2018

      Meditation for Life

      How mind training improves relationships, career, health and happiness

      by Justyn Comer

      Career, relationships, health, happiness, sport, creativity – you name it – they can all be enhanced by the practice of meditation. It has the power to improve every aspect of our lives. Although there has recently been a lot of coverage of meditation, most people still see it narrowly as being a relaxation technique, or a spiritual exercise. It can be both these things, but it is also so much more. This book is an attempt to explain the ‘more’.

    • Health & Personal Development
      June 2018

      One Body One Life

      Don't Screw It Up!

      by Andrew C E Green

      Are you always stressed, constantly busy, prioritising others over yourself, and realising that time is slipping by and your health is now not what it was? Do you recognise what is “good” and what is “bad” for your health? Do you keep procrastinating on making the healthy changes you know will benefit you and your loved ones? Is stress making you sick and shortening your life? The Solution: Assess where you are now, and then follow a series of easily sustainable changes that you can stick to, get the balance right, and reclaim your health. You only have One Body and One Life! Don’t Screw it Up!

    • Health & Personal Development
      January 2016

      Opposition in Pilates and Yoga

      Newton's Third Law meets Mindfulness

      by Marie-Claire Prettyman

      Opposition in Pilates and Yoga has been designed to de-mystify the techniques of Pilates and Yoga by blending Newton's Third Law and Mindfulness. By understanding how these two concepts work together in movement, anyone can feel the benefit of these practices. Developed from 15 years of working with people in both disciplines and appreciating that we are not all the same, the concept of opposition is the simplest way to help you feel your body in the way that you are supposed to - not the way anybody else does! In this way you get maximum benefits in the shortest time. Through educating, understanding, rehabilitating and communicating Marie-Claire aims to have everyone getting the most out of their Pilates and Yoga classes.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      January 2017

      Time Mastery

      Banish Time Management Forever

      by John McLachlan, Karen Meager

      Move Beyond Time Management Become a Time Master Have you tried the latest time management techniques and still feel overwhelmed? Are you fed up with having to 'think' about prioritising, decision making and squeezing things in? Do you wish life would just flow better? Then this is the book for you. This book will allow you to master your own time and not be controlled by other people's priorities. Understand how your own preferences, style and interests impact how you use your time and be able to: - Incorporate simple changes in your day to day activities that give you back control. - Learn how other people see time and how you can use that to help them become more efficient and effective. - Make the most of your time for the things that are important to you. Whether you want to get more done at work, delegate better, manage the priorities at home or just spend more time doing things that bring you joy, Karen and John will help you develop an approach to time that is efficient and fits with your unique personality.

    • Health & Personal Development
      October 2018

      Transformation Lessons

      38 Insights to Manifest Your Best Life

      by ATL Europe

      Get Inspired to Transform Your Life By Top European Transformational Leaders. 38 transformational leaders share stories of their own personal transformational experiences with the reader. They offer these stories, lessons, insights, tools, and techniques to the reader to support the reader in their own life, and maybe even in their own personal transformation too.

    • Coping with stress

      Instant Relaxation

      How to Reduce Stress at Work, at Home and in Your Daily Life

      by Debra Lederer & L Michael Hall

      This is the last word in quick effective NLP and yoga techniques to reduce stress at work and at home. The book offers a seven-day programme enabling readers to access their own relaxed core state. Unlimited web support is also provided. “ A masterpiece of its kind.” The Hypnotherapist.

    • Popular psychology

      Peace of Mind Is a Piece of Cake

      by Michael. Mallows

      The ultimate guide to help people cope with the stresses of modern-day life, Peace Of Mind Is A Piece Of Cake contains relaxation techniques and exercises for immediate and lasting relief. The authors provide clear suggestions for how everyone can best respond to stress in their everyday life.

    • Popular psychology

      Still - In the Storm

      How to Manage Your Stress and Achieve Balance in Life

      by Ann Williamson

      This guide presents a useable and accessible programme of exercises that offer long-term stress solutions. It identifies and explains the most empowering, enjoyable and effective stress-relieving techniques, including: hypnosis, cognitive strategy visualisation, time management, relaxation exercises and positive mental rehearsal. Accessibility is the aim of the book, matching a clear layout with amusing cartoons and friendly tone.

    • Sagas


      by Leigh K Cunningham

      Set in provincial Australia in the early sixties, Rain is a multigenerational family saga that chronicles the lives of three generations of the Wallin sawmilling dynasty. It explores the often difficult but enduring ties between mothers and daughters, men and women: the sacrifices, compromises, and patterns of emotion that repeat themselves through generations. By turn dark and amusing, Rain delivers an emotionally charged revelation about love, loss, guilt, self-discovery and redemption. The enduring question of family bonds—escapable or not, divides, conquers, and triumphs.

    • Family & health
      July 2012

      My Boy - A memoir

      by Anthony James

      This little book tells of the sad but inspiring story and his addicted son coming together in the valley of the shadow of death. There is poignancy, sadness but also love and redemption. It is inspiring and will give hope and help to thousands who struggle with drug addiction in thier families.The book will give comfort to those who are experiencing loosing their loved ones. You are not alone, the wonderful Hospice movement and the palliative care forces are there to hold you up and give you hope.

    • Business, Economics & Law

      Go the Extra Inch

      By the inch its a cinch ... by the yard it's hard

      by Guy Arnold

      Go the Extra Inch is a simple powerful syatematic approach to continual improvement in systems, processes and behaviours, both at home and in the workplace. Using the principles of common sense, this process can help find solutions to life's most pressing problems, whilst at the same time reducing cost and stress.

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