• Personal & social issues: family issues (Children's/YA)


      by Leigh K Cunningham

      Having been cast into a spell to live as spirits in the river Kai, the twelve children continue their quest to find a way to break the spell in accordance with the rules as set out in the witch's manual. But just as

    • Sagas


      by Leigh K Cunningham

      Set in provincial Australia in the early sixties, Rain is a multigenerational family saga that chronicles the lives of three generations of the Wallin sawmilling dynasty. It explores the often difficult but enduring ties between mothers and daught

    • Adventure stories (Children's/YA)

      The Glass Table

      by Leigh K. Cunningham

      This mystery/thriller pits twelve young children against a formidable captor, a witch who casts them into a spell to live in the river Kai as spirits. The children are divided into two opposing groups: the wood spirits and the river spirits.&nb

    • Fiction-related items

      Being Anti-Social

      by Leigh K Cunningham

      Mace Evans is single at thirty-eight. When her much unloved older sister, Shannon, declares that Mace is anti-social, she embarks on a journey to understand her condition; whether she was born that way or if it is the acc

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