• Self-help & personal development

      Keeping the Faith

      Daily Reflections to Build Strength, Serenity, and Passion in Your Life and the Lives of Others

      by John W. Pozzi

      THE TRUE FAITH THAT MUST BE FOUND AND KEPT IS THE FAITH IN ONESELF. Each day you give a part of yourself whether it is at work, at home, or in your daily interaction with others. How do you give of yourself? Do you hold back or go at life half-heartedly? You need to give of yourself with heart, mind, and soul all the time. You never know what interaction with a person will make a difference in their life — or yours. If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t have the confidence to grow each day, then you are missing out on what life has to offer you. This simple book will inspire you to help others. Or, at the very least, you will make another person’s day — and, therefore, your day — better.

    • Christian social thought & activity
      October 2003

      Clashing Symbols

      An Introduction to Faith and Culture

      by Michael Paul Gallagher (By (author))

      What is the place of religious belief modern culture? Recent years have seen cataclysmic changes in society, yet, far from being banished from today's world, religion is assuming a new significance. Since its original publication in 1997, Clashing Symbols has become recognised as the most accessible and authoritative introduction to a crucial are in religious studies: the relationship between faith and culture. Michael Paul Gallagher introduces all the major figures, issues and debates in this ideal guide for students and thoughtful Christians who want to discern the realities of contemporary culture.

    • Christian mission & evangelism
      April 2016

      Liberating the Gospel

      Translating the message of Jesus in a globalised world

      by David Smith (By (author))

      ‘My hope is to overcome the apartheid between the academy and the congregation, suggesting ways in which cutting-edge biblical scholarship can be a positive and liberating force for Christianity in the twenty first century.’ Liberating the Gospel is prefaced by Tom Wright’s claim that Christians have for too long ‘read scripture with nineteenth-century eyes and sixteenth century questions’, and that it is urgently necessary they learn to read ‘with first century eyes and twenty first century questions’. The central section of the book concentrates on reading the narratives of the Galilean ministry of Jesus within their first century context, then exploring Paul’s mission in the setting of the urban and imperial world of Rome, before offering reflection on the Apocalypse in the changed world following the destruction of Jerusalem. Smith then concludes his treatise facing the ‘twenty first century questions’, seeking to build a hermeneutical bridge to our globalised world. As a whole this major new book on Christian mission aims to contribute toward an understanding of how the dynamic message of Christ might be liberated to be heard as genuinely good news today, in the process potentially transforming Christianity, provided there is willingness to face opposition from a world resistant to the exposure of its injustices.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      May 2017

      Prayers for Depression

      And how best to live with it

      by Fay Sampson

      Prayers for Depression presents prayers and advice for people suffering from depression, and those living with them. The book is divided into three parts. Part A is targeted at those with depression and includes reassuring Bible quotations and prayers. Part B is for partners and includes practical advice for living with depressives as well as prayers. Part C is for wider family and friends and attempts to contextualise depression and is matched with appropriate prayers. There is also a Resource section with helpful contacts and further reading as well as blank pages for readers’ own prayers. ;

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      May 2017

      Prayers for Dementia

      And how to live well with it

      by Fay Sampson

      Prayers for Dementia presents prayers and advice for people living with dementia, and those caring for them. The book is divided into three parts. Part A is targeted at those with dementia and includes reassuring Bible quotations and prayers. Part B is for carers and includes practical advice for caring for dementia patients as well as prayers. Part C is for family and friends, indeed the wider community and attempts to contextualise dementia in terms of what it can mean for those beyond patient and carer matched with appropriate prayers. There is also a Resource section with helpful contacts and further reading as well as blank pages for readers’ own prayers. ;

    • Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church
      April 2008

      Faith, Resistance, and the Future

      Daniel Berrigan's Challenge to Catholic Social Thought

      by Edited by James L. Marsh, and Anna J. Brown

    • Christian social thought & activity
      December 2007

      Raised by the Church

      Growing up in New York City's Catholic Orphanages

      by Edward Rohs, and Judith Estrine

    • Christian mission & evangelism
      January 2007

      Black Robes and Buckskin

      A Selection from the Jesuit Relations

      by Catharine Randall

    • Roman Catholicism, Roman Catholic Church
      May 2008

      Neighbors and Missionaries

      A History of the Sisters of Our Lady of Christian Doctrine

      by Margaret M. McGuinness

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      He Was in the World

      Meditations for Public Worship

      by John L. Bell

      This is a collection of 25 meditations for use in public worship. Covering a range of personal, pastoral and biblical themes, these meditations can be used as part of congregational worship, with smaller assemblies (such as a prayer group) or in a house group or youth fellowship. Notes accompanying each meditation suggest appropriate situations for its use.

    • Christian liturgy, prayerbooks & hymnals

      Prayers and Ideas for Healing Services

      by Ian. Cowie

    • Welfare & benefit systems

      Starting Where We Are

      The Story of a Neighbourhood Centre : Liberation Theology in Practice

      by Kathy. Galloway

      This is the story of the Orbison Neighbourhood Centre which is one of innovation and success as a community project. The approach taken was based on the principles of Liberation Theology - a methodology of change and empowerment which originate in Latin America and used for the first time in Scotland.;The cassette features stories of what the centre means to the people involved, interspersed with music from the World Church sung by the Wild Goose Worship Group.

    • Ecumenism

      For God's Sake - Unity

      The Church Is Called to Be One

      by Maxwell. Craig

      Many ordinary people yearn to pray and worship together in a way that reflects hw they act together in their daily lives. This book gives voice to those longing and is aimed at raising awareness of the need for unity amount Christians and takes a look at progress to date.;Contributors include Kathy Galloway, Gerard W. Hughes, Jean Mayland, Martin Conway, John Fitzsimmons, Murdoch MacKenzie and Elizabeth Templeton.

    • Christianity

      Colours of Hope and Promise

      Personal Stories of Hiv and Aids.

      by Brid. Cullen

    • Peace studies & conflict resolution

      Protest for Peace

      by Bernadette. Meaden

      Documenting the work of Christian peace activists whose radicalism often places them on the fringes of the Church, this book dispels the popular perception of Christians as conventional, respectable and passive. It explains the issues and recounts the personal experiences of some of those involved in various aspects of the peace movement, including clergy and lay people who have served prison sentences as a result of direct non-violent action and who are prepared to do so again. This alternative vision of what it means to be a Christian depicts a radical, compassionate faith that challenges the status quo, including the position of the churches themselves on peace issues.

    • Christian theology

      Dreaming of Eden

      Reflections On Christianity and Sexuality

      by Kathy. Galloway

    • Pollution & threats to the environment

      The Earth Under Threat

      A Christian Perspective

      by Ghillean T. Prance

    • Christian social thought & activity
      May 2012

      Go to the Ant

      Reflections On Biblical Biodiversity

      by Ghillean T. Prance

    • Christian leaders & leadership

      In Good Company

      Women in the Ministry

      by Lesley Orr. Macdonald

      A collection of personal stories by women from many denominations about the struggle for equality by women in the ministry nad those still excluded from it. They tell of steotyping, assumptions, tokenism, discrimination, abuse, isolation, and the 'stained glass ceiling' created by the church's obsession with power, rank and position.;This book makes clear the kinds of obstacles in the way of women and gives a glimpse of the faulty theology that underlies opposition to them. It highlights the challenge that women bring to existing church structures and offers hope for a truly all-inclusive, all-affirming and empowering ministry.

    • Personal Christian testimony & popular inspirational works

      Amazing Graces

      Pe-prandial Words of Spiritual Uplift to Grace Any Gathering

      by William J. Morris

      The Very Revd. William J. Morris has become famous for his unique ability to pen graces appropriate for formal dinners and professional gatherings. This book consists of some 150 graces suitable for people involved in trades' houses and merchants; medical and dental professions; the media, accountancy; industry & business; banking; the law; sport; schools and education; clubs, societies and associations; the church; chambers of commerce; motoring and the police. Here's an example for dentists: Lord, with this food may we be blessed, The talk be good; the wine, each guest, As warm or cool as may be right. These fellows school, Lord, so we might, As we may need, above, beneath, Whenever we feed, enjoy sound teeth!

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