• Literature & Literary Studies

      Chinese Art

      by Zhang Jing

    • Literature & Literary Studies

      History of Chinese Modern Popular Literature

      by Fan Boqun

      A pioneering academic project by Fan Boqun, a founder in the field of Chinese popular literature research, the book is divided into eight compilations: "Social Romance", "Martial Arts Making", "Detective Stories", "Historical Stories", "Humorous Stories", "Popular Drama", "Popular Journals" and "Chinese Modern Popular Literature Memorabilia".

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      January 2017

      Sing, Sadness

      by Lan Lan

      This is a poem collection of modern Chinese poet Lan Lan, who chooses about 200 works from 1983-2014. Her poems are characterized with strong emotion, sharp thoughts, and lyrical expression.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      September 2015

      Melody from the Street

      by Zhai Yongming

      This book collects reprehensive short poems of modern Chinese poet Zhai Yongming. This female poet is well-known for her elegant language, exquisite skill, imagination, and especially her deep exploration of modern women’s inner world. Her poems are also influential among international poetry field.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      March 2017

      Long Poems: Death in a Stone Cell and Floating Wood

      by Lofu

      Lofu is widely acknowledged as a great poet in contemporary Chinese poetic circles. He has made great contributions through his long poems, which have served to promote the development of contemporary Chinese poetry. His collection of long poems includes “Death in a Stone Cell” and“Floating Wood”. Lofu was a nominee for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2001 for his long poem “Floating Wood”.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      April 2018

      The Yesterday Snake

      by Lofu

      This poem collection is selected and arranged by Mr. Lofu himself. During 70 years of writing career, Lofu produced poems with various themes, one of which is “animal”. Butterfly, fish, bird, cricket, clam, ape, snake, cicada, raccoon, spider, fly, earthworm, silkworm, crab...all of them acquire new life under the poet’s pen.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      July 2017

      It Is the Old Time that Brings Us Joy

      by Bai Hua

      This is a poetry collection of Bai Hua. It contains most representative works during 35 years of the poet’s creation. Bai Hua is one of the most excellent lyric poets in contemporary China. From the year 1979, he started poetry, essay, and critic writing, as well as translation of British and American literature.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      March 2016

      Zheng Chouyu’s Poems: Collection of a Confused Age

      by Zheng Chouyu

      Zheng Chouyu is one of the most representative poets of modern Chinese poetry. His poems are characterized with elegance, fluency, imagination and lyricism. Various images and gentle, gorgeous style make him a very popular poet.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2017

      Melancholy of the Kite

      by Yu kwang-chung

      The title selects 100 classic pieces of Chinese poet Yu Kwang-chung’s from his 1000 poems. It is divided into seven parts: ambition, affection, homesickness, art, education, nature, life. Through different themes, the poet presented his longing for hometown, his love towards wife, his appreciation of other poets, and his contemplation of universe and life.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      August 2016

      The Chronicle of Lin Sanzhi

      by Shao Chuan

      Lin Sanzhi (1898-1989) was an important Chinese calligraphers of the 20th century. The book is a detailed record of Lin’s life experiences over more than 90 years, charting his studies, travels and compositions. The book is informative and collectible as it provides a comprehensive understanding of Lin’s artistic talents and life as well as contemporary Chinese art history.The book was awarded the annual “China’s Book of 2016” by China Central Television. It is China’s first comprehensive, detailed and accurate record of the artistic life of Lin Sanzhi, who was honored in the 1980s as a“Contemporary Saint of Cursive Calligraphy”.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      August 2018

      The Grand Canal

      by Xia Jianyong

      As the longest canal in the world, the Grand Canal connects five rivers in the land of China. This human-made river not only witnessed history of several dynasties, but also made great contribution to the economic, cultural, and political unification of the southern and northern China. This title explores large amount of historical materials concerning the Grand Canal, picturing a complete record of the canal during 2000 years.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      March 2018

      Beauty of the Useless

      by Ye Zhaoyan

      This essay collection deserves careful reading. It is a book of heart-to- heart talk. Ye Zhaoyan’s prose is free and approachable, just like talking with an old friend when you read them. He can observe the desolation and warmth of human nature and see clearly the pain and goodness of the world. With this book to accompany, one is not alone in the hard times.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      May 2018

      The Poetic Biography of Li Shangyin

      by Zhang Shiqun

      This book is a biography of Li Shangyin, a famous poet of the Tang Dynasty. He was a superstar when the Tang Dynasty was going to perish. He made a full stop to the poetry of the Tang Dynasty. His poetry is exquisite and graceful, and had been popular with posterity for thousands of years. Through his poems, this book comprehensively depicts the melancholy and sentimental life of Li Shangyin.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      January 2018

      The Decay of Courage: Li Guowen Talks about History

      by Li Guowen

      This book selects twenty-one representative articles from Li Guowen’s six works about Chinese history. It is divided into two parts: "the silhouette of the dynasty" and "the tragedy of the literati". It embodies Mr. Li Guowen’s profound thinking on the relationship between imperial power and literati in Chinese history, national character of China, as well as the rise and fall of history.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      September 2018

      Treating This World with Gentleness

      by Wan Hongyou

      This book is a collection of essays by Wan Hongyou. Wan Hongyou's literary construction bases on love. It is the rich feelings abundance of people, society, and life that fill our hearts. This "rich feelings" is like a tangible and invisible red silk thread, leading his ideas, nourishing his style, full of his language, and instigating his inspiration. His work is thus sparkling with poetry. In the text, there is a perception of life and work, as well as a concern for social reality. Under the words, there is a hot heart hidden.Walking in the world, everyone has poetry and ideals in their hearts. Let it be, we should learn to be gentle with the world.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2018

      Peeping Leopard

      by Hu Liang

      “Peeping Leopard” is a collection of poetry reviews by Hu Liang. With profound theoretical literacy and extensive and in-depth reading experience, the author has commented on poems of 99 poets, who are representatives of contemporary Chinese poetry. The comments are fair and concise, with both profound and unique viewpoints and vivid writings. The author is therefore praised by the famous scholar Jing Wendong as "one of the few people who saved poetic criticism from the bottom."The author is familiar with Western modern criticism, is also good at Chinese classical poetics, and puts new poetry into specific cultural position, thus drawing a number of newer and more accurate conclusions. The author has a strong criticism of stylistic consciousness and has formed a unique discourse style.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2018

      The 800 Meters Hometown

      by Su Tong

      “The 800 Meters Hometown” is the latest collection of essays by writer Su Tong. It is divided into three series. The first series secrets of river depicts the delicate memories of life in his hometown, full of subtle and detailed life details. The second series the 800 Meters Hometown is the sentiment and precipitation of childhood and past life. The third series fictional enthusiasm is a series of reviews and prospects for his own creations. Su Tong's prose is really natural, simple and funny, but it has a meticulous charm. It is like a white depiction. It is a faint but rich emotion and experience. It shows the deep literary quality and literary accumulation of the author.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2018

      Cao Wenxuan Teaches You How to Write

      by Cao Wenxuan

      “Cao Wenxuan Teaches You How to Write” is a new work by Cao Wenxuan, winner of the "International Andersen Award", a young reader's promoter, and an editor of Chinese textbooks. The book is divided into three parts, systematically showing his attitude towards literature, writing, and reading. Through lectures in schools, Cao Wenxuan vividly explained how to write a good composition, and how to explode the accumulated knowledge of reading and flow in the nib. His own insistence on writing is also due to the endless love for children , the responsibility to children, and the endless expectations of children.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      October 2018

      Leaving Is a Return

      by A Lai

      “Leaving Is a Return” is the latest collection of essays by writer A Lai. It is divided into four series. The first part is “bronze years”: the meditation and recollection of the hometown. The second part is called “ideal country of vegetation”: a unique understanding of flowers and trees and Rural Movement, in the author's pen, it is an ideal country. The third part is “dust has not fallen”: it is the author's reading notes, as well as the knowledge of literature and reading experience. The fourth part is “music and poetry”: the author's creative experience and writing process and his understanding of many years of writing career. Leaving Is a Return gives us a lot of insights in seemingly ordinary things. The author compares the layers of the mountain to the "staircase" and says "My soul will go to heaven by stepping on these ladders." The author turns his eyes to nature and whispers with the vast world. These beautiful words can let us comprehend the spiritual space of A Lai.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      November 2018

      I Can't Live without Love in My Life

      by Chen Mingming

      "I can't live without love in my life" is a collection of poems by the female poet Chen Mingming. Chen Mingming is a member of the Chinese Writers Association, a writer, a poet, and a soldier. As Editor-in-Chief of Oriental Poetry, Oriental Culture Weekly, editor-in-chief of the first issue of Taiwan and mainland, " Oriental tide", she dedicated to the practice, research and exploration of Chinese poetry. She is actively promoting Chinese poetry.

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