• Humanities & Social Sciences
      April 2015

      Symbols of China

      by Feng Jicai

      By carefully selecting 150 of the most interesting and recognizable symbols of Chinese culture, the six volume Chinese edition of Symbols of China has been condensed into this single hardcover edition of 250 pages containing an impressive 200 pictures.

    • September 2016

      Look!The Grass

      by Sasha, Feng Qi

      Look! The Grass not only introduces knowledge about various herbaceous plants, but also encourages children to go to explore and discover. It uncovers the world of herbaceous plants by introducing their looks, classifications,roles in the nature, connecti

    • September 2016

      Look!The Trees

      by Sasha,Feng Qi

      Look! The Trees introduces children to the world of trees. From the plane trees near our house, to the apple trees in orchard and to the pine rees in the forests far away, this book gives children a fantastic journey to learn about trees from the aspects

    • The Arts

      Life of China 1965

      Selected Photography of Saito Koichi

      by Qin Feng Photo Studio

      This book contains photos shooting by Japanese photographer Saito Koichi in 1969, when he was in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Changsha, Shaoshan in Hunan province and places in Guangdong. During his staying in China, he took lots of photos about

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      20 Years Selected Edition of the Reminiscent Photos (4 Volumes)

      by Feng Keli

      Reminiscent Photos is a book series which has been published successively. One volume of Reminiscent Photos will be published in every two months. It provides columns including “Reminiscent Sceneries” “ Moments of Celebrities” &

    • Literature & Literary Studies

      The Four Spirits

      by Xie Feng

    • Society & culture: general
      June 2018


      by Wu Gou

      This is an interesting book dealing with the elegant demeanor and graceful bearing in Song Dynasty. Having the aid of the combination of Song pictures, historical documents and the positive result of the post-research, the author reveals all the aspect

    • Fiction

      Three-Inch Golden Lotus

      by Feng Jicai

      Three-Inch Golden Lotus contains ten classic masterpieces of Feng Jicai's "Yarns of a Weird World" and "Legendary Earthly Figures" series, including Holy Whip, Three-Inch Golden Lotus, Seven Pieces Su, Brush Li</

    • 2015

      Supplying a deficiency on the History of Xikang

      by Feng Youzhi

      This book systematically records the two-hundred history of Xikang Province (including Ganzi, Liangshan, Ya’an) from the late Qin Dynasty to 1949, and it is the first treatise of Xikang history.

    • Business, Economics & Law
      November 2010

      Competition of Local Governments

      by FENG Xingyuan

      This book discusses the theoretical paradigm and analytical framework of local government competition. It carries out empirical analysis from several perspectives - local development mode, local protectionism, division of public service duties between

    • The Arts
      April 2015

      Complete Cartoon Works of Feng Zikai

      by Feng Zikai

      Comprised of 6 volumes, namely Ancient Poems New Paintings , Children , Students , Folk Society , Metropolis and War Time , this complication includes 424 cartoons created by Mr. Feng Zikai during the Second Sino-Japanese War.

    • Humanities & Social Sciences

      Chinese Silk and Silk Road

      by Zhao Feng

      This book is a combination of useful knowledge and readability. It presents the old history of the maritime Silk Road, development and contributions from countries along the route. The book covers the history of navigation, immigration, international a

    • Humanities & Social Sciences
      January 2016

      Traditional Chinese Rites and Rituals

      by Author(s): Ge Feng and Zhengming Du

    • International relations
      September 2013

      Russia in Transition

      by Editor(s): Feng-Yung Hu

    • Medicine: general issues
      April 2019

      Medical Education Reform in China

      Practical Lessons from Wuhan University

      by Editor(s): Renslow Sherer, Feng Youmei, Yu Xiangting

      Due to the rapid pace of scientific progress in medicine, there is a global movement to improve medical education. This unique book describes the Wuhan University Medical School reform initiative, a successful example of medical education reform in China

    • Children's & YA

      A Friend Under the Bed

      by Feng Huiyue

      This is an essay collection about the life in the countryside, which contains childhood memory and life documentary. The author lived in the countryside and he played in the field or under the windbreak everyday and met small animals again and again.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      August 2015

      Mater of Ceramic Teapot: Biography of Gu Jingzhou

      by Xu Feng

      Gu Jingzhou(1915-1996) is the most accomplished ceramics master in contemporary China. His works are famous for the decorate technics, elegant style, and various shapes. He raises ceramic craft to a new level with ultimate combination of technic and ar

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