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Thinking and Acting Like an Eclectic School Counselor - Head Work

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'This should become a standard graduate school text for up-and-coming school counselors. The author knows school counseling, school counselors, and what school counselors face on a daily basis. This book helps it all make sense, and makes it even easier to grow as a counselor' - Gloria Avolio DePaul, Elementary School Counselor, School District of Hillsborough County, Tampa, FL

The process of behavioural change often transcends any single counselling methodology. However, successfully employing diverse intervention strategies requires a coherent framework and an integrated approach.

Richard D. Parsons presents a transtheoretical, or eclectic, model school counsellors can use to evaluate student information, select the most effective interventions from a variety of theories, and coordinate the interventions with sequential steps for behavioral change. Following the format of the companion books on behavioural, cognitive, and solution-focused school counselling, this concise text includes:

- A reflective, meaning-making model as a basis for effective school counseling

- An introduction to the fundamental principles of eclectic or transtheoretical practice

- Clinical illustrations of eclectic intervention strategies that promote change

- In-depth case studies and guided practice exercises

Ideal for individual study or for use in group development, this practical guide allows new and less experienced practitioners to grow from 'novice' to 'expert' through ample opportunities for practice and feedback.

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