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This volume documents the experiences of, and reflections on, gender from undergraduate students in the field of Communication. It is the product of conversations, queries and discoveries that emerged from a spirited Communication and Gender course offered by the Department of Communication at Barry University, USA. The essays collected here offer an introspective from the students’ point of view as they grapple with gender issues as they intersect with their identities, sexualities, race and ethnicity, and nationalities, as well as socio-economic backgrounds in their everyday communicative experiences. On a subject as personal as gender, multiple perspectives exist, many of which do not necessarily fit traditional ideas about how to enact gender. The students’ reflections explore a diversity of standpoints on gender as they internalize ideas about selfhood and scrutinize their own understandings of gender as it is constructed, performed, evaluated, and negotiated through communication.

Author Biography

Nickesia Gordon, PhD, is Associate Professor of Communication at Barry University, USA. Her research involves looking at the intersections among gender, mass media and popular culture, while she also has an active research agenda in new/social media, and development communication. Her publications include two books, one coedited and the other single authored, and over 13 book chapters and articles. She is also an Editorial Board Member for the Women Studies in Communication (WSiC) journal. Laura Finley, PhD, is Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminology at Barry University, USA. She is the author, co-author, and editor of seventeen books and numerous book chapters and journal articles. Dr Finley is also a syndicated columnist with PeaceVoice, and the co-editor of two book series. In addition to her teaching and scholarly work, she is also actively involved with many local, state, and national organizations devoted to peace, justice and human rights.
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