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Performance and Ethnography: Dance, Drama, Music revisits the territory of the performance orientation, touching on anthropology, dance, folklore, music and theatre to look for present trends in both the ethnography of performance and performance ethnography. One of the main concerns of this volume is with an embodied, affective and sensory ethnography that privileges encounters between ethnographer, participants and practices as key to understanding and knowledge. Another is the extent to which individuals are shaped by their engagement with ethnographic practice in the midst of migration, diffusion, revival, appropriation and commodification of performance. A third is the interface of academic disciplines with the idea of performance, and the way in which academics and practitioners are drawn to ethnography to better understand, negotiate, perform and profess their diverse fields.

Individual chapters include a refreshed interface for performance studies and anthropology through new approaches to ritual; a consideration of performance studies through an ethnography of PSi; the emplaced body as a tool for ethnographic research; somatic practice in dance as a mode of ethnography; artisanal musical instrument making as performance; the commodification of traditional performance; and an introductory overview that reflects shifting ethnographic perspectives on traditional performances.

Author Biography

Peter Harrop is Professor of Drama at the University of Chester and currently Pro-Vice Chancellor. He gained his degrees in Drama, Education and Folklore at the University of Leeds (PhD, 1980) and previously taught Theatre Arts at the University of Addis Ababa (1980–1985) and Bretton Hall (1985–1996). He has published in Lore and Language; Folk Life: A Journal of Ethnological Studies; Studies in Theatre and Performance; Performance Research; Popular Entertainment Studies; and Contemporary Theatre Review.Dunja Njaradi is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Performing Arts, University of Chester. She holds degrees from Belgrade (BA in Ethnology), Nottingham (MA in Slavonic Studies) and Lancaster (PhD in Theatre Studies) and is Associate Editor of the Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualties. As a theatre and dance studies scholar she works within several interdisciplinary affiliations: physical theatre, dance anthropology and contemporary dance.
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