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Onyx eyes

Eshkar Erblich-Brifman


Since the disaster of 2040, the world is preoccupied with its own survival. The primary goal is to preserve humankind and help hu etc...

The Birth of the American Horror Film

Gary D. Rhodes

Edinburgh University Press

Although early cinema has long been a key area of research in film studies, the origin and development of the horror film has bee etc...

The Perfectionist Turn

Douglas Den Uyl, Douglas Rasmussen

Edinburgh University Press

Contemporary political philosophy - especially in the works of Martha Nussbaum, John Rawls and Amartya Sen - has assumed that it etc...

Post-Liberal Peace Transitions

Oliver P. Richmond, Sandra Pogodda

Edinburgh University Press

Why is it that states emerging from intervention, peacebuilding and statebuilding over the last 25 years appear to be ‘failed by etc...

A History of Military Occupation from 1792 to 1914

Peter M. R. Stirk

Edinburgh University Press

An understanding of military occupation as a distinct phenomenon first emerged in the 18th century. This book shows how this unde etc...

French Philosophy Today

Christopher Watkin

Edinburgh University Press

Alain Badiou, Quentin Meillassoux, Catherine Malabou, Michel Serres and Bruno Latour: this new generation of French philosophers etc...

Derrida's Secret

Charles Barbour

Edinburgh University Press

A new philosophical reflection on the secret and its importance to our contemporary political experience The Snowden Affair, Wiki etc...

Eclipsed Cinema

Dong Hoon Kim

Edinburgh University Press

In this ground-breaking investigation into the seldom-studied film culture of colonial Korea (1910-1945), Dong Hoon Kim brings ne etc...

The American Short Story Cycle

Jennifer J. Smith

Edinburgh University Press

Constructs a history of community, family and temporality in American culture through one of the nation’s most popular, yet unrec etc...

Northern Neighbours

John Bryden, Ottar Brox, Lesley Riddoch

Edinburgh University Press

BCC approved (with endorsements) "How is it that two broadly similar countries, neighbours with roughly equal populations an etc...

From Violence to Speaking Out

Leonard Lawlor

Edinburgh University Press

Drawing on a career-long exploration of 1960s French philosophy, Leonard Lawlor seeks a solution to 'the problem of the worst etc...

Is Shylock Jewish?

Sara Coodin

Edinburgh University Press

A detailed exploration of the significance of Hebrew Biblical stories in The Merchant of Venice What happens when we consider Sha etc...

Plastic Sovereignties

Arne De Boever

Edinburgh University Press

Does sovereignty have a future in the 21st century? Through a sustained engagement with the work of the Italian philosopher Giorg etc...

Female Agency and Documentary Strategies

Boel Ulfsdotter, Anna Backman Rogers

Edinburgh University Press

This book, like its twin volume Female Authorship and the Documentary Image, centres on pressing issues in relation to female aut etc...

Female Authorship and the Documentary Image

Boel Ulfsdotter, Anna Backman Rogers

Edinburgh University Press

This book, like its twin volume Female Authorship and Documentary Strategies, centres on pressing issues in relation to female au etc...
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