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Mentors are people who make a significant difference to the lives of others, lifting them out of being ordinary and leading them to an almost magical transformation. This book is a comprehensive guide to the intricate world of mentoring in organizational settings. Based on the author’s pioneering research and wide-ranging practice, this book unravels the entire mentoring process, from building the mentor-mentee relationship to the precautions that need to be taken and the ways in which organizational goals can be attained. He also discusses:

– The skills of a good mentor
– How the mentor’s mind works, and the values and attitudes she/he must have
– The mentor’s code of ethics
– How to handle tricky situations relating to power, authority, and gender issues
– How to set up a successful mentoring scheme in an organization

Enriched with actual cases and the experiences of people undergoing mentoring, this book is a powerful tool for understanding and practice.
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