A sensory voyage of voyeurism and discovery Celia Lambent has an unusual and divisive condition - she cannot bear to be touched. And yet, her sexual appetite is voracious. As she embarks on a very unusual relationship with a new (and very patient) lover, a journey of voyeurism and discovery unrolls before her as she tries to identify the cause (and cure) of her condition.

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Teresa Noelle Roberts (http://www.amazon.com/Untouched-Annabeth-Leong/dp/190918179X) Extract and Review of Untouched Wow. This is an intense book. It was both an arousing read, as you'd expect a book full of explicit scenes of voyeurism, exhibitionism and fun with sex toys to be, and thought-provoking. Celia's sexuality is unusual--she's extremely sensual and horny, and she craves some kind of connection with others, but she can't bear to be touched. One of the more moving scenes is one where she lets herself touch grass, because even that contact had frightened her. This is erotica, so her way of coping is to distract herself with arousal and showing off for her lover (and he *is* a lover, though they rarely touch), and the moment when she lets herself feel the grass below her bare feet instead of just focusing on her arousal is stunning. Needless to say, her relationships with others are convoluted and difficult and I found myself myself rooting for her and Eli, the lover who thrills at watching her but craves more than she can give.

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