• Modern & contemporary fiction (post c 1945)

      Blond Boy; Red Lipstick

      by Geoff Bunn

      This is a love story, deliberately pitched at a mainstream audience and at a level far removed from the dark and often sordid world of transsexual prostitution on Bois de Boulogne in Paris. The idea is to subtly lead the reader into this setting and give them an insight into the life of a transsexual. In this first book, we meet the Narrator and Alley – a vivacious young boy with bleach blonde hair and red lipstick. The two begin a gentle romance. Issues such as homophobia are only touched upon, rather than explored fully. By the time readers finish the book, they will know the characters, be interested in them, and they will have some empathy towards and a little more understanding of transsexuals. Blond Boy; Red Lipstick is the first of two, where the sequel, already planned out, will be a darker story (albeit with a happy ending).

    • Erotic fiction
      October 2010

      The China Bird

      by Doran, Bryony

      An art student with a love for Egon Schiele sees beauty in Edward’s twisted spine, and begs him to pose for her. This tale of secrecy, love and understanding explores our perceptions of beauty and lust.

    • Erotic fiction
      June 2011

      Seven Days to Tell You

      by Soames, Ruby

      When Kate’s husband disappeared she spent three painful years searching for him before returning to her career, her life. Marc’s sudden reappearance brings back so many questions. He asks for a week to tell his story, to prove his love. In their time apart, Kate has made discoveries. Can love forgive everything?

    • Fiction
      August 2018


      by L. S. Henry

      All Aimee ever wanted was to be loved and part of a loving family. When she found true love it was everything she hoped it would be and more. Her love was unconditional and she was prepared to do whatever was necessary to keep it that way. But unfortunately she discovered that love came with conditions which she had to abide without question. As her relationship developed, so too did the influences which determined the smooth running of her lifestyle. She soon discovered that love meandered through a rocky route which eventually led to the ultimate destination. But was it the route she wanted to take?

    • Erotic fiction

      Annabel Poppy

      by Stephen Douglas

      Annabel Poppy is about banking, bonking and murder. Set in 1998, the action takes place in London and Essex, with excursions to Exeter, Gleneagles, Madrid and Helsinki. Despite then dark subject matter, the novel's tone is lighthearted and humorous, the sex is graphic, and the banking material will enlighten a general audience about how investment bankers really do make their millions

    • Fiction
      November 2011

      Code Blood

      by Kurt Kamm

      Colt Lewis, a rookie fire paramedic, is obsessed with finding the severed foot of his first victim after she dies in his arms. His search takes him into the connected lives of a graduate research student, with the rarest blood in the world and the vampire fetishist who is stalking her. Within the corridors of high-stakes medical research laboratories, the shadow world of body parts dealers, and the underground Goth clubs of Los Angeles, Lewis uncovers a tangled maze of needles, drugs and maniacal ritual, all of which lead to death. But whose death? An unusual and fast-paced LA Noir thriller.

    • Fiction


      by Jay Ramella

      Although told as a work of fiction, this book is factually correct. Spanning 40 years from the threat of the Cold War in Lincolnshire to present day terrorism and extremism, the story is told with pathos and humour through flashbacks, a private diary, social media platform DIPSORA and a blog. A slow burning love affair ignites amidst political upheaval and faltering convictions that lead to error and a race against time and discovery. The seemingly run-of-the-mill Nash family is rocked by a series of revelations as it unites to protect one of its own without regard for an innocent woman’s loss of liberty. At the end there remains one unanswered mystery for reader and author alike – who WAS Keith?

    • Fiction

      From the Fence until Lunchtime

      by Jay Ramella

      From the Fence until Lunchtime can be read as a stand-alone story but it is also the sequel to DIPSORA (ISBN 9781871506747). All the central family characters are reintroduced as Kostas returns from St Petersburg to live again at Lakelands with Valeriya, the Russian agent and love of his life who is also one of the narrators of this story. A luxurious holiday cruise embroils the Nashes in a violent death leading to the Italian Mafia’s involvement in the subsequent cover-up of the crime and concomitant exposure of British political sleaze. The other narrator, Maxine, is pursuing a new career in the City with the Nash family business where she begins a passionate affair with her boss, who is also her first cousin. Constricted by the need for secrecy and almost completely unsupported, Maxine endures sacrifice and heartbreak as the yoke of dynastic duty is laid on rich, handsome George who continues to have it all, up to and beyond the bittersweet ending.

    • Erotic fiction


      by Quentin Cope

      Rosalind Escaping an oppressive childhood and an abusive father, the stunningly beautiful Rosalind McKinley leaves the chilly lifeless, economically depressed state of Indiana and travels east. The excitement of the bright lights and the allure of New York’s Manhattan are all the incentive she needs to change the direction of her life. Stripping off the last remnants of her old self, she changes her identity and emerges as Leonora Carrington-Jones. Her new life is complete when a handsome Saudi Arabian Prince lavishes her with attention. He promises her romance in the distant, desert sheikdom of Dubai. Following her heart and ignoring the warnings of her mentor, Madame Durand, she goes with her Sheik into what she visualises will be the accumulation of all her dreams only to find this illusion shattered within days. The new world she imagined is nothing more than a male dominated, corrupt society where women have no worth other than as chattels and sexual objects. Leonora quickly discovers her life is spiralling downwards, finding herself moved from a top suite in a five star hotel to isolation in the degrading, filthy confines of a brothel ruled over by a gross, sadistic North African Madam. With the desperate need to escape from imposed sexual slavery, she meets Susan, a fellow American woman who has the right connections. With new passport for Leonora and airline tickets in hand, they plan a flight back to America and freedom. Leonora’s pulse races as the aircraft door is reopened and police enter to remove her. An inconsolable Susan can simply only watch, helpless as the cruel distressing scene is played out before her. Taken forcibly back to Dubai and a now raging Saudi Prince, Leonora is physically disciplined and with one unthinking, careless, sickening blow it is obvious that the unrestrained violence has gone too far. Susan holds a letter from Leonora in the event that her hopes of escape are dashed; the letter is to be opened and instructions followed. In New York, with the help of Madame Durand, Susan makes a heart breaking discovery about the woman she left behind in Dubai. With a cool head, careful preparation and vengeful determination, she plans to confront the wealthy, diplomatically protected Arab businessman. The ultimate encounter between one frighteningly resolute woman and the influential, sadistic Arab Prince leaves a scene of carnage, as in the final count, only one person can walk away. But will there be more than one survivor … and will one of them be Rosalind’s sister? Set in the world financial depression of the 1970's, this is the sometimes heartbreaking story of two powerfully portrayed characters that will become more and more a part of you with every turn of the page.

    • Adventure

      Erupting Lies

      by Beverley Bassett Broad

      3rd Book in a historical Saga Covers the eruption of Mount Tarawera in New Zealand and exciting dramatic events between NZ and Europe

    • Adventure


      by Beverley Bassett Broad

      4th and final in family saga series Set on a cruise ship in South Pacific. Classic good versus evil. romance and excitement. Cover plans are for an enhancement of attached photo.

    • Fiction
      August 2016


      by L. S. Henry

      Aimee is a naive, sixteen year old, brought up by her strict, religious father who instilled high morals of respect for others and most definitely members of the church. Having experienced the wrath of one of the church elders for a minor transgression, she realised the importance of respect. In her new job her appearance was soon sharpened up with clothes which she was to wear without question. Putting her trust in her boss, she respected his wishes as she knew he was taking special care of her. Aimee was eventually to discover just how special his care would be!

    • Fiction
      September 2015

      The Scrying Glass

      by Quig Shelby

      Medi-evil witch Kathleen Wiccan gatecrashes a séance and plots her return to the living. As her hastily recruited coven race against time to repair a much needed scrying glass, only three people stand in her way: Elliot the thief, Daniel the masochistic priest, and suicidal Marla. But is their gargoyle mentor helping them or himself, and do they really stand a cat in Hell's chance against twelve devoted satanists?

    • Fiction
      April 2016

      3 SUM

      by Quig Shelby

      With half the world in a Female Led Relationship, economic meltdown has been avoided. But neutered man is reluctant to shoot his weapon in defence of the Femocracy. As free men battle to destroy these emasculated troops, Colonel Anais must create a warrior. But can she make him hard without getting him hard? Move over Big Brother, the Sisters are watching.

    • Thriller / suspense
      December 2014

      Border of Fire - Border of Ice

      by Sture Stiernlof

      A dramatic, sensual and captivating love and escape story, set in the harsh reality of the Cold War in Europe and topical as never before now that a new cold war threatens to divide the European continent again. Lena, a young violinist from the Soviet Union, meets Leo, a writer from the West, in East Berlin. And intense and erotic love affair begins, and Leo is gradually drawn into Lena's highly dangerous plan to defect to the West with her brother and two friends across the death strip separating East and West Germany. The escape fails dramatically, and Leo and Lena seem to have lost each other forever. But later, in Leningrad, Lena develops a new, bold plan: To escape across the desolate wilderness border between Finland and Russia in midwinter. However, first Lena must work at a kolkhoz on the Kola Peninsula north of the Arctic Circle. It is a godforsaken, cold and dirty place, and she meets hostility, hardship and brutality. The dramatic escape takes place on New Year's Eve. Militia checkpoints, border patrols, wolf packs, Soviet elite forces and brutally cold weather are a constant threat in the dark, empty ice-cold wilderness. Border of Fire - Border of Ice is the story of a brave, warmhearted woman and her unflinching resolution to overcome all obstacles and find freedom and love. It's an exciting, captivating, feel-good story.

    • Erotic fiction


      by Carol Lynne

      When following your dream lands you in Lobster Cove, Maine, anything is possible. After gaining custody of his younger brother, Boone Jensen moves to a unique LGBT community on the coast of Maine. There, he hopes to find work as a stonemason, heal his broken heart and give his brother a safe place to call home. Life was good in New York City for chef Dante Madia, until his business partner betrayed him. Determined to trust only himself, Dante risks everything on a new restaurant venture in a small fishing village built on acceptance. Neither man is looking for love, but in a town like Lobster Cove, secret dreams have the ability to become realities.

    • Erotic fiction


      by Amanda Bretz

      Living the life of a celebrity isn’t always as perfect as it seems. Katherine Dawson was born into a life of privilege as the heiress to an apparel dynasty. Between judging a reality TV competition for budding fashion designers and having been the face of her family’s clothing line for most of her life, she’s one of the biggest celebrities in her field. When she becomes engaged to up-and-coming television producer Nathan Taylor, she appears to have it all. To any outsider, she has a picture-perfect life, so when Katherine leaves her groom-to-be at the altar and disappears, the tabloids are full of speculation over her sudden departure. Fleeing New York to hide out in Seattle she quickly finds that living the life of an heiress in hiding isn’t as easy as she thought, especially after she meets a magnetic writer named Royce Reynolds. In her new life on the west coast, she struggles to keep her anonymity, yet experiences a relationship with a man who wants her for the person she is, not the celebrity she used to be.

    • Erotic fiction

      Lovedex Thrilldex

      A Collection of Love Stories and Thrillers

      by Warren Brown

      A collection of Eighteen short stories. 1.The Death of Reuben: A Vampire, a poisoned man and a psychotic killer. What do the three have in common? 2.The Sound of Rats: A woman with psychic powers and the hunger of rodents. 3.Son of Cyrus: The power of a Cyclop in the present age. 4.The Shape of the Claw: Prowling the city streets for adventure. 5.The Window Cleaner and the Werewolf: Saving a life and finding love. 6.The Stairway in the Mountain: Paranormal Investigators make an amazing discovery while on their quest for the unexplained and the supernatural. 7.The Angel in the Stone: An ancient curse, an angel and a Museum guard. 8.The Luxury Liner to Hades: Captain of the Death Ship taking its passengers to Hades. 9.Wigwams in Hyde Park, London: A Carnival of history in one place and the mystery is revealed. 10.Painting and loving the News: Erotic art of a beautiful News Reader. 11.Adam’s Visions of the Future: The simple Secret to Living the Law of Attraction. 12.Damaged Hearts 13.Love Drug 14.Pieces of Lonely Hearts 15.Igniting Embers of Love 16.Clouds of Despair 17.Shape of Passion 18.Under the Egyptian Moon

    • Fiction
      March 2018

      Nuo Mask

      by Xiao Jianghong

      This fiction describes the stories of three villages in Guizhou Province, which is at the southwest of China. These three villages represents three typical legacies---witchcraft, Nuo Drama and suspending coffin. The fiction is full of contridictions and mentions people's psychological activity.

    • Literature & Literary Studies
      May 2009

      Messengers of Eros

      Representations of Sex in Australian Writing

      by Author(s): Xavier Pons

      After decades of strict, puritanical censorship, Australian writers are free to address sexual issues. But sex remains a controversial and disturbing topic—its representation in poetry or fiction can never be free of ambiguities and still requires a variety of literary strategies to be made acceptable. Messengers of Eros examines those strategies and offers close readings of many Australian literary texts. It revisits classics such as Coonardoo, Capricornia or Such Is Life as well as major modern writers such as Patrick White, Peter Carey, David Malouf or Richard Flanagan, and engages with contemporary works whose status is still a matter for debate. It takes into account the postcolonial context of Australia’s culture, especially where Indigenous and multicultural writers are concerned. This original and compelling book draws on the lessons of French theory and, though its approach is sympathetic to postmodernism, it never falls into academic jargon, remaining easily accessible to the general reader.Xavier Pons teaches Australian Studies at the University of Toulouse (France). A former President of the European Association for Studies on Australia, he has lectured and done research at several Australian universities.He has published widely on many aspects of Australian culture (Out of Eden, 1984; A Sheltered Land, 1994; Departures, 2002) and has been described as ‘probably the best known and most highly respected Australian Studies scholar in Europe.’Messengers of Eros, described as a 'challenging and risk-taking critical book,' was nominated as one of the ‘Best Books of the Year’ in the Australian Book Review, n°317, December 2009-January 2010, p. 22.

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