If Only Politicians Had Brains


Hopefully you are old enough to remember‘Yes Minister.’Does government really work like that? If it does, you really need a sense of humour to examine not only its workings but also its nonworkings. That is exactly what’ If Only Politicians Had Brains’ does , examine government workings with a sense of humour. Ten years ago BSE was going to destroy mankind (if mankind ate beef ). So far less than 150 people have died – over a twelve year period. ‘If Only Politicians Had Brains ’takes an, often times , humorous look– with serious intents– at the politically manufactured creations designed to divert public attention away from the real issues. Why do so many people“ fall for “the smoke and mirrors trap that makes“ Hustle ” the successful programme that it is? TerenceO?Halloran has a thirty (plus) year experience of dealing with government through British Chambers of Commerce and the Federation of Small Businesses at local and central government level . This is a chance to share his insight into the real “ smoke and mirror ” minds of a group of people that will do anything to prove that they, and only they ,know how they should run your life..

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  • Pub date: August 2012
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