Gilinda and the Wicked Witch

Story 2 from the Naked Delirium anthology

by Vanessa de Sade & Giorgio Verona


In this second story from the "Naked Delirium" collection, the mystic waters of the Lakeshore Resort and Spa for Women are the domain of Gilinda the Good. But Gilinda has a secret...and she isn't always so good. Immerse yourself in GILINDA AND THE WICKED WITCH by the deliciously disturbed Vanessa de Sade, and let the waters carry you away! Fully illustrated by Giorgio Verona!

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‘Gilinda and the Wicked Witch’ cleverly borrows from The Wizard of Oz but exists separately as a sensory masterpiece. It has everything I love about erotic fiction: a surprising plotline with character development, diversity in the bodies and sexualities represented, and of course, gorgeous sex. References to its literary inspiration are subtle and tongue-in-cheek, such as the description of an orgasm as “washing over her in wave after wave, like a field of poppies bursting into bloom”. The women of de Sade’s piece are gleefully consenting, and Gilinda and Laura, the central couple, negotiate their limits and share their experiences in order to practice a healthy, comfortable sexuality together. -Ella Dawson

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  • Pub date: August 2012
  • English
  • 9781909181045
  • Ebook
  • Primary Price: 1.99 USD
  • Pages: 49
  • Sweetmeats Press / NA
  • Readership: General
  • Publish State: Published
  • Edition: 1st
  • Illustration: Yes