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Ring of Stones

Alexander Lawes

When Anna’s dirt bike pulled up alongside late one summer’s evening, Harry grasped the opportunity to escape the city and his tro etc...

Just Deserts

L. J. Greatrex

The extraordinary challenges facing our well-established character now known as ‘Bill Pascal’ are all too evident as William Fore etc...

Gabriele's Ghost

Irene Louis

Mid 19th Century Brittany: Gabriele and Brigitte, separated by their stations in life, are fated to come together when Gabriele’s etc...

Calamity Natalie

David C. Garland

Natalie is a young woman who experiences life in the fast lane. She has no sense of values and will do anything to gain an advant etc...

Gwilherm's Story

Irene Louis

Gwilherm has witnessed the murder of his ex-mistress but cannot report it because of his murky past. He desperately needs money i etc...

Dumb Love

Jeremy Orlando

Nothing ever happens for the first time. No one is ever as smart as they think they are. And the shadow of Cutter Kane looms only etc...


Colin Louis

Elidor. The Forbidden Kingdom is the 2nd book in an extraordinary trilogy of fantasy stories that begins with The Chronicles of B etc...

The Chronicals of Brantu

Colin Louis

The colourful medieval world of mystery and pageantry is enjoying a period of unguarded communication between the fearless middle etc...

The Strangers Stone

Colin Louis

THE STRANGERS STONE is the 3rd book in "The Chronicles of Brantu" trilogy. Book One is entitled BRANTU Book Two is ELID etc...

The Eye of Allah

Colin Louis

Two men from diverse cultures are destined to search for the enigma that surrounds ‘The Eye of Allah’. Thomas de Lacey, an extras etc...

The Fourteenth Step

Colin Louis

Seduced into a dangerous world of myth and magic, Benjamin Bartholemy crosses the cosmic paths of fable and corrupted history on etc...

A Slight Case of Death

Jeremy Orlando

‘It was his reflection in the mirror that confirmed his altered state. He couldn’t locate his pulse. In the past it had never lef etc...


Jeremy Orlando

‘The point is that there is no point.’ Archer Swamp, former stand-up comedian, now reverend of the ‘church of fall down’. They al etc...

The Tender Reed

Kathy Lavelle

Kevin and Kate have finally put their problems behind them. They are blissfully happy, but their lives are about to change dramat etc...

The Mistletoe Run - Part 2

Margaret Loxley

After Laura's marriage, they have problems with John's ex-wife who has mental health problems because they live in the sa etc...
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