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Mexican Cooking

Rajashree Naware

This book is beautifully designed & produced and provides wealth of ideas and recipes that will delight you, your family and etc...

Plenty For All

Prof. S. A. Dabholkar

This is a book, one of its own kind, dedicated to the Mother Earth. It evolves and establishes a non-structural approach for all etc...

Glimpses Of Changing Banking Scenario

P.N. Joshi

Glimpses of Changing Banking Scenario is not only an account of the life of a successful banker but also a record of the momentou etc...

Gayatri’s Maths Mantra

Gayatri Lodha

Generally school going children find it difficult to understand mathematics. This book explains simple techniques of basic mathem etc...

The Wrong Chase

Natraj Laxmi, Shukla Vikrant

This story starts with the murder of several tourists in Mumbai. Bhani, a lady who devotes her life to serve orphans and children etc...

The Fountain’s Magic

Marya Rahator

This title explores the magical metamorphosis of an Indian woman that can inspire any ordinary individual who seeks to be an uniq etc...

Call Centre

Vikrant Shukla

The book describes the story of a small town youth being unsuccessful in law profession, tries his destiny in a call center. havi etc...

Cancer Care & Mysteries & Yoga

Dr. Nitin Unkule

There should be a certain resonance between therapist and patient as a decisive factor in psychotherapy which triggers the natura etc...

The Gift

Amit Desai

This book is a complete treatise on everything you ever wanted to know about the truth. The truth about the law of attraction and etc...


Shivaji Sawant

The Mahabharata, well known Indian epic, is replete with stories of warriors. Karna is one of them. He was born to Kunti, mother etc...


Ranjit Desai

Swami' by Shri Ranjit Desai is not just a landmark in the stream of Marathi Historical novel but it is an epoch. Incidentally etc...


Ranjit Desai

This short novel (novelette) depicts one heroic episode in the maratha history. The history of any nation is repleted with storie etc...


Shivaji Sawant

‘Raja Shivaji’ was doubtless a lion of a man, but his son, Sambhaji too was after all the lion’s cub! Maharashtra has had a renew etc...


Shivaji Sawant

Since thousands of years the name of Shrikrishna has permeated the Indian consciousness. It is inseparable from Indian society an etc...


Vishwas Patil

Sambhaji, the young king, the Second Maratha Chhatrapati who succeeded the throne after his father the great Shivaji Maharaj, con etc...
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