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Gabriel's Angel

Mark A Radcliffe

Gabriel's Angel “is the perfect antidote to the glib platitudes of emotional quick-fix culture: tender, astute and very funny etc...

Pig Iron

Benjamin Myers

Pig Iron is the story of a traveller who hasn’t travelled; a young man fighting for his surname and very survival. John-John want etc...

King Crow

Michael Stewart

Winner of The Guardian’s Not The Booker 2011. ‘A brilliant novel. One of the best debuts I have read in years.’ David Peace. Paul etc...

The Hardest Climb

Alistair Sutcliffe

Alistair Sutcliffe is the first man to summit the highest mountain on each of the seven continents at the first attempt. He has b etc...

Anthills and Stars

Kevin Duffy

It’s 1968 and in Paris the students are rioting but in Broughton, 20 miles East of Manchester the Permissive Society has just arr etc...

The Art of Being Dead

Stephen Clayton

Can you become a murderer by doing nothing? It is the late 1960’s, and in a bleak Northern English town, Jonathan, 24, attempts t etc...

Falling Through Clouds

Anna Chilvers

Kat, a 22 year old student, returning home to Devon for the summer holidays meets Gavin on the train. They spend the summer toget etc...


Adrian Barnes

‘If Edvard Munch’s ‘Scream’ were a book, this would be it.’ The Bookseller. Daw etc...


Michael Dean

THORN is a Rabelaisian tour through Amsterdam in the mid-17th Century and very, very funny. In 1656, at the height of The Dutch G etc...


Benjamin Myers

A girl and a baby. A priest and a poacher. Asavage pursuit trough the landscape of a changing rural England

Black Neon

Tony O'Neill

Lupita and Gensis have just wasted a drug dealer, stolen his stash and hit the open road with a suitcase full of dirty money. Lit etc...

Café Assassin

Michael Stewart

Twent two years in prison and now Nick Smith wants the life of the man whop ut him there.

Stranger Than Kindness

Mark A Radcliffe

It is 1989 and Community Care is about to reboot the industry and psychiatry. In a soon to be closed asylum a bruised nurse, Adam etc...


Heidi James

Cora has everything a woman is supposed to want-a career, a caring husband, children, and a stylish home. Desperate forrelease an etc...

A Modern family

Socrates Adams

Television's most popular car show presenter lives his life in the shadow of his career and his persona. He has the perfect j etc...
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