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Scotland for Beginners

Rupert. Besley

The Education Racket

Duncan Graham

The Backpackers Cookbook

Dave. Coustick

This is a practical handbook for any hillwalker or camper who wants to do more than simply open a boil-in-the-bag meal or some po etc...

Fiona Armstrong's Commuter's Cookbook

Fiona. Armstrong

This cookery book is written by TV newsreader and broadcaster Fiona Armstrong who has spent the past ten years commuting from her etc...

A Poem of Remote Lives

Michael W. Russell

Dying in poverty in a Dumfries nursing home in 1988, Werner Kissling left behind a single suitcase. It was filled with personal p etc...

Travels in the White Man's Grave

Donald Macintosh

At the beginning of the 1950s, the interior of West and Central Africa was still known to most of the outside world as "The etc...

The Scots Fiddle

J. Murray. Neil

The first of a three-volume extended edition of "The Scots Fiddle", this text combines an extensive collection of tradi etc...

Scotch Missed

Brian Townsend

The Scots Fiddle

J. Murray. Neil

In the second book of a three-volume set, the author offers a collection of the fiddle music of Scotland relating to Edinburgh an etc...

The Bigmen

Joe Pieri

The Northern Division was the name given to the police force which operated within Glasgow City boundaries prior to the creation etc...

Occasional Demons

Raymond. Soltysek

The Gravy Star

Hamish. MacDonald

When Farchar MacNab goes on a blinder of a drinking session at Hogmanay he stays away for three days. The temperature drops to mi etc...

The Baker's Tale

Catherine. Brown

Following a career as a craft baker, Jimmy Burgess was offered the job of pastry chef with free rein in the kitchens of Glasgow h etc...

Union of Crowns

Crawford. Little

Today, when many are asking if it's time to end the 400-year-old union and look increasingly to a united Europe, this books p etc...
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