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Australian Feminist Campaigning

Sarah Casey


Beyond the Broadway

Jerri Daboo


Entertainment Public Relations

Carol Ames

Every show needs an audience. How do we find them? How do we reach them? How do we motivate them to buy tickets? This informative etc...

Shaping International Public Opinion

Jami A. Fullerton, Alice Kendrick

Bridging two «camps» in the field of international public opinion – nation branding and public diplomacy – this book pr etc...

Branding as Communication

Susan B. Barnes

Once only a sign, technologies have helped to transform brands into symbols that we constantly encounter in our natural and media etc...

My Rights

A History of Political Trials

John Laughland

The modern use of international tribunals to try heads of state for genocide and crimes against humanity is often considered a po etc...

Fighting Words

Dominic Davies, Erica Lombard, Benjamin Mountford

Frank Confessions

Margaret Eaton

This book aims to redress the critical neglect of Frank McCourt’s life-writing, which has been dismissed all too frequently as &# etc...

Staging the Fascist War

Luigi Petrella

Historians regard the Italian home front during the Second World War as an observation post from which to study the relationship etc...

Between the Eye and the World

Elena Dagrada

The point-of-view shot is usually perceived as a «natural» device, yet its naturalness is illusory. This book provides etc...

Handbuch Angewandter Dramaturgie

Kerstin Stutterheim

Dramaturgie hat eine lange Tradition, auch im Bereich von Film- und Fernsehen. Kenntnisse der Dramaturgie ermöglichen es, ei etc...

Classics Revisited

Alastair G.H. Walker

Wie haben frühere Linguistinnen und Linguisten die Entwicklung der Linguistik beeinflusst? Welche Bedeutung haben ihre Werke etc...

First Language versus Foreign Language

Esther Odilia Breuer

First Language versus Foreign Language deals with the «battle» that takes place in writers’ heads when writing in a for etc...

Lost and Found in «Translation»

Eun-Jeung Lee, Hannes B. Mosler

This book analyzes policy translation and its ends, how the concept of translation explains the emergence and (ex-)changes of pol etc...

Sexual Fantasies

Mariah Larsson, Sara Johnsdotter

This book expands the notion of sexual fantasies from the field of psychology into the realms of cultural studies, anthropology, etc...

Publizistik und Politisierung der Frauenbewegung in der wilhelminischen Epoche

Christina Stange-Fayos

Mittelpunkt dieser sprachwissenschaftlich fokussierten Studie ist die von Helene Lange in Berlin begründete und über Ja etc...

Sprachkontakte des Portugiesischen

Joachim Born, Anna Ladilova

Dieser Band umfasst Beiträge zum Thema der «Sprachkontakte des Portugiesischen». Dabei werden diverse Kontexte unt etc...

Krieg und Frieden

Samuel Salzborn, Holger Zapf

Thema des Buches ist der Zusammenhang von Krieg und Frieden, zwei Schlüsselbegriffen der Politikwissenschaft. In ihrer refle etc...

Expat-ing Democracy

Nir T. Boms

Taking Syria and Iran as case studies, this book explores how expatriate groups have used tools such as technology and new media etc...

The Making of a Gentleman Nazi

Baijayanti Roy

At the Nuremberg Trial and through his bestselling books, Albert Speer, Hitler’s architect and minister, could successfully proje etc...
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