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Organic Winegrowing

Uwe Hofmann

This book presents the scientific and practical basis of organic winegrowing. The main topics are soil and soil management on the etc...

Encyclopaedia of Garden Trees and Shrubs

Andreas Bärtels | Peter A. Schmidt

This completely revised and updated reference book presents all the tree and shrub species that are native to central Europe, tog etc...

The History of the Agricultural Landscape

Peter Poschlod

Newest findings on the origins of the agricultural landscape Here, Peter Poschlod analyses and describes the mechanisms and proce etc...

The “Leader of the Pack” Game

Mirko Tomasini

Play activities for a harmonious human-canine team - The new book from the successful Ulmer author Mirko Tomasini - A new approac etc...

Discovering the World with my Puppy

Karin Joachim

New and exciting information for indoors and out Karin Joachim How to best prepare your puppy for its future life as a model fami etc...

Natural Healing for Cats

Angela Knocks-Münchberg

Homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers, Dr. Schüssler salts and more Angela Knocks-Münchberg This book presents the most co etc...

My New Wild Plant Recipes

Celia Nentwig | Hella Henckel

Delicious recipes, edible decorations and gift ideas Celia Nentwig Beautiful and delicious! - The second book on wild plants from etc...

Blackbox Gardening

Jonas Reif | Christian Kreß

How self-seeding plants can shape your garden The new, easy way to garden - The first book devoted to an entirely new gardening t etc...

Edible and Poisonous Wild Plants

Bruno P. Kremer

More than 200 herbs, berries and nuts Bruno P. Kremer Edible or poisonous? Here, you’ll find detailed descriptions of all the imp etc...

A Jacket-Pocket Compendium of Buds and Twigs

Bernd Schulz

Identify 270 trees and shrubs with the aid of colour drawings Why wait until spring? Even when they’re not in leaf, it’s easy to etc...

Preferably homemade

Cosima Bellersen Quirini

... because homemade tastes best – from ketchup to marshmallows Cosima Bellersen Quirini THE book for do-it-yourselfers Have you etc...

Dog Training without Words

Liane Rauch

Leading with an empty hand Liane Rauch - For greater harmony between dogs and owners – improving the dog-owner bond - It couldn’t etc...

Myths about Dog Feeding

Nadine Fahrenkrog

The truth about the most common nutritional errors Nadine Fahrenkrog What ought to be going into your dog’s bowl? - An end to the etc...

Raw Soul Food

Julia Lechner | Anton Teichmann

Vegan nutrition is good for you: 80 recipes – from elementary to gourmet standard Anton Teichmann / Julia Lechner Raw foods have etc...

An Ideas Book for Birdhouses

Sigrid Tinz

Stylish nesting boxes, feed houses and bird baths Sigrid Tinz - Amusing and decorative ideas for building structures for specific etc...
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