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My Rights

Mongabay News

Rhett Butler,Brittany Stewart,Jeremy Hance,Morgan Erickson-Davis,Tiffany Roufs,Mongabay

Environmental science and conservation news.


John Aravosis,Gaius Publius,AMERICABlog,Jon Green,Chris Trejbal,Chris Andoe

News and opinion about US politics from one of America's top liberal political blogs.

DB's Medical Rants

Robert M. Centor

Observations on medicine and health care.


Scott Jung,Gavin Corley,Gaurav Krishnamurthy,Medgadget,Joshua Chen,Gene Ostrovsky,Shiv Gaglani,Iris Kulbatski,Wouter Stomp

Medical technology news from around the world.


Tim Cushing,Mike Masnick

Easily digestible tech insights.


Simon Lester,Michael F. Cannon,Doug Bandow,Steve H. Hanke,Ilya Shapiro,Jeffrey Miron,Alex Nowrasteh,Chris Edwards,Stephanie Rugolo,Ted Galen Carpenter,David Boaz,Christopher A. Preble,Peter Van Doren,K. William Watson,Patrick J. Michaels,Walter Olson,Paul C. "Chip" Knappenberger,Cato Institute,Jim Harper

The official blog of the Cato Institute.

Dale & Co.

Iain Dale

Politics, current affairs, sport, lifestyle articles.

The Business Insider

Business Insider

Business Insider is an award-winning business and technology news site founded in 2009.

The Wrap

Tim Kenneally,Rebecca Rosenberg and Greg Gilman

Cornering the business of entertainment and media,, is a new voice in entertainment news.

Healthcare Economist

Jason Shafrin

An unbiased look at today's healthcare issues.



BioMedReports.Com, the news portal covering the biomedical sector that delivers financial and investment intelligence to a commun etc...

Brain Blogger

Jim Davies,Daliah Leslie,Jennifer Gibson,Lindsay Myers,Nisha Cooch,Sara Adaes,Lorena Nessi,Brain Blogger

An award winning biomedical blog that covers topics from multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives.

International Business Times News

Kristina Jovanovski,Julia Glum,Dylan Love,Meagan Clark,Cristina Silva,Jessica Menton,Barbara Herman,Reuters,Morgan Winsor,Michelle FlorCruz,Kukil Bora,Marcus Baram

IBTimes provide global Economic commentaries and news, strong companies coverage - including small and large cap firms - and insi etc...

Jenny Leonard,Pat Bailey,Ker Than,Brad Buck,David Salisbury

Research news from top universities.

National Law Review

National Law Review

Hourly updates of legal news and analysis written by America's premier law firms and legal thought leaders.
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