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Transportation Technology

Tim Harris

The revolution in Transportation Technology has changed our world. This book outlines the science behind the way ships, planes, t etc...

The Reformation

Enzo George

Primary Sources in World History introduces readers to key times in history by exploring objects, buildings, documents, texts and etc...

Kings & Queens of England and Scotland

Pamela Egan

This fascinating, full-colour book illustrates and describes all the English monarchs since William the Conqueror and all the Sco etc...

Arms and Armour

Chris Gravett

POINTERS is an exciting range of information books with beautiful illustrations and engaging text. From the time of early humans, etc...

Castles and Forts

Miriam Moss

POINTERS is an exciting range of information books with beautiful illustrations and engaging text. From the earliest times, peopl etc...

Rocks, Minerals and Fossils

Neil Curtis

Investigate the world of rocks, minerals and fossils with this beautifully illustrated book. Our planet is made of rocks, which i etc...


Rose Johnson

Eureka! We have it and so can you--a discovery-packed book that makes the world of physics understandable, engaging, and fun! And etc...


Nancy Dickmann

Why is the sky blue? How long does a forest take to grow? Is it Mist or Fog? These are a few of the questions that are answered i etc...

Politics and Democracy

Tim Cooke

What is a country? Why do we vote? When was money invented? This fascinating series asks and answers some big questions about the etc...

Amazing Animal Communicators

Leon Gray

Sound, sight, and chemicals are all important as animals attempt to communicate warnings, information about food, to attract a ma etc...

Amazing Animal Engineers

Leon Gray

Animals build an incredible array of structures in which to sleep, raise young, or catch prey. Some structures involve excavating etc...

Amazing Animal Shape-Shifters

Leon Gray

Some animals, including frogs and dragonflies, change their body to live in different environments. Others, such as chameleons, c etc...

Amazing Animal Super-Sleuths

Leon Gray

Finding prey and detecting predators are life-or-death matters for animals. They use some technologically advanced systems includ etc...

Amazing Animal Tool-Users and Tool-Makers

Leon Gray

Many types of animals use tools to find food, build a home, and defend themselves. Chimps use sticks to get grubs from small hole etc...

Tracking Animal Behavior

Tom Jackson

It is hard enough getting a complete picture of how the most common animals (domestic pets, for example) behave. However, this is etc...
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