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The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus

Adam C. English

With his rosy cheeks and matching red suit—and ever-present elf and reindeer companions—Santa Claus may be the most identifiable etc...

Bonhoeffer's Black Jesus

Reggie L. Williams

Dietrich Bonhoeffer publicly confronted Nazism and anti-Semitic racism in Hitler's Germany. The Reich's political ideolog etc...

Seriously Dangerous Religion

Iain Provan

The Old Testament is often maligned as an outmoded and even dangerous text. Best-selling authors like Richard Dawkins, Karen Arms etc...

Muslims and the Making of America

Amir Hussain

"There has never been an America without Muslims"—so begins Amir Hussain, one of the most important scholars and teache etc...

Destroyer of the gods

Larry W. Hurtado

"Silly," "stupid," "irrational," "simple." "Wicked," "hateful," " etc...

Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels

Richard B. Hays

The claim that the events of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection took place "according to the Scriptures" stands at th etc...

Better Felt Than Said

Troy D. Abell

Better Felt Than Said is a sensitive and detailed portrait of religious men and women and their struggles in a less than ideal wo etc...

Religion and the State

James E. Wood, Jr.

These essays examine major themes affecting religion and the state in a free society and the interaction of religion and world or etc...

The 1984 Election in Historical Perspective

William E. Leuchtenburg

Leuchtenburg focuses on recent developments in the American two-party system, as understood from analyses of its past. ; Foreword etc...

Contemporary Essays on Greek Ideas

Robert M. Baird, William F. Cooper, Elmer H. Duncan, Stuart E. Rosenbaum

ForewordPrefaceHow Philosophy Misuses Its PastJoel M. SmithParticipation and Imitation in Plato’s MetaphysicsCarl G. VaughtEpiste etc...

Religious Crises in Modern America

Martin E. Marty

Marty focuses on two religious phenomena in American history in the last hundred years, modernism and fundamentalism. ; Lecture I etc...

Should the Children Pray?

Lynda B. Fenwick

The author traces the history of public school prayer in America and the legal debates since the 1962 Supreme Court ruling that o etc...

Biography as History

Stephen B. Oates

Dr. Stephen Oates, the twelfth Edmondson Lecturer, presents new insights into one of the most important forms of published histor etc...

Letters by Lamplight

Lois E. Myers

Through letters written by one family in post-Reconstruction Texas, Myers shows what life was like in this part of the Old West f etc...

George Wallace, Richard Nixon, and the Transformation of American Politics

Dan T. Carter

Carter addresses the impact of George Wallace on the national political scene, showing how he succeeded in tapping the pulse of A etc...
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