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Julia Dye

Noncommissioned officers stand as the backbone of the United States Marine Corps. The Corps is among the most lasting institution etc...

Run Between the Raindrops

Dale A. Dye

The blood-drenched Navy Corpsman had it right as he labored to keep yet another Marine alive on the mean street of Hue City: “Get etc...

MIKE Force

Shaun Darragh

A soldier serving with the MIKE Force in Vietnam wakes up every day knowing it might be his last. You don’t run with the indigeno etc...

Dustoff 7-3

Erik Sabiston

This book is for heroes. Dustoff 7-3 tells the true story of four unlikely heroes in the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, where m etc...

The 13th Valley

John M. Del Vecchio

A work that has served as a literary cornerstone for the Vietnam generation, The 13th Valley follows the strange and terrifying V etc...

The First Leathernecks

Don Burzynski

To mark the two hundredth anniversary of the War of 1812, author and noted historian Don Burzynski sheds some rare and exciting l etc...

Waggoners Gap

Tony Peluso

Waggoners Gap is a spiritual place with unique natural beauty and breathtaking vistas overlooking the Cumberland Valley near Carl etc...

DEROS Vietnam

Doug Bradley

DEROS Vietnam: Dispatches from the Air-Conditioned Jungle presents a unique, fictional montage of the war, and postwar, experienc etc...

River of Perfumes

Michael Stokey

Post World War II America and teenage boys dreamed of adventure growing up in the 1950s, listened to Elvis Presley and read Jack etc...

Duty to Investigate

J.W. Stone

As a successful trial lawyer, Mike Beck uses his personality and his skill with the letter of the law to win in a courtroom. As a etc...

Hook Up

William P. Singley

It was an Army between wars. Korea was a fresh memory for some soldiers and Vietnam was only an insignificant blip on the militar etc...

Archangel of Sedona

Tony Peluso

At the site of a world-famous architectural marvel located in the heart of the mystical red rock country surrounding Sedona, Ariz etc...

Carry Me Home

John M. Del Vecchio

In this powerful and poignant epic, Del Vecchio transports the soldiers of the Viet Nam experience to their final battlefield—the etc...

For the Sake of All Living Things

John M. Del Vecchio

John M. Del Vecchio’s searing bestseller The 13th Valley was praised as one of the most powerful works of literature to emerge fr etc...


Dale A. Dye

In 1982-83, American Marines were stationed in Beirut with a vaguely defined mission to keep the peace. But once the PLO was evac etc...
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