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In Grandpa's Day

Roxanne McLaren, Kevin Dodds

The story of Canadian pioneer life during the settlement of Upper Canada, around 1867. Kevin Dodds' paintings depicting scene etc...


Rob Justus

Darren loves to tinker - but tinkering is a messy business! So, when Darren's mom wants him to clean his room, he does what a etc...


Elizabeth Gillan Muir

When airplanes were first invented over 100 years ago, they were flown by men. Women weren't even supposed to be passengers. etc...

Don't Push the Buttons on the Microwave

Lisa Lutes, Jay Lutes

Sera loves help out with the microwave, but when her need to control it borders on obsessive, she learns that her feelings aren&# etc...

Michael and his Starry Nights

Roxanne McLaren, Kate Ryckman

Why does Michael love his starry nights? And why doesn't Michael like his mornings? This is the story of a little boy who enj etc...

Konrad, I Will Find You

Jennifer Perlin, Jay Lutes

Konrad is about to start school and he is worried. "The school is so humongous! What if you can't find me at the end of etc...

The Chili Chip Dragon

Jay Lutes

Sera and Emma are getting ready to trick or treat on Halloween, but Emma is scared of the monsters she might meet. Thanks to her etc...
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