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The origin of the Old Testament

Walter Dietrich / Hans-Peter Mathys / Thomas Römer / Rudolf Smend

This teaching and textbook describes the biblical writings, first by content and structure, and then follows their process of com etc...

History of Israel

Christian Frevel

This transcript illustrates the „history of Israel“ from the beginnings until the Bar-Kochba insurgence 132-135 AD. The knowledge etc...

Church law

Ulrich Rhode

This transcript explains all areas of church law covered as part of the complete study of catholic theology. It also explores chu etc...

Matriarchal landscape mythology

Heide Göttner-Abendroth

In this book, Heide Göttner-Abendroth introduces landscape mythology research using the example of German landscapes. Here, etc...

The Jesus miracles

Eduard Lohse

The records of the Jesus miracles is broadly covered by the gospels according to Marcus, Matthew and Lucas – a sign that early Ch etc...

Spiritual care instead of pastoral care?

Doris Nauer

The topic of spiritual care is booming! Whilst some talk about a multi-disciplinary concept of “spiritual care” from a palliative etc...

Bibliolog (English Edition)

Uta Pohl-Patalong

„Bibliolog“ is an approach to experience the Bible as alive and important for one‘s own life. A group, congregation or school cla etc...

Christianity with the Torah and the Gospel

Klaus Wengst

The link to Judaism is part of the Christian identity. This has consequences in regards to the formulation of Christian theology. etc...

God and the bible

Peter Müller

The bible is, to a large extent, an intertextual work. This applies both to the Old Testament and the New Testament respectively, etc...

Authority and the individual

Richard Heinzmann / Mualla Selçuk

The link between the individual and the state or religious community on the other hand, does not occur without tension. The Chris etc...

European Football during World War II

Markwart / Fabian Brändle

By the beginning of World War II on the 1st of September 1939, the conditions also changed for sport, some of them dramatically. etc...

The Constance Council

Ansgar Frenken

The Constance Council has stayed in the mind due to overcoming the schism, the resignation or dismissal of the three schism ponti etc...

The sister seas

Olaf Mörke

This book presents the integrated history of both seas and its neigh ours for the first time, from the Antique until present time etc...


Karen Piepenbrink

This book covers the classical antiquity, Greek and Roman history from the Mycenaean age in Greece to the fall of the west Roman etc...


Carlos Collado Seidel

Francisco Franco (1892-1975) ruled his country’s history with his dictatorship for almost four decades. Since the beginnings of t etc...
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