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A Flower’s Shadow

YE Zhaoyan

The small town of 1920s Jiangnan is the setting and subject of this story. Small towns like this no longer exist in the modern ag etc...

To Live

YU Hua

An award-winning, internationally acclaimed Chinese bestseller, originally banned in China but recently named one of the last dec etc...

Chronicle of a Blood Merchant

YU Hua

One of the last decade's ten most influential books in China, this internationally acclaimed novel by one of the mainland' etc...

Cries in the Drizzle

YU Hua

YU Hua's beautiful, heartbreaking novel Cries in the Drizzle follows a young Chinese boy throughout his childhood and adolesc etc...

Other People’s Love

YE Zhaoyan

Guolu, a college professor, meets a director named Zhongqiu during a TV show planning meeting. After getting to know each other, etc...

Our Hearts Are So Stubborn

YE Zhaoyan

Our Hearts Are So Stubborn is a novel about a generation of educated youths. Their lives have been realistically reconstructed th etc...

This Love Could not be Delivered

LU Min

This is the latest novel of LU Min, the young female writer who has just won the most important literature award in China. The st etc...

Cultural Analysis in an Age of Globalization

Benjamin Lee

The book draws upon contemporary work in anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, and literary theory to analyze the rise of “specu etc...

The Truth of Chinese Heaven Theory

Jiang Xiaoyuan

The Truth of Chinese Heaven Theory re-examines the nature and the function of astronomy and the calendar in ancient China by plac etc...

A Comparative Study of Judicial Review Systems

Zhang Qianfan,BaoWanchao, Wang Weiming.

This is a comparative study of judicial review systems of various countries, analyzing the history and characteristics of constit etc...

Competition of Local Governments

FENG Xingyuan

This book discusses the theoretical paradigm and analytical framework of local government competition. It carries out empirical a etc...

The Modernization of Chinese Economy


The book provides a systematic analysis, from the perspective of New Institutional Economics, of the interactions between the ins etc...

The Ideal Landscapes: The Meaning of Feng-shui

YU Kongjian

It is a valuable work written by YU Kongjian on landscape design and the meaning of Feng-shui. It analyzes the structural charact etc...


ZHANG Haiyang, Paul Richardson

Encyclopaedia of the Peoples of China is a global project undertaken by Yilin Press and the UK publisher Greene Media. This beaut etc...

Symbols of China (one volume edition)

General Editor: Feng Jicai ,Vice-General Editor: Zhang Yiwu

By carefully selecting 150 of the most interesting and recognizable symbols of Chinese culture, the six volume Chinese edition of etc...
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